Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 101


“Is Mito-sama dead?”

“Yes, according to the plot, it is like that.”

“Zabuza is too evil.”

Everyone who has known this plot through the comics knows that Zabuza may look cruel, but he actually only has a stiff mouth.

Her feelings for Haku were not what they seemed.

These kinds of emotions have a greater impact and surprise on the reader’s interpretation.

“Impressive! I really didn’t expect any ninja who could do this kind of thing.” Daimyō was old and weak, but he enjoyed the show immensely.

Judging from his reaction, he was very satisfied with this comic exhibition.

While on the stage, Kakashi had weakened both Zabuza’s hands, so he couldn’t make Hand Seals anymore. Besides that, the amount of Chakra currently was very small.

At this time, a group from the Land of Water led by Gatō had arrived.

They blocked the path to prevent Zabuza from escaping and coming to him. Zabuza, who could no longer use his arms, became very weak, and Gatō and his group were no longer afraid of him.

“By the way, I actually still hold a grudge against this kid … huh, but he’s already dead!” Gatō felt angry as he stepped on Haku’s head.

Seeing this scene…

“Bastard, what did he do to Mito-sama ?!”

“Unforgivably, who is playing the role of Gatō?”

“We have to find him!”

Everyone in the stands was furious and looked menacingly at Gatō.

Akabane has seen a lot of this kind of phenomenon.

In his previous life, many actors played a big villain in a film, and in real-life, they received threats from the audience.

The reaction was the same as for this audience.

Here, the role of Gatō is Murasaki. He had good hearing and could hear the criticism and jeers from the audience in the stands, making his body tremble.


He had no choice but to steel himself and continue talking.

Then he returned to focus on the plot according to the comic.

Even though everyone who was cast was becoming actors for the first time, they played the roles quite well.

Until in the end, Zabuza shed tears.

He held the Kunai with his mouth and ran towards Gatō and his group.

A sword pierced Zabuza’s body, but he was unstable and was still advancing ferociously.

Gatō and his subordinates go haywire.

At the same time, the audience in the stands was also carried away by the atmosphere on the stage.

The comic plot and the actual atmosphere on the stage are two different circumstances. Those who initially felt angry and disgusted with Zabuza were now all gone.

Kill, kill him!

And in the end, a drop of snow fell.

Everyone saw that Haku appeared in front of Zabuza, soft as snow, very beautiful.

“Allow me to always be by your side.” A sweet voice was heard.

Zabuza gasped, and step by step, approached him.

“I want to say … Goodbye, Haku … I’m really sorry … Thank you for everything!”

His body collapsed, lying next to Haku’s corpse.

At this time, a song was heard.

“Habataitara …”

It was the ‘Blue Bird’ song.

The song is played together with the end of the show.

On top of Zabuza and Haku’s corpses were the spirits of the two who smiled at each other, then turned into two birds and flew up into the sky.

This beautiful scene is accompanied by a beautiful song.

Nobody spoke, while daughter Erika was just dumbfounded and crying in her seat.

Tsunade likewise, sadness exploded in her heart.

So are ninjas a tool?

Maybe, but it’s clear. This time Zabuza and Haku become bluebirds and can fly freely.

At the same time, Mito Uzumaki’s figure appeared in the air. She was like a nightingale, singing beautiful songs.

Beneath his feet, there was a mountain wall with ropes tied to a large tree and a high mountain in the distance.

Very beautiful!

The Third Hokage knew that there would be a Genjutsu performance by Akabane, but he was worried that the show could not compare to this beautiful and touching scene.

A few minutes later, the song ended, and Mito Uzumaki’s figure slowly flew to the sky.

After that, the forest became silent for a few moments.

All that was heard was the sound of birds and insects and also soft sobs.

“This is unexpected!”

“That guy called Akabane is just insane!”

“Grandma, are the two birds Zabuza and Haku?”

After a moment of silence, people gradually spoke.

Everyone’s emotions were carried away by this plot. They were both sad and amazed.

“Grandfather, the relationship between Zabuza and Haku is very touching!” Erika couldn’t hold back her tears.

Since childhood, princess Erika was always at Daimyō’s house. She doesn’t really understand many things about the outside world and makes her unable to hold back tears when she sees this sad plot.

“Yes, this story is very touching.” Daimyō sighed slightly, not reacting much.

As a Daimyō, he’s had many more violent realities than this plot, but at least Akabane manages to make the plot of this show more memorable for him.

“The first and second programs have finished and will soon be followed by the last one. For the audience… prepare your mental!”

The third program is Fantasy Game.

Of course…

Technically it is a Genjutsu that affects the five senses of the audience without harming them.

“What to prepare?”

“As I said before, Fantasy Game is no ordinary show.”

“Huh? What is it?”

Many people are still drowning in sorrow without waiting for them to subside. The next show is about to start.

There was no time to remember it.

But what will he do in the final show?

Everyone wondered in their hearts and was looking forward to it.

The previous show was very interesting. This event is well worth a visit, and I’m really looking forward to its final show.

Next second.

“Fantasy Game, let’s get started!”

Currently, Akabane is in front of a majestic and beautiful painting. Then he released his Genjutsu and entered everyone into the enormous Illusory Domain.

He got everyone in the stands into Genjutsu. Even though most of them were ordinary people and had no resistance, the spiritual energy he needed was still enormous. If Akabane’s spiritual energy reached more than 80, it would be impossible to do so.

As everyone entered the Illusory Domain, they saw the surrounding scene change suddenly.

The walls and stands are gone.

“Grandpa, this is …”

“This is Hidden Leaf Village,” Daimyō said lightly.

He saw Erika, who was wearing ninja clothes and gear next to him.

Then he saw himself…

Wow, the Hokage’s robe.

“Grandpa, why can you use the Hokage robe?” Erika is shocked.

“It must be because of the Illusory Domain. It’s some Genjutsu.”

Daimyō said calmly, “Our appearance has been transformed into a Ninja.”

Around him, there were many people dressed like Ninja with faces full of shock.

Welcome to the Fantasy Game.

“In the first wave, there will be enemies attacking when the bell rings. Please buy equipment and learn Ninjutsu as soon as possible, and get ready for battle.”

The first wave?


What is this?!

Everyone was confused and didn’t understand what was going on.

“Rookies, don’t waste time. Hurry up and prepare your Ninjutsu and equipment. Otherwise, you won’t be able to survive the first wave!” Everyone could hear an indifferent voice.

Everyone looked around-

“This guy, he looks like the smelly guy who drew that ugly comic!” Erika was shocked.

The difference is this person looks older, stands on a frog, and holds a book entitled ‘Icha Icha Paradise’ in his hand.

“What ninjutsu and equipment should I buy?” Daimyō wondered to himself.

“Well, your mission is to protect the people of Konoha and the Hokage. If one of the Hokage Residence or the Hokage falls, the game will be over.” Said the adult ‘Jiraiya’ coldly.

Daimyō came to him.

“Jiraiya” opens “Icha Icha Paradise” and shows the various Ninjutsu options recorded in it.

Can I be able to use it?

Daimyō took a look and finally exchanged his Skill Points for a Ninjutsu called Earth-Style Wall.

In an instant, he mastered it, and at the same time, there was a procedure for using Ninjutsu.

“Try it.” The adult ‘Jiraiya’ said lightly.

Daimyō nodded, shouting: “Earth Release: Earth-Style Wall!”

After that, his two hands automatically created a Hand Seal.

A great wall surrounds it. This is Earth-Style Wall, defensive Ninjutsu!

“Grandpa, you really can use Ninjutsu!” Erika is very enthusiastic.

You can master Ninjutsu by exchanging them for Skill Points. This is very practical.

The others also became excited in an instant. For these ordinary people, the experience of being able to use Ninjutsu was nothing but great joy.

“This is really … amazing!” Daimyō released his Ninjutsu, looked at his hands, and muttered to himself.

Previously he didn’t understand this Ninjutsu ability he learned, but after Daimyō used it, he realized how powerful this Ninjutsu was.

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