Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 90


Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 90, Clash.

The Yamato Blade was plated with silver. Werewolf feared silver in the same way that vampires feared sunlight. A blade made of silver was deadly to the werewolves. 

In this battle, Lucius didn’t want to change the Yamato Blade with a silver weapon. Because he couldn’t think of any weapons that were deadly enough to kill the werewolf. A weapon is a tool to kill. First, he had to make sure it won’t break when slashing his target. The same goes for humans. 

The werewolf’s only eye glowed with radiant golden light, like that of a snake. Lucius’ hand gently stroked the Yamato Blade’s blade… the moment the blade reflected the werewolf’s eyes, they both moved! 

The werewolf trampled the blood river above the ground, the concrete ground beneath the city sank with a tremendous roar. This time, Lucius could see the trajectory of the werewolf’s claws swinging! In a tense state, Lucius doubled his reaction speed and was finally able to keep up with the werewolf’s speed! 

The werewolf clashing its claws against the moonlight, and the Yamato Blade slashed the werewolf’s wrist from above!


The blade sunk into the werewolf’s wrist! Howling in pain, the werewolf let out a painful cry as hot blood spilled over Lucius’ face. The liquid silver-coated on the Yamato Blade surface was a poison that seeps deep into the marrow! There was a corrosion hissing sound at the werewolf’s wound. The burn was even worse than being burnt by fire.

The werewolf’s injury did not cause its speed to drop. Its claws, the same length as the Yamato Blade, stabbed Lucius’ neck. At the same time, the blade was gleaming with a dazzling azure luster. Cutting through the space! 

Lucius released the Yamato Blade’s power to cut through space at such a close distance. After dodging the werewolf’s claws, the blade sharpened up, and Lucius held the hilt with both hands. Using all the strength, he had to block the werewolf’s claws upwards! 

A crescent moon appeared around Lucius’ body, an illusion caused by the Yamato Blade. The thing that blocked the trajectory of the Yamato Blade was split in two by this strike! One of the werewolf’s claws was cleanly cut off by a single stroke of the blade! 


Blood splattered all over Lucius’ body… 

The scent of blood was appealing to Lucius, but his sanity remained!

He was just a few seconds late, but the wolf took this chance! He had sliced off one of its claws, but it still had another claw. Opening its mouth to bite at Lucius’ shoulder, while the other claws pierced his body. The tip of its claw pierced through Lucius’ skin, deep into his muscles, just an inch away from gouging out and crushing his beating heart! But the werewolf was one step ahead and bit his shoulder!

“Is that all?” One of his hands was weakened, so what? Lucius quickly switched the blade to the other hand, his scarlet eyes gleamed with murderous intent. Aiming the blade at the werewolf’s neck, “Then die!!!”

The Yamato Blade pierced the werewolf’s back! Bloodstained its grey-black fur and stained Lucius’ hand. A little deeper! Lucius endured the pain in his shoulder and poured his full strength into the blade! Piercing through its heart! 

The werewolf was keenly aware of the danger, but the blade was coated with liquid silver. Letting out a deep growl, its claws gripped on Lucius’ arm, after that, its sharp teeth biting Lucius’ shoulder hard with all its strength! Cracking his bones and tearing his muscles, Lucius’ body was like a ragged and unwanted puppet. His entire arm ripped from his body, revealing the tattered ‘cotton’ inside.

The werewolf slammed Lucius out of the way, crashing into the wall of an abandoned building behind. Stirring up a cloud of dust before collapsing onto the sea of blood on the ground. 

“Hha… hha….” Lucius let out a painful gasp and struggled to get up. Looking at his bloodied shoulder, and then at the werewolf. His right hand was torn by the werewolf. Instead of eating its hunted prey like a proper predator, the werewolf tossed the broken limb aside. 

“What’s wrong? If I were you, this fight would have ended a moment ago.” Lucius used his only remaining left hand to support his body. 

The werewolf’s speed and strength were faster than Lucius. If he had chosen to chase after Lucius, it could have pierced its claws through Lucius’ heart. 

But it didn’t, not because it didn’t want to! 

Looking at the werewolf’s severed arm that was fuming with a white cloud, and the Yamato Blade pierced through its back. The silver toxin was starting to kick in. The werewolf… was slowing down its heartbeat and blood flow to get rid of the liquid silver that had invaded its body. The liquid silver’s effect was permanent! 

The werewolf pulled out the Yamato Blade piercing its body and threw it away in the opposite direction from Lucius! Like a stray bullet, the thrown blade sliced through several abandoned buildings and went missing.

Now, Lucius had lost his weapon. 

Even his condition wasn’t much better. Aside from losing his left arm, the muscles in his chest and abdomen were also torn. There were about three fractures in his ribs. Not to mention the state of his body, the werewolf’s claws pierced through his lungs! The blood mixed in his body wasn’t just the enemy’s blood, but also his own. Most of his blood had flowed and gathered into a river on the ground. 

Blood was his weapon! 

Lucius’ proficiency in using the Yamato Blade didn’t even come close to entry-level. And the most powerful weapon he really used was supposed to be the thing that kept the vampire alive.


Endless blood!! 

It might have thought that Lucius was on the brink of defeat, but it was wrong. A prey in a trap is often the best time for the hunter to shoot.

So, Lucius shot. 

“Sorry, you only taught me how to shoot!” 

Lucius had thought that the blade forged from blood had no chance of breaking the werewolf’s defense, and only the Yamato Blade would cut through the space. But right now, a river of silver-plated blood flowed beneath his feet. 

A magnificent symphony of blood!

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