Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 82


Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 82, Night of The Final Battle.

Lucius had always done something like replacing defense for offense. In fact, there’s a lot of his habit that a vampire shouldn’t have. Aside from his lack of character, he wasn’t that aggressive.

A real vampire isn’t as brutal as humans told the stories. The kind that bites every single human he sees isn’t vampires, but a rabid dog. Vampires follow the Secret Party’s Dogma, hiding from the rest of the world was their creed. Most vampires possess nobility, even more than human nobles. It’s not a myth.

Information regarding vampire history popped up in his mind from time to time. Lucius had no idea where they’re coming from. But sometimes it contained some mysterious information like magic, which was very useful to him. Right now, he was using a technology this world couldn’t recognize…magic.

Lucius’s destroyed study was temporarily unusable after the vampire hunter’ visit. He had no choice but to move into another room. There was no need for Lucius to hide from Van Helsing at all. In the end, it was going to be a battle anyway. The sooner he ends this world, the better.

“What the hell are you… “Lucius held a stone in his hand along with a metal piece that appeared to be the key, and slowly put it in.

The entire manor seemed somewhat silent. Lucius sent Arthas and Alex to test the wall’s endurance. Being a good boy, Yuri went back to his mother’s nest early and went to sleep.

Tokisaki Kurumi… maybe she was anxious or something, she ended up following Arthas.

So, Lucius was sitting alone in the manor. No one could disturb his experiments. Lucius felt the reason why Van Helsing delivered the key wasn’t simple. But no matter what, if he could manage to awaken the existence that’s sleeping in this stone, then the fate of this world would be decided.


Lucius had scanned the stone with the system’s aid and found out the existence was a Level 7 Life Form! This existence’s power towered above everything else! Even more destructive than S ranked Espers! And it also possessed powerful magic control abilities.


Lucius was certain that the Exorcists possessed a power that could be called an existence…

The only thing that could break through the magic barrier was an incredibly sharp sword forged with magic, right?

Lucius felt the existence that’s sleeping in the stone was extremely destructive. The system determined that this existence would submit to the one that awakens it. This was precisely what Lucius needed.

“Let me see your true form.”

Lucius inserted the key into the lock hole, fitting perfectly. Turning gear sound was heard, accompanied by lightning and thunder. The azure luster bloomed from the stone, illuminating the dim room.

“Wake up…”

“Lucius! I’m trapped by some A-ranked Esper! She’s in trouble here, too…”

Virus communication. Now, the Blacklight virus evolved into an airborne virus. Spreading through the air, slowly infecting dead humans into zombies. Alex, the Virus Prototype, could transmit his voice everywhere using the Blacklight virus in the air.

“You’re the man that killed 5 A-ranked Esper.” Lucius’ attention was focused on the stones that hovered mid-air, a sound of beating heart was heard inside. “You devoured them after killing them, right?”

“If my assumption is true, there are currently two S-ranked Espers and 5 other A-ranked Espers heading towards you. Their goal is to snipe you out alone! Don’t initiate an attack head-on!”


At this moment, an angry roar suddenly heard in the manor. That was a zombie. They’re protecting Yuri, the Virus Matrix. Now, infected lifeforms various levels were roaming underground throughout the manor. 

Lucius listened to the rumble outside the room with excitement. “They’re here? Finally… the final battle comes…”

That was what Lucius was hoping for.

“How can I escape?! This is the best opportunity to finish them once and for all.”

Lucius snapped off the voice transmission with Alex. Now, Arthas was busy dealing with those humans, so was Tokisaki Kuruma.

It won’t be long now, it won’t take a long time to kill a person.

The stone suspended mid-air sucked everything. Dangerous energy kept splitting, pulling, and fusing!

A terrifying existence slowly awakened.

Before it could fully awaken, Lucius had to go and receive the rude ‘guests’ first.

Zombies in the manor were nightmares for humans. But that’s not the case for Espers.

Lucius stood in the hall of the manor. Quietly waiting for the brave humans’ arrival. He had no other preparations, just silently waiting. Lucius felt that his preparation was enough.

The moment the Judgement Day began, Lucius brought Arthas and her Scourge Legion to sweep the continent. The Scourge Legion’s pace was invincible. Wreaking havoc everywhere it went. Burned everything into ashes.

The bloody slaughter lasted over half a month, making the humans realize what kind of existence Lucius was in a hard way. After he finished, Lucius continued his quest to annihilate humanity to Europe.

Humans were truly creatures that were almost impossible to be united without being pushed to the brink of extinction. Most countries had at least one A-ranked Esper or more. That was the only hindrance Lucius encountered along the way. But what can a single person do against an endless sea of skeletons and zombies wiping off an entire country?

Step by step, Lucius roamed the world, spreading despair all over the corner of the Earth.

It’s easier to destroy something rather than guarding it.

The reverse is also true. It’s much easier for rulers to send an army to take over someone else’s country than to send an army to defend their own.

Today, humanity finally no longer stands on the defensive side but has become the offensive side.

But that doesn’t mean that Lucius is the defensive side…

Because… there’s nothing in this world Lucius wanted to protect. The whole world’s hatred was addressed on Lucius, and now, Lucius had to accept the wrath of the world.

“Come on, come on…” Lucius’ eyes emitted scarlet luster in the dark, “I’ll crush the last of humanity…”

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