Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 99


“Isn’t this Kenjutsu … in this world that has a Devil Fruit, is there someone who practices Kenjutsu ?!” Seeing the fifth episode, Orochimaru was a little surprised.

“What is the problem?”

Some people find Orochimaru strange.

Even though they were all reading the same comic book, it was Orochimaru who talked the most.

Orochimaru just shook his head and then closed his mouth.

It’s the same as people who practice Kenjutsu alone in the Ninja World, and it looks stupid and ridiculous.

“Not all Kenjutsu users are weak. In the Land of Iron, many people are very skilled in the field of Kenjutsu.” Akabane said.

“Well, you’re right.” Even though Orochimaru seemed to agree, he still disliked people who only practiced Kenjutsu.

Unlike the Pirate World, people who don’t eat Devil Fruits aren’t necessarily weak.

Akabane only smiled slightly, without explaining much.

This will probably involve following up on the plot, but we need to focus on selling it first.

After finishing reading, Orochimaru closed his comic book and returned it to the shelf.

He glanced at Akabane and said: “I saw Akabane with Tsunade and the princess coming here.”

“I see. Akabane is accompanying the princess. No wonder I don’t see her here.”

I’m not sure what the circumstances will be, so I have to ask carefully.

“Do you want to meet the princess?”

Everyone gets excited. Either Akabane or the princess, these two were people they wanted to meet.


Orochimaru said something explicit to be able to talk alone with Akabane.

“Everyone, I’m going to another place first. I hope you guys can enjoy your time.” Orochimaru got up and bowed slightly, then turned and left.

Akabane understood, stood up, and followed in Orochimaru’s footsteps.

After walking a few steps, Orochimaru leaned back under a large tree by the side of the road.

“Akabane, it seems you don’t like your current mission. You even used the Shadow Clone to fool Tsunade and run away from her.” Said Orochimaru enjoyed other people’s bad luck.

Akabane rolled his eyes and couldn’t help feeling bitter: “The two girls are always fighting, and I don’t want to get involved with either of them. It’s too much trouble.”

“Women are troublesome creatures, but somehow I am pleased to see you hit by bad luck like this,” Orochimaru said with a chuckle.

“Looks like you played Itachi Uchiha for too long, are you finished?”

“Not yet. I used Shadow Clone to take my place.”

Orochimaru used the Transformation Technique and walked casually with Akabane.

The two were in a state they weren’t expecting, but there were many topics to discuss.

Orochimaru accelerated his pace a little and said with emotion: “I want to learn to write stories from you, Akabane. Then I will write a story about my journey to learn the mysteries of all Ninjutsu and mysteries of life. Isn’t that amazing?”


Akabane could not follow the topic, and he did not understand why Orochimaru suddenly became like this.

She caught up with him and then said emphatically: “Talking about life.”

Orochimaru was silent for a while, then laughed: “From your story, I got a lot of inspiration, so comics are not a useless thing.”

“What do you mean?” Akabane was silent for a moment, unsure of what Orochimaru was trying to say. But he was sure that his words served a purpose.

“Nope … it’s nothing, just want to discuss with someone,” Orochimaru said after being silent for a while.

“What steps are you taking to take advantage of him?” Akabane frowned slightly.

Orochimaru’s mentality has changed quite a bit.

“I thought I would join them.”

Then Akabane said calmly, “By joining them. You will get more opportunities to achieve your goals.”

Ninjutsu research is both experimental and theoretical, and all of this requires authority and costs.

He lacked theoretical knowledge and frightening talent like the Second Hokage, so he had to do a lot of experimentation.

“Be careful. He is not easy to deal with, and the most important thing is you have a good plan for the future.” Akabane said after a while.

Danzō’s method is very unpredictable and cunning, and he will attract people to follow him step by step.

“He is indeed a poisonous snake, but … I am Orochimaru!” Orochimaru is very confident.

If you interact with a poisonous snake, one day it will definitely bite you, but Orochimaru is a person who was born to live with snakes.

“Good.” Akabane nodded, not saying much.

Even though no outsiders are involved in this organization, you should still be on Danzō and the Anbu lookout. And you can’t be too open with them.

Then he walked a few steps towards the distance.


There is a gust of wind blowing and following someone who is in the middle of the road.

It’s Danzō.

He looked at Orochimaru and then at Akabane. He was a little surprised, then said: “So you are walking together, it will save a lot of my time.”

“Sense!” Akabane did not change his appearance but immediately bowed slightly.

“Well … soon there might be war in the Uzumaki territory,” Danzō said nonchalantly.

“I guessed it.” Said Orochimaru while licking his lips.

Even though this event looks like an ordinary comic book exhibition, there are negotiations before the war that took place behind this event.

But, for him, this is an opportunity.

“When exactly?” Akabane asked after thinking for a moment.

“It all depends on them, we will handle it passively, and for the time being, it will be around after the chūnin exams.” Danzō lightly said.

Hmm… this is not a problem for me.

Akabane just said to himself, he didn’t want to get Danzō’s attention too much, and better not go.

“This is like any other wars,” Orochimaru said.

“Well, war is inevitable. If Konoha is to be stable, we have to use methods that dominate other territories.” Danzo said nonchalantly.

Then he looked at Akabane and Orochimaru, then said: “Anbu and Root will likely be involved. So, I hope you can help me.”

“Who knows what the future holds? I still can’t entirely agree right away.” Orochimaru replied coldly.

“Sensei, if I need to help with training, I’ll do it,” Akabane said confusedly.

Akabane did not want to participate in the war directly, but he certainly did not want to participate in this war with Danzō.

As for Orochimaru …

He didn’t have the slightest shock or emotion. From what Danzō said, he could still see that he was not at peace right now.

“Well, then.” Danzō nodded. After seeing the two, he said, “It’s fine if you know what to do, I’ll go first.”

“Goodbye, Sensei.” Akabane bowed slightly, then looked up and found that Danzō was gone.

Akabane narrowed his eyes and thought, did Danzō know that we were working together?

They think the same thing in their hearts.

The two of them were silent and took a few leisurely steps.

Judging from Danzō’s reaction, he shouldn’t have known it, but the fact that he knew both the identities of Akabane and Orochimaru who were using the Transformation Technique, maybe Danzō had guessed it.

After all, they caused the current situation to occur.

“Akabane, as if I have nothing else to say, I’ll be going first. There’s a lot to do.”

Orochimaru said lightly, “However, after the closing ceremony, I could not attend.”

“All right, be careful.”

Akabane flexed his muscles, stretched his waist, and said giddily, “If I have no obligations in this place, I want to slip away and leave.”

“Good.” Orochimaru nodded slightly, then walked through the path towards the village.

Akabane looked at the time and calculated something.

Tsunade and the others must have almost finished their tour, and the closing ceremony was about to arrive.

“I have to find an opportunity to change places with my clone.” He thought to himself.

It would be a bad ending if Tsunade found out that I used Shadow Clone to fool her.

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