Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 93


Magic, the greatest power in the world!

It is all-powerful, all-embracing, and uses a magic technique called arcane…

The supreme art that possessed the power to deter all, and the power to destroy all.

Xerath had mastered the supreme mystery of magic. Destroying everything in front of him was an easy task. 

“I’ll show you what real magic is!”

He hovered a thousand meters above the sky with the scorching sun at his back. The palpitating arcane energy between his hands kept surging.

The terrifying power began to accumulate in Xerath’s hand, gradually turning into a mass of soaring lightning. Xerath’s hand swept over every corner of the ruined city below with overwhelming lightning. 

And then, the city covered in blood and dirt became spotless. As if it was washed back and forth hundreds of times. Xerath let out a loud laugh at the results he had achieved. 

“Summoner, mission accomplished.” Xerath turned to look at Lucius, who was standing on the first floor of an intact building. 

“Good work.” Lucius waved at Xerath in the sky. 

“That was too easy.” a derisive voice rang out beside Lucius as Tokisaki Kurumi stood at the edge of the building, looking at the clean city. “How does it feel to have a cleaning robot who used static electricity to clean up tiny bits of filth… from the entire city?” 

“If you knew he had the power to level the city to the ground, would you still call him a ‘cleaning robot’?”

“Terminator, then.” Tokisaki Kurumi knew the movies from this world’s human culture. 

“Compared to Xerath, the Terminators are just a piece of junk.” Lucius had absorbed countless human memories. He naturally knew about it. 

“Indeed. You, as the World Destroyer Demon Lord, had the right to say so.” Tokisaki Kurumi walked around the edge of the roof and turned her back on Lucius. “Now I’m your prisoner, right? A Demon Lord, huh? So scary…”

The human world was destroyed into ruins. Infected zombies wander the Earth. The zombies were Yuri’s eyes and ears, and he was devoted to serving Lucius.

No matter where Kurumi hides, he can catch her if he wants to. There was no other being she could devour their time aside from Lucius. So if Lucius wished to kill, he could kill her time a little. 

“What are you going to do with your prisoner? Keep me until you kill me? As the victor, you have the right to do that.” 

Usually, Kurumi relied on her immortal nature, but she never skipped the fun of teasing Lucius. This vampire was very vengeful. Or else, he wouldn’t have tossed the world into chaos. Lucius glanced at Kurumi with a smile on his face. He already knew what would happen next. 


Lucius showed no mercy. A scarlet ball surrounded her. It was the Dead River, Lucius’ most powerful weapon. He was able to pierce through her body with a flick of his fingers. The Dead River moved a few times and burst violently towards Kurumi. 


As expected, she had no time to react. She couldn’t even draw her weapon when the blood quickly surrounded her.

The blood formed sticky tentacles and bound Kurumi’s limbs and slammed her body heavily against the wall! 


The pain in her back stunned Kurumi. No matter how much she struggled, she couldn’t break free from the blood. 

“Oi prisoner. You should behave.” Yamato Blade appeared in Lucius’ hand. He drew out its handle and stepped towards her. The blade reflected her unwilling expression. She would never have thought that Lucius would kill her slowly in a humiliating way. 

Standing in front of her, Lucius’ smirked at her unwilling expression. There was no escape anyway. Kurumi closed her eyes, accepting her fate fearlessly.

The last view she saw was the Yamato Blade swinging at her. But after a while, the pain never arrived. 

Do you still want to continue humiliating me? Kurumi opened her eyes and was about to speak when suddenly something strange was shoved inside her mouth as soon as her lips parted. 


“Eat it.” At some point, the Yamato Blade disappeared from Lucius’ hands, and candy was on his hand instead. She was shoving the candy inside her mouth. 


After she excitedly bit the candy, she swallowed the sweetness. After that, the blood tentacles that bound her disappeared. Causing her to fall to the ground and cough as she held her throat.

“How… ungentlemanly. What did you feed me?” After being humiliated by Lucius several times, Kurumi no longer had patience. 

“You will know. It’s a poison that can kill you in an instant.” Lucius threw another labeled package to the ground in front of Kurumi. “Don’t doubt the candy’s toxicity. Although it’s delicious, it’s a chain infection of the soul. Even if you have more than one existence, the toxicity still works as long as your soul was branded with ‘Tokisaki Kurumi.’

All of your existence will be corrupted and collapsed like a withering flower. So if you want to live, you must eat candy once a month.” 

“It’s hard to believe that a children’s delicacy is used as a poison,” Kurumi said that, but she still picked the candy on the ground. 

“You had more time, right? This is proof. If you obey me, your time will increase once a month. One day, you’ll have enough time to return to your world. If you don’t obey, the extra time will disappear instantly.” The meaning was clear enough, Lucius gestured his hand to slice his throat. 

Indeed, she felt her time increased. Not much different from the ones she had consumed every time they fought.

Now there are no humans left in this world, and she wasn’t strong enough to devour the other living beings remaining in this world. 

“Wait…” Kurumi spoke, looking at Lucius’ back, who was planning to leave. “Why didn’t you kill me?” 

Doesn’t this vampire hold a grudge? Usually, he was too busy to take revenge on the humans that he had no time to take care of himself. 

Lucius stopped on his track and gave Kurumi a sideways glance. “You… won’t die in despair. But you can help me bring despair to others.” 

She was… being used as a tool. Ah, she finally understood what he meant. He let her live because she can help him to get human despair. 


All he wants is Despair Points. More of them! Accumulating Despair Points to bring his sister back to life. 

The killing was no longer meaningful to Lucius. All he’s going to do was to obtain Despair Points. 

“Despair Points from this world have been squeezed clean.” Lucius threw a candy-like, the one he gave Kurumi on his mouth. Heading downstairs, the strange sweetness of the candy lingers in his mouth, “It’s time to go to the next world.” 

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