Crazy Leveling System

C.L.S Chapter 179: Comedy


While everyone was busy talking to each other, the time passed quickly and soon enough, someone already finished drawing his Divine Rune. It is none other than Lin Li the genius brought by Wang Family Head from Divine Rune Mansion. 

“Wang Family Lord, the one you brought here this time really has an outstanding skill!” The Family Head around Wang Family Lord complimented him.

“Sure! Who doesn’t know about the skill of Divine Rune Mansion! They really live up to their name! a true Third Grade Faction!” Wang Family Head said while blinking to Zhu Family Head. Zhu Family Lord face became gloomy, he hoped that Yi Tianyun also finished soon.

Lin Li, who happened to be right beside Yi Tianyun this entire time, looked at Yi Tianyun with a mocking face “What family is desperate enough to send a boy up here? I guess he is good enough to be a Second Grade Divine Rune Master to be up here.” he said to himself. But as the time goes, he couldn’t help but laugh, seeing that Yi Tianyun was too slow to draw the Divine Rune, moreover, he was laughing when he saw the First Grade Rune that Yi Tianyun drew.

Yi Tianyun didn’t pay attention to Lin Li at all, he continued to draw his Divine Rune even after almost all contestant already finished their works.

This situation made Zhu Tianhong frowns, he got really curious about what was Yi Tianyun doing. With his level of skill, Yi Tianyun was supposed to be finished already. Even the contestant that he brought here personally already finished!

“Weird, what is that brat doing now?” Deacon Liu said, couldn’t help but worry a little bit. But deep down, he was still hoping that Yi Tianyun lost and failed to get the top three finish. 

“What is Elder Yi doing? This is not supposed to be that hard!” Zhu Yuxuan said as she became worried over time.

“Relax, there must be a reason why Elder Yi chose to be slow.” Zhu Yuwei said, completely trusting Yi Tianyun.

Finally, Yi Tianyun finished his last stroke and put away his Divine Rune Stroke. He looked completely satisfied by his own works. Soon after he finished, the hourglass showed that the time was finally over. As Yi Tianyun looked around, he noticed that everybody finished their works somehow.

The Deacon that came at the same time as Star Pavilion Lord Li Tianlong began to call the contestant’s name one by one, starting from the fastest to finish their works. It means that Lin Li got to go first. 

“Third Grade Divine Rune.” Said the Deacon as he examined Lin Li’s work. He proceeds to punch the armor starting from the First Level Body Refinement, and gradually increased until the armor broke. Lin Li’s armor broke at Seventh Level Spirit Refinement! Which was high according to the tournament’s standard amazed all spectator.

Soon everyone else went through the same process to determine their tournament rank, some went through as high as Fifth Level Spirit Refinement, and some got really low as Eighth Level Body Refinement, but nobody beat Lin Li so far!

“This is the power of Divine Rune Mansion’s Disciple! He is so much better than other contestant!” several Family Heads said to Wang Family Head, bringing up his ego some more.

Wang Family Head couldn’t help but look at Zhu Family Head with a sarcastic look on his eyes. Zhu Family Head couldn’t help but stay silent, he couldn’t refute anything as Yi Tianyun’s works wasn’t assessed yet. As his other contestant was at Second Grade Divine Rune Master which was not giving any spectacular result.

“Zhu Family Head, there is no doubt that the people you brought with you today is very high leveled!” Wang Family Head said sarcastically to Zhu Family Head. Zhu Family Lord just remained silent as he didn’t know how to refute the ridicule pointed at him.

As it came to Yi Tianyun moment to be graded, the Zhu Family Head and Wang Family Head watched silently.

“First Grade Divine Rune?” said the deacon confusedly.

First Grade Rune was not particularly surprising but it was mostly used as a last resort by the people who kept failing to draw any higher-grade Divine Rune. The thing that the Judge was lost about Yi Tianyun’s Divine Rune was that he didn’t fail anything and he drew the Divine Rune rather slow for it to be a mere First Grade Divine Rune.

Wang Family Head at the side was laughing so hard to Zhu Family Head’s face. He couldn’t help it, as he thought that there was no way Yi Tianyun would beat his Lin Li now! Zhu family Head felt the same way as his face turned a little bit pale.

Yi Tianyun noticed that almost everyone laughed and ridiculed him for his low-grade Divine Rune, but he didn’t care.

“Please test it to your heart content!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

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