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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 100


A few minutes later, Akabane waited at the next trading tent and switched positions with his Shadow Clone.

“The timing is very accurate,” Tsunade said lightly.

“What?” Erika didn’t know what Tsunade was talking about.

Akabane scratched his head and pretended innocently, “What’s wrong, Tsunade?”

“Humph.” Tsunade sneered and stopped responding.

Akabane touched his nose to hide the tension in his heart.

Did she realize that I switched places with my Shadow Clone?

In retrospect, there shouldn’t be any mistakes I made. Then there is only one possibility, Mito Uzumaki selling me again.

“Cough, all right, let’s go. The closing ceremony is about to begin.” Akabane pretended to be calm.

“Ha ha.” Tsunade sneered, then turned towards the stands.

“Where are we going next?” Erika doesn’t understand much, especially things related to ninja. She just wants to know what exciting things she can see next.

“Where are you going? It’s time to go back.” Tsunade said, somewhat irritated.

“Eh, we have to go back now?” Erika looks back and tries to slip away, and she felt that she hadn’t had enough fun.


When Erika looked back and saw the terrifying Tsunade, she shouted and immediately abandoned her intention.

If this person is lost, I’m afraid the whole place will be in chaos.

“Don’t you dare use violence on me? I am the Princess of the Land of Fire!”

Erika said in a high tone.

“Who said no? Stop being spoiled.”

Tsunade waved her hand to make her stop causing trouble and then pulled her to the stand with one hand.

After walking together, finally, the argument between the two of them had ended.

“Good work!”

Akabane secretly likes her, so he doesn’t have to suffer to the end, and he won’t let her go anyway.

In fact, Akabane was just about to use Genjutsu. If Erika tried to slip away again, Akabane would use Genjutsu to hypnotize her back – after all, ordinary people wouldn’t put up a fight against hypnosis and Genjutsu.

“Thinking about this, luckily Jiraya doesn’t have this kind of ability,” Akabane said to himself.

“Hey, this is not the way to the stands!” Erika follows behind and finds that the path is getting narrower…

“This is a shortcut. “Tsunade said lightly.

In the end, the narrow road had bent, and Erika could see the previous stands, but in front of them was a cliff more than ten meters high.

How do I climb it ?!

She was a little confused, and he was stunned.

“This is the fastest route, and it’s not difficult to go through.” Tsunade smiled happily and suddenly pulled her up towards the cliff.

Chakra control is very strong, and he walks steadily over the side of the cliff. It wasn’t a problem for her to bring someone along, but this kind of experience was too terrifying for Erika as an ordinary person.

She did not stop screaming from under the cliff to the stands.

Akabane was a little confused behind him. I wanted to use Genjutsu to make her feel a bit comfortable, but Tsunade moved too suddenly, and she didn’t really care what trouble she would get from her actions.

“Hey, is there a problem?”

“Princess, are you okay?”

The guards immediately rushed to the source of the sound.

Erika stood on her trembling legs, and Tsunade said lightly: “It’s nothing, I just took her to the stands via a shortcut.”

“Tsunade, what are you doing?” Mito Uzumaki was about to scold her, but when she saw Erika’s expression, she immediately realized that her prejudice was wrong.

This expression… looks like she’s not angry.

“That was … so much fun, so much fun!”

Erika said excitedly, “Tsunade-neesan, will you do that again? Okay?”

“Huh?” Tsunade was shocked. She didn’t expect Erika to react like this.

For her, it wasn’t easy to understand, but Akabane knew precisely what was going on

People are afraid to ride roller coasters, but they still love it.

“Do that again. Hey, Tsunade-neesan, please ~” Erika kept pulling Tsunade’s arm and acted like a baby.

Tsunade didn’t know how to react.

“Ah, Tsunade just … invited her to have fun,” Daimyō said awkwardly.

He really doesn’t understand what his granddaughter is thinking to act spoiled like that to Tsunade.

“All right, all right.” Tsunade grabbed Erika and jumped from the stands.

Yep, totally in freefall.

In the middle of the height, Tsunade stomped and walked on the side of the cliff.

* Snap.

“Ahhhhh ~” Erika shouted, and it reflected her fear.

What was even more terrifying was that Tsunade fell to the ground and ran upstairs again.

It looks … crunchy!

Back in the stands, Erika’s legs go limp and don’t stop shaking.

“This is so fun!” Erika felt very happy, and she looked at Tsunade full of happiness.

Tsunade was completely shocked by her reaction.

Actually, what was she thinking?

I guess she will get scared. Why does she like this so much ?!

“Tsunade-neesan, you …”

“Erika, come back here!” Seeing Erika heading towards him, Daimyō immediately shouted to order her to stop playing.

Once again, this little girl was scared when Tsunade took her. She is a princess, so Daimyō is very worried about her.

“Well, the closing ceremony should start soon, right?” The Third Hokage tried to change the topic.

“That’s right, Third Hokage,” Akabane replied.

Akabane presided over and prepared for the closing ceremony. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have shown himself to a large crowd this time.

“All right, let’s begin. Daimyō-sama has a long way to go after this, so the sooner it ends, the better.” Uzumaki Mito said indifferently.

“Well, the Land of Fire hasn’t turned into chaos yet, but it would be good to end it soon,” Daimyō answered, then nodded, indicating Akabane to start the closing program.

Akabane bowed slightly, formed a Hand Seal with both of his hands, and immediately left.


“The comic exhibition will end soon, and the closing ceremony program will begin soon. There were three segments in the closing ceremony: plot shows, songs, and visual fantasy games. “

“Everyone is requested to return to the stands immediately so that they can witness the final rites perfectly.”

Akabane’s voice was amplified by Chakra and spread throughout the mountain forest.

Everyone started walking towards the stands.

If some people aren’t looking forward to this program, maybe they don’t really care. They might just walk away – like Orochimaru.

Several people walked towards the stands, and each stand’s situation was basically the same as before.

Meanwhile, Erika, who was finished with her ‘roller coaster’, immediately went to the stands and sat down. She took a few sips of water to recover her energy and prepared to watch the final show.

After a few minutes later…

The audience saw one silhouette after another appear on the mountain path.

They are Zabuza and Haku.

And on the opposite side Kakashi, Sasuke, and Naruto.

At this time, Zabuza was locked by eight Ninken and couldn’t move, while Haku was paralyzing Sasuke, and Naruto was standing beside him.

“Zabuza, you are going too far. Your wild ambition…”

Kakashi formed the Hand Seal with both of his hands, and then-

* Chirp Chirp Chirp!

A loud sound flashed from below into the stands.

“Oh my god, this …”

“Raikiri, that really is Raikiri’s Ninjutsu!”

“Incredible, I’ve never heard of it.”

Not just ordinary people, but the ninja who saw were also shocked.

The Ninjutsu that was in the comics was wholly seen in front of them. The dazzling lighting made the spectators burst into tears.

“Let me say it again. Your future is death!”

At high speed, Kakashi ran and hit Zabuza, who could not move.

But then…

A silhouette appeared suddenly, standing in front of Zabuza.

In an instant, blood spilled onto Kakashi’s hands!

Zabuza was stunned, looking at Haku, who was protecting him.

After that, he lowered his head and smiled darkly: “My future is only death? Hahaha… Kakashi, I think you wrong again.”

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