Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 76


Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 76, The Darkness Defying Wall.

“Otherworld existence? What does it mean?”

Except for Kurumi, none of them understood what Lucius was saying. Because they all had been born and existed here, and so was Alex.

“It’s basically existence that doesn’t belong to this world.”

Lucius’ fingers moved rhythmically, a large amount of blood spread out on the ground. In the last two months, he hadn’t strengthened other skills but Blood Manipulation. The scarlet blood floated mid-air, forming a 3D map. It was the map of Italy. The reason why Lucius had traveled all the way from Great Britain to this city was this…

The blood was writhing. Creating an illusion that it was shrinking, but it wasn’t actually shrinking in size. Lucius had zoomed to the map of this region.

“It’s not the most important.” Lucius’ finger traced a circle on the blood map. “What is important is that humans are increasing their power in various ways… However, the leader of it all, or the leading organization, is here.”

“Is it the ‘Vatican’ of Italy and China?” Alex recognized the area that Lucius had pointed out. It was a country owned by the world’s first major religion—a holy city for the believers. Hearing the word ‘Vatican’, Lucius sensed some strange mood swings in both Yuri and Arthas. After all, they were both once walked among them as Exorcists…

“That’s right. Aside from the spirit, Tokisaki Kurumi, I think everyone here already knows this country, right?” Lucius’s gaze swept at everyone present in the room.

It was the holy land of light. Filthy beings weren’t qualified to step into it… but ironically… Lucius, a vampire, a creature that had tainted the light of God, had once stepped into that country. He was brought by force by a bastard when Lucius was still weak.

However, he should also be thankful to that bastard. Thanks to him, he could see his sister burned at stake. That Lucius had a chance to imprint this loathful hatred deep into his heart while letting Lucius understand what kind of existence he was to humans.

As for Arthas and Yuri, they were Exorcists. This country was the holy land for all Exorcists, and the reason why they hunted dark creatures was to protect this city.

“Can anyone tell me?” Tokisaki Kurumi was interested, she could always smell the scent from delicious ‘things’.

“After the ‘Judgement Day’, a large number of humans headed to that city to seek refuge. That city was now the only existence that has withstood the virus’ attack.”

Alex had absorbed a large number of human memories but was able to remain as himself. The information he just gained was harvested from some human brains.

“Now, the city is in the wasteland. It’s an ideal city for humans, where they could be absolutely safe once they reach there.”

Alex could feel the humans yearning for the city.

“I don’t understand why the virus couldn’t have breached the city.”

It was Alex’s main concern. Being the virus prototype, he knew the Black Light virus’ power. At the moment, there were 2 Level 5 infected life forms, equal to A rank human Esper, and Level 4 infected live forms had broken through more than 10.000 life forms. These zombies possessed more power than humans. Their attacks could kill humans in a single hit, which was what mattered the most.

After being exposed to the virus, even if it’s just a light scratch, humans will eventually turn into zombies. Even if they had firearms and Espers, it’s simply impossible to resist the endless waves of zombies.

“That’s right. That’s why I didn’t attack this country in the first place.”

If there was anything in the world that Lucius hated, it was definitely this country. A place that any creature of darkness would hate! But instead of directly attacking this place, Lucius strolled around the globe. Accelerating zombies evolution and wiped out all the resistance forced around the globe before arriving here.

“The Darkness Defying Wall…” Arthas’ voice faded.

“What’s that?” Alex hadn’t heard of such a strange word.

“It’s… it’s a legend passed down among the Exorcists of the Vatican.” Yuri replied weakly, “When darkness covers the world, God’s light will return, and the light at the center of the gathering of faith will dispel all darkness and resist it… I thought it was just a legend, but when the infected zombies approached that city, it was really dispelled by something unseen. Blocking it…”

What the hell does that mean! Alex was still foggy.

“What he was trying to say is that this city had a barrier around it that denies the creature of darkness. All beings that were considered dark by their ‘God’ can’t approach the city.” Lucius helped translate Yuri’s words to Alex. “That’s why they could resist for a whole two months. Plus, they had 2 of the strongest warriors in the world.”

Humans who were ranked at Level 6 life forms…

“Archbishop…” Yuri choked out the name of the person Lucius was referring to. Even though he had become the Virus Matrix, the humans still leave him in awe.

“Well, that’s definitely a problem. Everyone here can be considered as dark creatures, right?” Kurumi glanced at the people. Lucius was a vampire. Arthas, as the Lich King, was undoubtedly the King of Darkness. Zombies can’t enter the city, so Alex and Yuri were out of the option. As for Tokisaki Kurumi? She had wandered around the city a couple of times. Unfortunately, she was repelled by the city.

“Well, if we leave them alone, they’ll starve to death.” Alex remembered that the city housed too many people inside. More than they could handle.

“No… absolutely no.” Lucius shook his head in regret, “We can’t just leave them alone. Because… it seems they do something that touches the otherworld right now. I don’t want to end up with some kind of wizard vs. zombie drama. So we have to destroy the last human shelter, the Vatican.”

“So what should we do? Blast through the wall?” Alex got Lucius’ point. Exorcists were more like wizards than Espers. Something that didn’t belong to this world, just like vampires weren’t supposed to exist in this world.

“I have a question.” Lucius’ gaze swept around the people, “Do you… believe in God’s existence?”


“I don’t believe in a being greater than us and call himself as ‘God’. So… no, I don’t believe in the existence of Gods.”

Lucius played his hand on the cold stone.

“This barrier wasn’t created by God. The transmitter of the existence that created this barrier must be somewhere inside that city. We just have to destroy it, and the last remaining human territory will cease to exist.”

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