Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 10 Orochimaru’s Warning


Ryuu was stunned for a whole minute.

“I was affected by his genjutsu?”

Jiraiya was certainly happy with the result. It feels like him who beat Ryo.

“Hahaha, he just went crazy after losing to Akabane.”

“Are you ok my friend?”

Akabane stretched, “You seem to be happy Jiraiya? When is your match?”

“Yeah, I won’t forget this, hahaha. I will be fighting at the 13th match.”

Jiraiya had just finished answering and found that Akabane, Tsunade, and Orochimaru were all gone.

“Hey, don’t you want to watch me too?!”

Akabane wanted to go back to sleep, but Tsunade and Osamaru were simply bored.

“I’m sorry, my friend, I’m just too tired, good luck!”

Orochimaru suddenly approached Akabane and whispered,

“This is for your own sake, be careful of Clan Uchiha.”

Akabane knew that the Uchiha Clan was known for their Curse of Hatred. And for the longest time, the two clans have some bad blood with each other.

At this time, Kagami Uchiha, who was there soon to be their leader, died in battle, and now the Uchiha clan has lacked a strong figure, and with that being said, it gives a lot of pressure to their youngster.

Orochimaru was worried after Akabane defeats Ryuu.

Someone from the Uchiha Clan might get their revenge by planning something wicked.

“I have my whole clan backed me up. We wouldn’t let them do anything without us noticing.”

Akabane answered confidently.

Kurama Clan currently still have their influence on Konoha village, and it would be almost impossible from such a clan to go down so easily.

As for Orochimaru, he knew that a student as talented as Akabane wouldn’t go unnoticed by the Third Hokage. Thus Uchiha Clan wouldn’t be so reckless to do something to him.

“What are you worried about? after all of this, I don’t think Uchiha’s student dare to act snob again.”

Tsunade curled her mouth. Her expression was a bit worried.

As she knew that the Senju Clan is slowly disappeared by becoming one with the Konoha village as expected by the First Hokage.

Since he thought of more of overall village development over their respective clan.

But Uchiha Clan still thought of this as Senju’s supremacy over the Uchiha, since the first and second Hokage are from Senju.

There might be some clash within the village, which includes Uchiha’s grudge in the future.

Back in the classroom, Orochimaru took out his book to self-study. Akabane lay down and get ready to take a nap.

But as he about to closed his eyes, Tsunade held his chin with her hand and talked to him close to his face. “In a few days, everyone here will graduate and separate by groups, don’t you have things to do other than sleeping?”

Akabane looked dumbfounded and tried to look away from her, but Tsunade insists him to answer.

“What’s wrong?”

Tsunade was very curious, doesn’t realize that they are way too close.

“I just want to sleep, Tsunade.”

Akabane was cherries red, and his mood was so messed up.

“Come on, Akabane, start to draw your comic!”

With her roar, Akabane and Orochimaru both became sober.

“Okay, okay, I’ll draw.”

Akabane obeys her order helpless, and begin to continue his comic.

He used an old leftover table from the warehouse since such an accident rarely happened.

If Tsunade is annoyed by any chance, this table won’t last for long.

Akabane quickly formed hand seals, “Shadow Clone Jutsu!”

“Here, help me finish my comic.”

Orochimaru and Tsunade were equally surprised.

“Shadow Clone Jutsu?”

Then they saw Akabane’s shadow clone began to draw.

“Awesome… I never thought that you could use it doing this kind of thing.”

Tsunade sincerely in awe.

Tsunade was also stunned. Shadow Clone Jutsu is B-level ninjutsu. Even she currently couldn’t use it.

But this ninjutsu was created by the Second Hokage. As his descendant, she has heard Senju Clan perform this ninjutsu.

Its original purpose was at spying and reconnaissance, but no one thought that it could be used to draw.

Besides, she noticed that the clone was swiftly drawing the comic.

“This shows…Akaba was always lazy!”

Tsunade was annoyed, but she couldn’t get angry.

The pages were easily finished. At first, she was not used to such a hard-working Akabane, but later she didn’t bother anymore.

After some time waiting, the volume has finished.

While happily reading the comic, Tsunade said.

“Akaba-Kun is a unique person to create such a way to use this Jutsu to his liking.”

Akabane lay on the table and answered with eyes closed.

“Thank you. This is the first time I’ve received your compliment.”

Even to Orochimaru, who had a much higher IQ than others, he still couldn’t resist reading Akabane’s comic.

His personality was relatively cold.

He rarely talks to others and spends most of his time reading books.

Akabane didn’t say a word to Orochimaru before crossing over to start working on his comics,

Akabane suddenly missed his old life.

“My previous classmates would be jealous if they knew that my drawing was got a compliment by Tsunade and Orochimaru.” He secretly said it in his heart.

Tsunade watched Akabane’s shadow clone drawing closely.

His shadow clone has the same quality of drawing as Akabane had.

However, after drawing a few pages, a lot of noise gradually came towards the class.

Akabane immediately wakes up to release his clone. He didn’t want other classmates to see him using a shadow clone to doing such a thing.

“It’s probably Shikato. He must be tried to take a nap too since he was as lazy as Akabane.”

In an instant, Shikato, Sakumo, and Chouki, who had just returned, were surprised. It seems they overheard Tsunade.

Even Shikato couldn’t help being a little bit ashamed.

The Nara clan is one of many clans of Konoha village. They are known for their ability to manipulate shadows.

Shikato was also considered talented among his peers, and he hoped to take on the head position of the clan, but he was slowly given up because he was too lazy.

“By the way, Shikato, I remember that your family has a small store in Konoha, right?”

Akabane sorted out the sketches he had just completed and suddenly thought that there was a small store not far from their clan, which seemed to belong to Nara Clan.

Shikato sat down and thought, then asked, “Is that the small store near your house?”

“Yes, that’s it.”

Akabane had an idea to open his comic store, with that way he could earn more points and even money by selling his comic to the whole Konoha Village, imagine that!

“Ah, that store was used to be a drug store, but it was currently unoccupied now.”

Shikato explained as he tried to catch his breath.

He just had a heavy fight with Chouki of the Akimichi Clan, and it was indeed quite a long match.

“Um…will you sell it to me?”

Shikato hesitated for a moment and answered carefully.

“Uh, although it doesn’t belong to me, I can help you make the request to my clan.”

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