Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 83


Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 83, Rune Creatures.

The flesh of a writhing zombie turned into cold steel and fell heavily on the ground. A cold-looking youth stood beside it. 

“How the hell did these guys evolve!”

Besides the youth, a tall Australian descent soldier sighed after burning a zombie to cinders with a lightning bolt beating in his hand.

“Pathetic creatures.” Belial arrived as well, merely holding a bible. An unseen force strangled the zombies approaching him into pieces.

“That doesn’t matter.” Van Helsing looked at the zombies in the courtyard who were easily killed by the Espers. And reminded them of their true goal behind the door, “Are you ready to take you revenge on the person that caused it all? The man that destroyed your home, your country, your loved ones, everything? 

That’s what they came here for!

“His subordinates have been held back at the city. Now, he’s alone. Van Helsing, go and kill him! Don’t dishonor the name of Vampire Hunter.”

Belial didn’t want to lose Van Helsing in such a critical time.

“Alone? Vampires are never alone!” Van Helsing slowly spoke in a sarcastic tone as he pushed open the door.” 

“I hope you won’t regret it, humanity’s last ray of hope.”

It seemed the door hadn’t been opened for a long time. The door creaked as if it was welcoming the humans’ guest’.

The humans bearing the weight of the world walked inside the Demon Lord’s Castle. Perhaps, the Demon Lord should send some dark creatures in their way…

But Lucius had no patience to wait! He can’t wait to kill every last one of them and completely destroy humanity’s last hope!

Five people walked into the manor. Two of the Church’s Archbishop, three A-ranked Espers from the three most powerful allied nations in the world, the USA, UK, and the New Federation of China. Except for Van Helsing, they all observed the surrounding area warily.

Everyone knew the vampire’s methods of operation. Knowing the gap between his power and the humans, they had never directly fought a human. Just hiding in the shadow to torture the enemies to exhaustion before swooping out and bit off the enemy’s neck.

But, the owner of this manor thought the other way around.

Clap… clap… clap…

A crisp hand-clapping sounded from the center of the hall…

Almost at the same time, the applause sounded, a lightning and thunder explosion sound was heard in the hall. The ground turned into solid steel and twisted by an unseen force. This was the Espers’ doing. They didn’t come here to converse with the demon. All they want is to kill the demon!

“Geez, you’re all very rude.” 

When the smoke dissipated, Lucius stood mid-air in the middle of the hall, unscathed. “Is this how humans visit someone else’s house? It’s too savage.”


Hundreds of iron spikes moved towards Lucius at an incredible speed.

Lucius’ Blood blossomed on the walls, staining the delicate floral wallpaper. Lightning flickered from the steel spikes, incinerating the flesh bit caught on it.

However, they didn’t let their guards down. The most terrifying thing about this vampire was…they didn’t know how to kill him.

No matter what method they used, the vampire still can’t be killed. That had become everyone’s concern.

But it turned out that…

“Is that what you’re looking for?”

Lucius sat on the parapet on the second floor. Looking down at the five humans below him.

“Lucius F. Alucard!”

The person who ultimately couldn’t stand Lucius’ provocation was the youngest current president of the New Federation of China!

“You’ll pay for this!!!”

Another large number of sharp steel spikes appeared out of thin air to impale Lucius’s body sitting on the second floor into the back wall!

Su Mingye gasped. He was filled with rage, losing his thoughts. He waved his hand to control the metallic storm that wrapped around Lucius’ body that was pinned to the wall! 

The violent metal storm cut through everything it came into contact with. The roof was hollowed, and the manor’s walls were destroyed into tiny wood splinters. 

“Ah, cutting my body into little pieces… but that still won’t kill me.”

This time, the familiar voice rang in his ear!

“That demon!”

No one knew when Lucius moved. He stood at the center of the group. 

“Go to hell!” A lightning bolt exploded in the hands of one of the Espers. Incinerated Lucius’ body as it fell to the ground in charcoal ashes. 

“Having a barbecue, are we?” Lucius’s figure once again appeared in another corner of the manor.

The Espers wanted to make another move, but Belial held out his hand to stop them. “Don’t be fooled by his words and power…”

There’s a limit to the release of power. If they exert their full power, they could only use it a couple of times. Su Mingye held hatred for Lucius, who had destroyed his home country and killed his father. He was enraged and almost lost control of his power. 

“He’s alone, together, we can kill him!” 

Meanwhile, Belial looked at Van Helsing, who lowered the brim of his hat in silence. As if waiting for something.

The Espers calmed down. They had become accustomed to holding back their anger. 

Lucius stood in the corner of the manor, looking at the group that bravely charged on the ‘Demon Lord’s castle’. 

“Ah, yes. ‘Alone’! All of my subordinates went to the Vatican to slay humans, aren’t you going to protect them?” 

It’s easier to destroy something rather than guarding something!

“Huh? No creature of darkness can break through the Darkness-Defying Wall! God will not let filthy beings like yourself inside the holy city!” 

That was what Belial believed. 

The ceiling of the manor was blown away by the metallic storm earlier. The golden barrier of the so-called ‘Darkness-Defying Wall’ was faintly visible in the distance. 

“Oh? It’s something created by God?” Lucius took a few steps backward and spread out his hands, “But if it’s destroyed, God’s believer will be in trouble.” 

“You’re the one who will be killed! God’s light will purify you!”

Belial just finished his words when a beam of azure light suddenly shot up into the sky. The gray clouds hanging on the sky were viciously torn apart by the azure light. The gray earth was once again illuminated by the moonlight after being engulfed in smoke for 2 months. 

Basked in the pale moonlight, the smile on Lucius’ face made the humans feeling uneasy. 

Was that azure beam God’s light? Of course not…

At least, not the God these humans believed in. 

“In that case, let the glory of your ‘God’ dissipate with great magic.”

Magic? Belial felt intense energy that made his great palpitated. He subconsciously looked at Van Helsing. 

“It’s a full moon tonight, so beautiful.”

And this damned man was looking at the moon?! 

What the hell is going on? Belial looked up and finally saw the culprit who had caused all of this!


A majestic, eerie otherworldly voice echoed across the sky with a joy meant to celebrate freedom!

An enormous existence, whose body was made of azure energy…

An existence made of energy called ‘magic’…

The existence that represented ‘magic’ itself…

After sleeping for millions of years, it finally awoke today. The shackles that bound its power in its chest erupted energy that tore the clouds in the sky. Lightning flowed through its body, loudly proclaiming its return, as he descended into the world once again.

“Foolish humans! I’ll show you the real magic!!!!”

The Magus Ascendants, Xerath.  

That’s what Lucius called it.

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