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C.L.S Chapter 178 Taunt


“This reward is good.” Zhu Tianhong said to Yi Tianyun, “As we agreed upon, if you achieve the top three, you could keep the reward to yourself. I will not touch any of it.” 

Yi Tianyun nodded and proceeded to prepare himself as the tournament was about to begin. 

“Now, for the first stage of the tournament, the Strength Stage! You will draw a divine rune on top of armor or shield to increase its defense. At the end of the time limit, I will send some cultivators to test out your Divine Rune Strength. There is no rank limitation on the Divine Rune, as the strength is the only aspect that will be judged in this stage.” Li Tianhong said excitedly. “The time limit is one hour, and those who couldn’t finish until the time limit would be disqualified immediately. And the time start now!” he shouted as he signaled one of the deacons to flip the sand clock to indicate the time limit. 


‘Random Quest [Complete the first stage of the tournament] is now accepted!’

‘Reward: 500.000 Exp, 1.000 Divine Rune Proficiency Mastery Point.’

With the surprising new side quest, Yi Tianyun became more excited. Not only he had the top three reward as his goal, now he could get an additional reward from his quest too!

“The first stage is a strength test. Could you do it?” Zhu Tianhong asked solemnly to Yi Tianyun.

“No problem, this will be a walk in the park!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

Zhu Tianhong only nodded his head and left Yi Tianyun to concentrate on his own.

Soon all of the contestants were faced with a rack of armor and shield. They could choose what equipment they prefer to draw on.

Most of the contestants chose a shield, as it is relatively good equipment to draw Divine rune on, but Yi Tianyun chose armor on this stage.

Even if the rank of the Divine Rune wouldn’t be judged, Yi Tianyun knows that to make a strong defensive rune, the higher the rank, the stronger the equipment will be.

Every contestant immediately pulled out their Divine Rune Stroke and immediately began to draw the divine rune on their equipment.

According to the tournament’s rule, you could fail once, and more than that, you will be disqualified from the tournament.

So, he couldn’t afford any mistakes now!

On the spectator side, people began to talk among themselves.

“Zhu Family Head, did you invite many helpers this time?” Wang Family Head said to Zhu Tianhong. “I heard that you bring two good Divine Rune Master this time, is that true?” 

“Yes, it’s true! Is there a problem?” Zhu Tianhong said indifferently.

“No, there is no problem. I invited two Divine Rune Master on my own. Unfortunately, only one could perform now. Even from the number alone, I’m already at a disadvantage here!” Wang Family Lord said mockingly.

Another Family Lord come along and started to talk to them too, “Wang Family Lord, you really have a nasty personality! Even if you only brought one person, but that person is from the Divine Runes Mansion! You can’t compare him to the ones Zhu Family Lord brought! No one knows where he came from!”

“Zhu Family must be able to find someone that meets their standard! Look at the boy he brought! So young, yet he already had the guts to participate in the tournament! He must be a genius, right?” Wang Family Lord said mockingly. 

“Wang Family Lord, I dare to say that if such a genius really exists, we would’ve heard about him already. There is no way he is a genius!” Another Family Lord said mockingly.

This mockery was really getting to Zhu Tianhong. He was so embarrassed that he couldn’t speak up because he didn’t know the extent of Yi Tianyun’s capabilities himself.

“Wang Family Lord, are you saying that you already won?” Zhu Tianhong said coldly.

“No, I never said that! But my chances of winning are good. I don’t know about you, but I feel that I would get first place on several stages.” Wang Family said confidently. 

“I don’t know, but I am sure that we would accomplish better than your Wang Family.” Zhu Tianhong said coldly.

“Well, we should see what happened in the future. just wait and see!” Wang Family Lord said, still in mocking tone. 

This mockery to Zhu Family was already happening long Zhu Sister’s problem. Their declining power only made it worse.

However, Yi Tianyun on the tournament sites had a light but serious expression on his face. This tournament was just another quest for him. Also, a quest that would give him many good rewards!

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