Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 89


Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 89, Silver Plated Blood River.

Werewolves and vampires?

What a perfect match!

Lucius caressed the blade of the Yamato Blade and tried to charge at it again, but once again, there was suddenly a tearing pain in his abdomen. What was going on? Lucius looked at his abdomen in amazement…

His abdomen that was just being torn apart by the werewolf’s claws, was still bleeding. His pale white skin was stained with scarlet blood. Lucius was bleeding.

Indeed, it’s a normal thing.

But when Lucius swept the whole world with the Blacklight Virus, fighting against countless A-ranked Espers, he had never been injured!

The concept of Lucius being injured shouldn’t even exist in the first place!

With the Dead River, there should be no death!

There’s no way he could be injured because the Dead River would immediately heal all of his injuries during a fight like it never happened.

But right now, Lucius was injured. And the pain in his abdomen was so real. Lucius slowly mobilized the power of the tens of millions of dead souls stored inside the Dead River and gathered it into his abdomen wound. The wound was absorbing power. Usually, it would recover immediately. But right now, Lucius’ body suddenly became a bottomless pit. No matter how much power he directs towards his abdomen, it couldn’t heal Lucius’ wound.

Is that his doing? Lucius glanced at the werewolf in the near distance alone under the pale moonlight. As if a lone wolf king, waiting for his pack.

Longer than the Yamato Blade, the werewolf’s claws reflected a pale silver-plated luster under the moonlight. Cracking its own serrated teeth, a battle-rousing growl escaped from its mouth.

Right now, Lucius realized the werewolf’s most powerful weapon. Where its two sharpest canines should have been, was empty. It’s as ridiculous as a human missing their front teeth when opening their mouths.

Hunters don’t just abandon their weapons, not by any means. This werewolf was Van Helsing. It has more intelligence than most humans would have. So, where has it thrown its most powerful weapon? Was it taken away from it?

The answer is no!

‘You’re being pointed by a gun loaded with ‘Zero Bullets’. Junior, I remember I told you about this bullet, right?’ Van Helsing’s words the other night rang in Lucius’ mind. Given the werewolf’s huge size, the 5 bullets loaded in the revolver were of 0.44 caliber size! Indeed, he can forge 5 bullets from those 2 canines!

The only thing that could kill an immortal monster…

… is another monster.

Lucius suddenly understood. He was soaked in blood. If he continues fighting the werewolf, the wounds will never be healed, and eventually dying.

Yet, he felt an inexplicable excitement.

Fuck the noble night creatures!

A creature like a vampire is inherently a fallen demon!

A demon should drink blood! Rip the enemy’s flesh! Let the enemy rip their own flesh and blood to shreds! And then mixed his own blood with the blood of the enemies. Stepped on their corpses and laughed uncontrollably.

That’s a vampire! A monster!

“You’re trying to kill me!” The light refracted from the Yamato Blade covered the bright moonlight. The entire city ground began to tremble with grief! Blood rushed out from the city sewer. Every faucet in the city began to spew scarlet liquid. Every fire hydrant burst open, blood poured into the world in geysers!

The skies were raining down with pungent scarlet rain!

Among the scarlet world, Lucius’ figure quickly rushed towards the werewolf! His footsteps slammed the bloody ground. The ripples of splash turned into surging waves of horror, forming the sharpest spear as Lucius pointed his blade and swung it at the werewolf.

If the werewolf was the king of the bright moon shining in the sky, then Lucius was the king of surging blood in the city.

With a trajectory that tore the surrounding space apart, the Yamato Blade cut down on the werewolf’s head! Lucius had never used a sword like this. Sword is a weapon to kill someone. No matter how flashy the move is, it’s pointless if he can’t kill his opponent.


An ominous blackness surrounded the werewolf’s body as it stretched out its hand to deflect the Yamato Blade’s trajectory! It blocked the attack from the Yamato Blade for the third time!

Letting out a horrifying roar, the surrounding spears made of blood were suddenly shattered by this roar, turning back into the blood and dripping down like rain! At the same time, before the sound reached Lucius’ brain, its other claw was already in front of Lucius, tearing the flesh from Lucius’ body!

This time, it aimed for his chest!

Lucius only saw a slight light flicker before he realized that his shirt was shred. With his nerve reaction speed, he could only barely keep up with the werewolf’s movements! Realizing the one who continued fighting to the death was only himself, Lucius wisely turned into a puddle of blood and melted into the ground.

Hiding in the puddle, Lucius still felt the pain. His chest was torn by claws that were as sharp as the Yamato Blade. Only his outer flesh was torn apart. That’s why Lucius took a slight step back when the werewolf attacked. If he moved any slower, it wouldn’t be only his flesh that was torn apart, but also his beating heart!

He now had a B-rank Esper physical strength. He was completely able to break through the sound barrier with a full-strength punch. But for a half-mage vampire, it’s unwise to fight head-on against a berserker werewolf that added all his skill points to strength and dexterity.

Immersed in the blood pool, Lucius observed the werewolf. It was also injured. The arm that previously blocked the Yamato Blade was injured! Scarlet blood dripped down its arm into the river of blood below.

The strongest strike of the Yamato Blade was capable of cutting off space! There’s no way it can’t cut a single fur on the werewolf’s body. But unfortunately, the werewolf’s wound immediately healed. Their regenerative abilities were no worse than a vampire. But it was enough. At least, Lucius knew that the monster wasn’t an immortal being that couldn’t be killed anyhow!

With the werewolf as the center, the entire city was covered by the raging surge of blood. This was the maximum limit of blood that Lucius could control. He didn’t dare to slacken off in the slightest against the werewolf.

A vampire’s weakness was a stake driven through their heart. Werewolves… also had weaknesses…

Lucius silently incorporated about a hundred tons of liquid silver into the blood river. Mixed with silver, the blood’s surface emitted a hit of white luster. The werewolf’s caught a scent of the thing that was its fatal point.

“Try again…” Blood formed Lucius’ body in the distance. Standing in an endless sea of blood, looking at the werewolf from afar. His eyes burned with a touch of gold that didn’t belong to himself!

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