Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 94


Walking on the empty city, the system had turned into a holographic projection floating in front of Lucius.

The progress of the first world’s destruction had reached 99%. The system had automatically decided that the mission was complete. It also started prompting Lucius to enter the next world.

Lucius asked the system what the next world would be like, and this stupid system actually said that the choice was random!

That meant he could be thrown into a barren planet where there’s not even life. In that case, it won’t be just the inhabitants feeling desperate, but Lucius himself would probably feel desperate.

Right now, he still didn’t have the ability to travel through time and space. In the end, the system ended up giving some explanation.

[A ‘destruction’ count by the system is the destruction of a civilization built by an intelligent life form. The system will not transport the host to a world without an intelligent life form.]

Intelligent life forms are probably referred to as humans. After all, the animals living in the wild were still alive and well.

Having escaped the nuclear explosion and virus infection, they were living in joy in the forest. So the system had decided that the target of destruction was humans, just to kill humans.

“An intelligent life forms… so it doesn’t have to be human?”

“Incorrect. The system is currently available to destroy races evolving in the human branch, not yet to other races.”

That’s enough. Lucius couldn’t fathom the inner thoughts of aliens, let alone make them feel desperate.

He kept walking until he reached the end of the road where Alex was standing there. Lucius didn’t stop and continued walking down the street. Passing by Alex’s figure…

“What’s left here are the dead.” Alex opened his mouth. “Now that you’ve reached your goals… What are you going to do now, Lucius?”

“The dead? Hahaha…” Lucius sneered, giving Alex a sideways glance, “You think someone like you, made of flesh and blood, had his own soul and consciousness are dead?”


“What’s next?” Looking at the glowing sun in the horizon, Lucius suddenly came up with a brilliant idea. “Well, I’ve decided to let this world in your hands, Alex.” 

“What?!” Alex was surprised, “You…” He was speechless. Lucius’ tone was calm as if he was deciding what kind of blood he should drink today.

“What’s wrong with that?” Lucius was also confused at Alex’s overreaction.

“Of course something’s wrong! Humanity is destroyed, and now you’re the ruler of this world! Isn’t this the only thing you’ve wanted? But now…”

“This? To rule over a ruined world?” Lucius looked at Alex with a mocking expression.

“You’re not?” Alex took a step forward.

He initially thought Lucius just wanted to take revenge on mankind. To make them his slaves as he ruled as the supreme ruler of this world. But he didn’t.

There was no mercy for humans. No matter how hard the humans begged for mercy from Lucius, he didn’t give them any piece of mercy, not in the slightest.

He would just speak some horrible words like, ‘If you keep quiet, it won’t be as painful.’

Lucius’ hatred towards mankind was so strong that he drove humans to extinction. And after that, Alex thought that he was going to rebuild the world after wiping out all the humans.

But now, Lucius was actually giving the thing he had worked so hard that he trampled millions of human lives to achieve his goal!

What the hell was he doing? What does he want?

“But why, exactly?”

“Because… there’s no despair left in this world, right?”

“Despair…from hope?”

This guy… he did all of this just to make humans despair?

“So, I’ll leave this world yours to rule, Alex.”

The only thing Lucius wanted was Despair Points. He had no desire for such a thing as being the supreme ruler of the world. Lucius held up his hand to stop Alex from continuing.

“If you had to choose between Dana and the fate of the world. Which one would you choose…”

Alex was silenced by Lucius’ words. Of course, he would definitely pick Dana. She was more important than anyone else. His flesh and blood, his only family.

“You understand now? All I want is to destroy this world. But it seems just one world isn’t enough to accumulate the despair I want.” Lucius was facing Alex, but his body kept walking backward.

“What do you mean?” Alex was stunned, finally understanding what Lucius was trying to do.

“My journey is far from over! You knew the words ‘3.000 worlds’, right? I- uh… am now going to wander around the other world.”

Of course, to destroy those worlds. That was the meaning of Lucius’ words.

Going to another world? Was he just bluffing? But he trusted Lucius. This man had the power he couldn’t imagine.

“So, do me a favor and tell that little girl and the cat girl.” Lucius’ figure gradually vanished in front of Alex.

Without him realizing, Lucius had already chosen to enter the next world to collect more Despair Points.

“Telling them what?” Alex looked at Lucius, who was fading away, not knowing what to say.

“Prepare for war, of course! To plunge another world into despair. Both the Blacklight virus, or the Scourge, and you! All of you will be the most important part to trample the enemy’s land.” Lucius spoke, without even having the intention of what he thought of Alex and the others.

He was a useful pawn, one that he could discard at any time. But Alex wasn’t angry about it. Because even though Lucius’ gentle smile could be seen from time to time, it was just a disguise. In reality, Lucius’ heart was always cold. No one had the power to thaw out his frozen heart.

“Don’t just disappear and never return.”

Tied to Lucius’ pirate ship, Alex could only sail with Lucius, the wicked captain, until the end of the world.

“You’ll be summoned… soon…”

After saying this, Lucius’ body melted like snow in the sunlight.


[The second phase of the Extermination Game had begun. The advanced world is in preliminary lockdown, the preparation for time and space travel is complete.]

Lucius drifted in a space where he couldn’t feel direction or time. He thought traveling through time and space was easy. But he was wrong!

The pain of his body being torn apart lingered!

The spatial turbulence rampaged against his body, and he couldn’t resist it.

He was getting killed and then came back to life just to get killed over and over again!

He didn’t know how long it’s been going on like this…

Lucius’ consciousness gradually dissipated into the darkness.

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