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C.L.S Chapter 164 Determination


Yi Tianyun and Shi Xueyun walked around to find the collection of books or treasure Profound Azure Mansion kept hidden. They soon stumbled upon an array that seemed to be protecting a room, but this array was nothing to Yi Tianyun, he broke it easily! Once he enters the room, he quickly saw a man that was clearly startled to encounter strangers.

“Who are you!” he asked.

“We are the one you want to destroy! But it seems that our position is reversed now.” Yi Tianyun said while also slammed the guy into the book rack in the corner. Instantly killing him! 


‘Successfully killed Profound Azure Mansion Deacon!’

‘Reward: …’

Yi Tianyun and Shi Xueyun began to explore the room and took everything that worth their while. They got a lot of Human and Earth level martial arts from this room. After they got what they deemed valuable in this room, they began exploring another place. Anyone trying to get in their way will be slain by Yi Tianyun immediately! Shi Xueyun tagged along just to accompany Yi Tianyun. She didn’t need to do any fighting so far. 

In another room, they found many medicinal pill and cultivation pills. They even stumbled across an armory. They stuffed every single thing they found there into the storage ring without exception, this would be a great help to strengthen Jade Palace! As they progressed through the chains of room Yi Tianyun saw a hidden pathway toward the underground. 

“Aunt, look here! it seems that there is a path to the basement here.” Yi Tianyun said to Shi Xueyun, “I am sure there is some secret treasure there!” Yi Tianyun added excitedly.

They both quickly went down to see what was waiting for them down there. After some time walking through the path, they sensed disgusting smell and aura from the opening at the end of the tunnel. They quickly ran toward it and were utterly shocked by what they saw. 

In front of them was a pool full of blood! 

With this much blood, there must be a ton of dead people here. After they walked around the pool of blood, Yi Tianyun vaguely heard a sound of crying in the distance. He quickly looked around the room and finally saw a cage hanging in the ceiling of the cave. 

Upon seeing such cruelty, Yi Tianyun quickly pulled down the cage safely to the ground and unlocked the cage immediately. As if this wasn’t shocking enough, it turned out the cage was full of children! They were crying and begging Yi Tianyun to spare them, but all Yi Tianyun could do was froze on his spot, shocked from the cruelty of this place. 

“There, there we wouldn’t harm any of you. So please don’t cry.” Shi Xueyun said gently toward the children.

“Really? You wouldn’t? But you are clearly different from that guy earlier.” One of the kids said to Shi Xueyun. Upon hearing this, the rest of the children ran toward Shi Xueyun for protection. 

Yi Tianyun quickly snapped out of his shocked state once Shi Xueyun held on to the children. He promptly unlocked another cage and led all the children toward Shi Xueyun.

“Aunt, bring them all outside and wait for me!” 

Shi Xueyun quickly nodded and led all the children outside. Once all the children were no longer seen, Yi Tianyun completely let his anger out.

“This must be the work of that old ancestor blood fiend! What a monster! Fuck!” He quickly pulled out the Immortal Fire and burn the room thoroughly. He didn’t even care to search for treasure at this point. He burned everything in the room without exception!

Once everything is on fire, Yi Tianyun quickly ran out of the basement. When he got out, he was still suffocated inside. ‘How can a human be this cruel?’ he thought, ‘he even went so far as doing something this despicable just to prolong his life!’ Yi Tianyun really didn’t understand this monster’s way of thinking! 

After he shook his head for a while to clear his mind, he ordered the black dragon and snow wolf to destroy everything! He noticed that some disciples successfully escaped Black Dragon and Snow Wolf. But he didn’t go after them, as he was not one who thirst for the blood of his enemies. He let them escape to spread the news about Jade Palace. So there would be no more sect dare to disturb them in the future! 

“Are you done yet? If you are, come on! Let’s take these children back to Jade Palace!” Shi Xueyun said thoughtfully.

She couldn’t bring herself to ask the children about their parents, there was no doubt that their parents already dead!

No parent gave up their children to a monster willingly! 

“You sure?” Yi Tianyun asked to Shi Xueyun. She only nodded her head confidently.

“Well then wait a minute, I need to do something first!” Yi Tianyun said while immediately ran toward the large stone tablet of Profound Azure Mansion in the middle of the field. He took out his Blood Dragon Skeleton Blade. This blade has a menacing aura around it. However, it didn’t have any unique properties. It was just a powerful blade at High-Grade Soul Tool level. 

Yi Tianyun immediately carved the Huge Stone Tablet as to make a statement and also a warning on it.

‘There is no more Profound Azure Mansion, it is already destroyed! Whoever dares to rebuilds it would encounter the same fate!’

This is the length he went for to completely destroy Profound Azure Mansion once and for all!

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