Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 97


The culture of this world should be similar to Earth’s medieval Europe.

Lucius followed Muccia as she walked through the corridors of this building, looking at the results inferred from the surrounding architectural styles.

As for the level of technology, it had at least reached the Steam Age… or even higher. Rather than using ‘technology’ to define the products of this world, Lucius felt that using the word ‘alchemy’ was more appropriate for this world.

From an open door in the corridor, Lucius saw this world’s ‘technology’. It was similar to the combination of magic and technology. Muccia led Lucius until they reached the end of the corridor and entered a hall.

The building seemed to be a church.

A sacred place like a church was something that vampires weren’t fond of.

After all, the gods worshipped in the church are symbols of light and justice, the complete opposite of a dark creature like a vampire.

But the gods worshipped in this church are not angels or God ……

But a creature called a dragon!

A giant dragon statue sits in the middle of the church, taking up most of the space, with the dragon’s eyes looking down at the ground as if a king is watching over his people from above.

A world that worshipped dragons, or a world ruled by dragons?

Muccia’s stroll came to a halt and turned around in front of the dragon statue. She was stunned when she saw Lucius’ golden eyes.

Probably, she associated him with this terrifying creature. It seemed this world was sensitive to dragons.

“Um…” She didn’t know how to start the conversation. After untangled her distressing thoughts, she asked, “May I know your name?”


He had nothing to hide from his name. And Lucius’ name was followed by a complicated family name. Perhaps most vampires would take pride in having a proper birth name and a surname. But as far as he was concerned, his surname was a curse.

“Ah… Mr. Lucius…”

Muccia wasn’t dressed like a nun, but she was the owner of the place… Despite her mature appearance and figure, her behavior was somewhat childish.

For example, Muccia was now circling around Lucius, as if she wanted to look at any angle of Lucius’s body as a whole.

Lucius patiently waited for this Muccia’s childish behavior to end. As a result, after spinning around a few times, Muccia covered her head and sat dizzily on the steps below the statue.

Is this woman stupid?

Looking at the woman who was feeling dizzy. The previous sense of threat she was emitting seemed like an illusion! An absolute illusion!

How could such a shallow woman that gathered all her nutrition towards her breast emitted such a threatful sense!

But what Muccia said next overturned Lucius’ impression of her stupidity.

“That…  Mr. Lucius.” Muccia shook her head and held her fingers to look at Lucius with a serious look. “You’re not from this world, right?”

Did she guess it?

“That’s right.” Lucius nodded as if it wasn’t something to hide.

But how did she know about it? Was an existence from another world a common situation here? Or even to the extent of flooding this world? Of course, it wasn’t the case.

“Because it’s impossible for the people in this world to have eyes that belong to God.” Muccia pointed at her eyes and then to Lucius.

Eyes of God?

After upgrading his bloodline, his eyes changed to a radiant gold. And possess the ability to temporarily turn into a dragon.

Dragon… is God?

Lucius tilted his head up to look at the crouching dragon statue behind Muccia.

“Yes, this world was created by God. And all the humans of this world have their blood flowing through their bodies. Its golden eyes are only found in legends, but unfortunately, its offspring disappeared in ancient times.”

Are they already extinct?

Lucius guessed that if he turned into a dragon and flew over this world, he would be worshipped as a god right away.

A creature like a dragon had a very high status in this world. But let’s understand the pattern of this world first and then see what happens.

“Then, what is the distribution of power in this world?”

“Distribution of power?” Muccia tilted her head to look at Lucius in confusion. She couldn’t comprehend what Lucius was saying.

For the record, Lucius understood the language spoken in this world perfectly. Probably it was the system’s doing. It’s translated automatically. And they also understood his words very well.

How could Lucius, as Lulaemon, be hindered by such a small problem? Did he just use a rather complicated word?

“Just… how many countries do you have, and what’s the relationship between them?”

He could just go outside to suck on an ignorant girl’s blood and absorb her memories. But he was concerned with the half-vampire.

After all, it’s been a while since he last met his own kind, even if it was only a half-blooded blasphemy.

“Eh? Why do we need several countries?” Muccia stared at Lucius, her eyes widened, looking at him with a puzzled look.

“Isn’t that normal?”

“Isn’t the country the world? All the territory of this world is the Empire’s territory! We all have the same blood in our veins, so why should we be divided into multiple countries?”


Fuck, this world was already unifying?

It’s… it’s…

This time it was Lucius who was scared by the goofy nun.

Unify the world! On Earth, how many virtuous and overbearing kings wanted to do that? But no one had ever truly succeeded in conquering the entire world.

As long as he becomes the king, his lifelong dream would be fulfilled to rule all over the world.

But dreams were just dreams. It’s simply impossible to realize them. Differences between races, cultures are bound to separate people. Even modern Earth couldn’t do that.

But this world that had only reached the Steam Age could complete its unity?

Either this world is too servile or possesses a power so mighty that the entire world must obey to keep the entire world in order!

“If Mr. Lucius wants to stay in this world, your Awakened powers are not weaker than Naiya’s. You can go to the Empire and try the test to become a ‘Knight’!”

“A Knight?” Lucius looked at Muccia upon hearing the familiar word.

“That’s right. This world should be ruled by humans who have awakened God’s bloodline. After being loyal to the Empire, you will have a superior status. If you break through the challenge set by the Dragon Lord at the ‘Top Tower’ in the Empire Capital, you become the strongest person in the world, ‘Saints’! Oh, but please take note. After becoming a Saint, you will live in the Court of the Gods. It’s a floating city. Under the Council’s command, you will have power, but you have to give up your freedom.”

After finishing her words in one breath, Muccia looked at Lucius with a smile. “Then, Mr. Lucius from the Otherworld, what are you going to do?”

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