Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 98


According to Lucius’s understanding. This world is an enlarged version of the Empire. The Empire’s territory spread to every corner of this world.

The barrier between people and the cultural differences didn’t exist in this world because the power system in this world determined the world’s belief.

A giant dragon…

They believe they all have the blood of dragons flowing within them, which gives the humans of this world a great power.

After awakening their bloodline at a certain age, they will be honored as ‘Awakened Ones,’ possessing power beyond normal people, even manipulating light blue energy.

But for an Awakened to achieve world-recognized status, they must become the Empire’s subordinate and complete the Knight’s Test. The ‘Knight’ title separates them from commoners.

Of course, various branches were available for the Imperial Knight, of varying positions and responsible for different tasks.

Joining certain Knights didn’t restrict the freedom of life, and could also enjoy the military’s benefits. So most Awakened people chose to become the Empire’s subordinate.

When there is power, there are conflicts. Human beings were not only the only ones who inherited the blood of the so-called Dragon God.

Those wild animals that Lucius called as monsters and are far stronger than the ones on Earth. They’re far more dangerous in this world.

Moreover, there was always friction between humans and their monsters, and demonic beasts marching to attack human cities would happen every now and then all over the world.

But those geniuses who thought they were better than others. If they wanted to prove themselves, then they could only gather at the place of glory. The Empire’s Capital City, a tower called ‘Top Tower’.

It was the place of glory and the place for the trial. Anyone who passed the top of the Top Tower would become humanity’s superior being, the Saints.

Dwelling in the floating city above the clouds called the Court of Gods, they were like a God, maintaining the human world’s order.

Therefore, even the King of the Empire that ruled the entire world had to obey the Court of Gods’ order. If the word ‘Gods’ didn’t only belong to the Dragon Lord that created this world, then perhaps the Saints were a God-like existence in this world.

But God had disappeared, passing down only its bloodline. In ancient prophecy, the moment someone’s eyes turned into Gold gaze down on this world. Then a new change will begin.

“I’m not sure what change means.” In one breath, Muccia told Lucius, a stranger, about this world’s brief history. “But it sounds like something compelling. To be honest, I was really shocked when I saw Mr. Lucius’ eyes.”

“I’m sorry. I wasn’t born with these eyes.” Lucius closed his eyes and opened them again; the golden hue was overtaken by an overwhelming scarlet.

He wasn’t sure if there was dragon blood running in his body. But the pressure emitted by the golden eyes wasn’t suitable for a creature like a vampire that walked in the shadow!

It’s just like an angler fish’ lantern, noticeable in the darkness of the deep sea. And that sea was also inhabited by stronger ferocious beasts that were sensitive to light.

The kind that could swallow him up in a bite. This fish would probably bite off its own head if its head was strong enough. After all, only those who survived could become hunters.

Lucius wasn’t sure how strong the power of this world was, but at least it wasn’t weaker than Earth!

He should be careful not to make any mistakes. It’s not cowardice; rather, it’s a rule to continue surviving! Getting used to walking in the darkness of the night had taught him about this.

“So where does Mr. Lucius-san plan to go next? If you don’t have anywhere to go, it’s okay to stay here for a night. Oh, don’t worry, Naiya is a good kid.”

Muccia didn’t seem to be wary of Lucius’s sudden appearance…

For one night? I’m sorry, but I don’t have that much time.

The sound of dripping water suddenly reverberated in the church’s hall, and the faint smell of blood permeated the entire church.

Lucius still wore a gentle smile on his face, looking at the existence that he had tentatively thought as a nun.

“As a believer of the Dragon God, you definitely won’t remain silent when you see the golden pair of eyes, right?”

Knowing what he wanted to do, the nun knew what she didn’t want to know. Lucius felt like his eyes might cause an inexplicable stir in this world. Vampires were creatures that liked to hide in the shadows and observe humans. He didn’t want to be tracked down by the entire world just after he got here. It would cause a hindrance to his plane.

So, I’m really sorry… Lucius apologized to the nun in his heart.

Blood dripped drop by drop from the slit in the ceiling.

“I can’t understand why Mr. Lucius did this. I apologize to Naiya for his rudeness… If Mr. Lucius doesn’t want to reveal your secret, I will keep it secret. After all… I can understand how you feel.”

It was as if Muccia sensed what Lucius was trying to do, but the woman who gave Lucius a vague sense of danger didn’t do anything about it…

I…can’t trust humans anymore.

Lucius lowered his head, looking gloomy…  All humans…

With a flick of Lucius’ fingers, tons of blood rained down from the ceiling. Forming shape blades that would stab the defenseless nun standing beneath the giant dragon statue!

Muccia’s smile remained innocent as if her slow reflexes couldn’t even realize how dangerous the situation was.

Just before the sharp blood spikes almost falling like rain, the church’s door was slammed open!

At this moment, Muccia behaved differently. Shedding her stupid disguise, her eyes squinted and slightly smiled. In a flash, the blood that covered the church disappeared into thin air as if it never existed!

Looked like the previous sense of threat wasn’t just an illusion!

Let me see how strong this outlander was…

As Lucius waved his hand, ready to summon new blood to fight with all his might, Muccia opened her arms in an embrace.

What? Is this some special fighting technique from the otherworld?

As Lucius was confused, a couple of kids ran past Lucius towards the nun.

“Sister Muccia! I’m hungry ……”

“I picked some seeds from the tree!”

“Bury it in the yard, and it will grow fruit!”

A few children were jumping in front of Muccia. Their bodies stained with some mud after playing, but she didn’t seem to mind.

After stroking the foreheads of these children in turn, she looked at Lucius, who was standing there …

“Mr. Lucius…would you like to join us for some Chinese food?”

Muccia just invited Lucius for lunch, but he was frozen…

What a… déjà vu…

Lucius covered his forehead. The dusty memories began to emerge from his mind. The old nun in that abbey, and this stupid nun… Every day, he used to come home this way. Lucius was looking at the children…

Damn it… Lucius took a step backward. Suddenly, he felt a pair of eyes gazing at him from the depth of the shadows.

“Ara. Is Naiya done resting? It’s about time for lunch, let’s dig in!” Muccia spoke to Naiya, whose expression was stone cold, standing in the doorway.

“Why haven’t you let him leave?” Naiya looked at Lucius warily, her expression was gloomy.

Lucius was reminiscent. She was like his younger self. Being cared for by an old nun with his sister. The ridiculous ‘I’m all grown up!’ he had repeatedly said, the laughs of the children…

But… Lucius’ heart was overflowing with sorrow.

Damn it!!!

Lucius bit down on his finger, and blood dripped from his fingers.

This emotion was unnecessary! Unnecessary!!

After calming his inner emotion, Lucius smiled gently at Muccia once again.

“It just happens… I’m a little hungry.”

As if the tense atmosphere just now never existed.

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