Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 102


“Damn! Unfortunately, we can’t participate in the Fantasy Game!”

Tsunade saw Daimyō and the rest of the audience in a stupor, and she immediately understood that they were under the influence of Akabane’s Genjutsu to enter the Fantasy Game.

“Using it on many people will require a lot of Chakra, not to mention that among them are jōnin …”

“Do you want to be like them?” Mito Uzumaki looked at Tsunade and made her shrink and dare not speak.

It’s not like that.

She was just curious about what happened in the Fantasy Game.

“Akabane, where’s your Fantasy Game?” Jiraiya was disguised using the Transformation Technique.

He thought he could fool Akabane and get into that Fantasy Game as well, but until now, Jiraiya didn’t feel what he was waiting for.

“You idiot, Genjutsu like this costs a lot of Chakra.”

Murasaki stood up and hit Jiraiya on the head.

“Jiraiya, how could I forget you? Don’t you think that you are already in the Fantasy Game?”

Akabane said and moved the painting so Jiraiya could see it.

In the blink of an eye, Jiraiya saw a tall man standing on a frog. To him, it looked impressive.

“Wow. Hahaha… This gentleman looks amazing.” He was so happy, and he didn’t expect Akabane to let him in too.

Sakumo wanted to say something, but he was already discouraged when he saw Murasaki shaking his head.

He was stunned for a moment, then sighed: “What an idiot.”


“It’s okay. You just need to have fun,” Murasaki said with a shrug.

Akabane smiled slightly and returned to concentrating on controlling the direction of the Illusory Domain.

The abilities of everyone residing in the Illusory Domain were given by Akabane. If he wants, Daimyō could even immediately gain Hokage-level fighting strength.

But such games will not be fun, and people will get bored quickly.

Inside the Illusory Domain.

“Everyone can only learn one skill at the start. However, every time you survive a wave of enemy attacks, you can learn one more Ninjutsu or equipment.”

“Besides, you will gain levels if you kill the enemy.”

“Go and fight, Rookies!”

The adult Jiraiya spoke so arrogantly that he didn’t even think about the Daimyō playing Hokage’s role.

Daimyō turned around.

As the leader of a country, even though he is not a ninja, he has the ability to lead and give a command to troops.

After thinking for a moment, he said: “I order half of you to take Ninjutsu, and the other half for equipment, and then give equipment to the ninja who has skills.”

As the leader, Daimyō’s plans were quite simple.

At the very least, a group of weak people who do not have the ability to fight can be of use if they have Ninjutsu.

If this bunch were all Ninja in the real world, Daimyō really couldn’t give the command.

They are just ordinary people, and their admiration for Daimyō discourages them from denying his command – even for those who get a share in exchanging equipment.

“It feels like I have my own ninja army.”

Daimyō said to himself.

He stood on top of the Hokage Residence and observed the condition of the village from there.


“Everyone, make the team into four parts and protect Konoha from the four directions.

“Ninjutsu users will be responsible for taking down enemies who have the equipment.” Daimyō continued giving orders.

Under his command, there were four hundred people. He ordered two hundred people to exchange their points for Ninjutsu and equipment. He felt this strength was enough to fight the enemy in the first wave.

I must say that the choice is relatively the best.

Moments later, the enemy attacked.

Under his command, more than two hundred Ninja quickly defeated the enemy and even took the initiative to expand beyond the village.

Outside the village, they found many wild monsters.

Daimyō didn’t worry too much about them. He ignored the wild monsters and asked everyone to return immediately after the enemy in the first wave was defeated.

This time, he was still using the previous method.

Half exchanged equipment and the other half Ninjutsu.

“Grandpa, it looks like we can get through this!” Erika said proudly.

Thanks to the guards’ help, she now has two Ninjutsu and one Kunai. So, she can kill multiple enemies with ease. Now according to the ranking of the game, she is at the Genin level.

Likewise, with the other two hundred Ninjas who have Ninjutsu, they have reached the Genin level.

“No, it’s not that simple.”

Daimyō noticed something and shook his head.

He felt that he had missed something, but for a moment, he couldn’t remember.

The second wave is coming.

“Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique”

“Lightning Cutter!”

Faced with Ninjutsu users, the attacking enemy was swiftly defeated.

In less than a minute, all the enemies were successfully killed, but…

“I’m running out of Chakra.”

“I’m almost exhausted too.”

“How to recover Chakra?”

The second wave is over. What everyone thinks is not Ninjutsu or what equipment they should exchange, but how to recover Chakra.

The adult Jiraiya smiled slightly and said: “Well, Rookie is a rookie. If you want to recover your Chakra, of course, you have to rest.”

“Huh? Chakra?” Daimyō was stunned for a moment, finally remembering what he had forgotten.

To cast Ninjutsu, it takes Chakra…

“All of you, use this free time to rest, and in the next wave, make sure you allocate your Chakra usage.”

Without Chakra, would we be able to pass the third wave?

He panicked even more.

After a minute, the third wave came.

“My lady, it looks like the enemy in wave three looks even stronger!”

“Yes, but like it or not, we have to fight them!”

Fortunately, Erika is quite good at allocating Chakra. She is not arbitrary in using Ninjutsu. Most of the enemies she defeated in close combat using Kunai.


Even though the enemy was a low-level AI on par with Genin, it seemed that their combat abilities were superior.

Since the Ninjutsu could not be reused, all the Ninjas fought defensively and gradually retreated towards the gate.

After a few minutes, the battle was finally over.

Seeing the Ninja, who had the less fighting ability, Daimyō felt hopeless.


“Looks like we will lose the next wave.” Daimyō sighed.

His troops do not have enough Chakra to face the enemy in this wave.

The fourth wave.

“Soldiers, get ready for the battle!”

Some of them had died, and the Ninjutsu army had no reserves.

Everyone participated in the battle, no matter they were a Ninja or an ordinary person.

The battle in this wave was fierce.

Erika struggles to endure, but her soul is too affected by the circumstances around her.

Even though she didn’t feel the pain, fear came from her comrade’s death, and it couldn’t be erased.

This feeling made her think that war was not a game.

From the 400 people, there was only a handful left at the end of the Fourth Wave. Erika has also been killed in the current battle.

Daimyō felt lost.

Previously, even though he didn’t say it outright, he thought from the bottom of his heart that it wouldn’t be difficult to rule a ninja.

But now?

The problem from the other side got him in this position. Most of them are ordinary people in the real world, the Ninjutsu, and equipment they have are still not enough to make up for their shortcomings.

Regardless of his orders or understanding of the Ninja, he was too far away.

At this time, unknown music is heard. Daimyō has a mysterious feeling that makes him endure even though he faces the Fifth Wave alone.

After a minute, the enemy came to attack.

“Where’s the enemy?” Daimyō was surprised to see that no enemy was coming. He thought that the enemy had surrendered.

But before long, someone appeared from the main gate of Konoha.

He is…

“Zabuza! It’s Zabuza!”

The Ninja guarding the main gate shouted. Just as they were about to prepare for battle, Zabuza shook off Kubikiribōchō, and his figure suddenly blinked.

It hadn’t even been a second, and he had already killed three people of Chūnin level!

“Hiding in Mist Technique!”

Fog filled the surrounding area, and Daimyō felt a killing aura aimed at him, but the mist made him unable to see his surroundings.

Facing him made me realize how strong a jōnin is.

He didn’t even have time to react, at this moment, he saw the sky swirl, and the scene before him was fading and changing rapidly–

“Wow, well played!”

The adult Jiraiya’s voice was heard.

The sentences are very kind, but Daimyō has the urge to kill him instantly.

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