Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 103


“Oh, he came out so fast. It seems like the last program is over.” Mito Uzumaki said lightly with a smile.

Daimyō, who was not in a good mood, snorted coldly without saying.

The Third Hokage pondered for a moment and asked: “Daimyō-sama, what happened?”

It was hard to understand what was happening inside the Illusory Domain, except for Akabane and the people who had been affected by that Genjutsu.

“Yes, grandfather, what exactly did you face in the Fifth Wave?”

Erika asked curiously.

Daimyō opened his mouth, although he was somewhat reluctant to speak.

How can I tell them that I, who play Hokage’s role, can be defeated by Zabuza in a matter of seconds?

Also, the last sentence is annoying!

The Fifth Wave?

The Third Hokage awkwardly threw away the tobacco in the smoking pipe.

Although I don’t know the details, it looks like Daimyō has lost badly.

Why doesn’t this kid know how to measure other people’s abilities? Can’t he make it easier…

After thinking for a long time, the Third Hokage still didn’t know how to comfort him.

“Hiruzen, can Fantasy Game be used again?”

The more Daimyō thought about it, the more challenged he felt.

“The Illusory Domain on a large scale requires a lot of Chakra. Do you think it can be used as much as you want?”

Mito Uzumaki said harshly.

“Daimyō-sama, this kind of Genjutsu can only be used once.” The Third Hokage explained.

“Oh, I see.” Daimyō sighed, then said, “Sorry, I don’t know much about Ninjas.”


Mito Uzumaki’s eyes widened. I can’t believe that this stubborn old man is apologizing!

“Well, Daimyō-sama’s talent is not to fight and use Ninjutsu, but to rule and rule a country.”

The Third Hokage tried to cheer him up, “And meanwhile, ninjas are tools used for fighting.”

“War is profound knowledge, and the rest of my life will definitely not be enough to study and understand it.” Daimyō leaned back in the chair.

He felt devastated, and his interest in Fantasy Games plummeted.

“Good if you are aware of that.”

Mito Uzumaki said without any manners, starting to make fun of him.

At this time, Akabane, Jiraiya, Sakumo, and Murasaki came to the stands, and the four of them were going to pay their respects to Daimyō…

“Forget it!”

Daimyō’s face was very irritated, and the moment his eyes met Jiraiya, his heart grew even angrier.

This white-haired brat was very much like the annoying man in the Illusory Domain!

“Hokage-sama, this is the end of the Comic Exhibition, is there anything you would like to announce?” Akabane asked with a bow.

“Akabane, you have used up a lot of Chakra. Go rest. I will announce the end of this event for you.” Said the Third Hokage with a slight smile.


Even though factually, he doesn’t consume that much Chakra, Akabane is certainly happy to find time to be lazy.

Daimyō originally wanted to stay a little longer, but when he saw Jiraiya’s face, he immediately heard words like “Rookie”, “Wow”, and “Good fight!”

“Looks like this event is over. Erika, we have to go home.”

He gave a hand gesture for Erika to support him to leave this place.

Even though Erika was a little reluctant, it couldn’t be helped, the Comic Exhibition was already over, and there was nothing she could do, so she had to return to Daimyō’s house.

The guards picked them up in a carriage while Erika and the other bodyguards helped Daimyō walk to the carriage side one step at a time.

Suddenly he stopped and looked back.

“Mito, maybe this is our last meeting.”

Life is short, and at this moment, one day has passed.

Daimyō raised his head and whispered, “As for the trouble at the Land of Whirlpools … I’m really sorry.”

“Just go away.”

Mito Uzumaki waved her hand, and her tone was not right.

Tsunade was silent.

It seems that the negotiations are not going well…

Akabane thought to himself.

As Daimyō got into the carriage and slowly disappeared from the mountain road, Mito Uzumaki sighed in sorrow.

Their generation will soon end.

“The comic exhibition has ended. Everyone can leave this place and get some rest.” The Third Hokage used Chakra to amplify the sound.

Another audience in the stands heard the sound, then looked around and found that Daimyō was preparing to leave, and one by one, the Comic Exhibition was really coming to an end.

Is it over already?

“It feels so short, and I’m not satisfied yet!”

“I’m waiting for the next Comic Exhibition. But I’m afraid that the next one will come a long time…”

Many people are reluctant to leave the place, including the ninjas.

It’s just a short, rough comic show, but for the lives of those with very little entertainment, it’s already an activity worthy of nostalgia.

“A Comic Exhibition does not have to be held by the village. If you are interested in an event like this, you can also hold your own Comic Exhibition.” Akabane stood up and said.

“Holding your own Comic Exhibition?”

Everyone was stunned for a moment, and some of them thought – can we have a Comic Exhibition that can bring in a Daimyō personally?

“Ahem … you have freedom regarding the concept of the program, and it is not a formal event in itself, so you don’t need to invite higher-ups to come.” The Third Hokage explained.

If it didn’t have to invite a Daimyō, this Comic Exhibition would be a show that could be spontaneously planned.

“I see.”

After digesting the Third Hokage’s words, everyone’s eyes immediately lit up.

They initially thought that this event was a formal, large-scale event, such as the Chūnin Exams.

So I can hold it personally…

“This is great, grandma. I want to play Mito-sama.”

A little girl shouted happily.

“You idiot, Mito-sama is not a comic character!”


The surroundings became noisy because of everyone’s cheerful laughter and excitement.

Their voices were already weak in the middle stands, but this wasn’t a problem for ninjas.


“Hey, Sarutobi-sensei, don’t think all of this is free!”

Said Tsunade pursed her lips.

“Hokage-sama, you must not forget the things that you promised.”

Akabane follows her to sue.

Didn’t he fight this far to get to the Land of Wind in a caravan?

The Third Hokage felt uncomfortable if he didn’t fulfill his promise.

Jiraiya’s mentality exploded upon hearing him: “You all get your own pay, what about me? I painstakingly made paintings and ended up being torn apart by the princess!”

“You idiot Jiraiya, you should be ashamed to talk about those paintings, painting nasty things like that in public. You’re equivalent to smearing Konoha’s face.”

Tsunade said with a sneer.

“Well, at least he got his reward.”

The Third Hokage sighed, seeing these children really couldn’t love each other.

However …

What a pity!

“You guys can come back and rest too.” Mito Uzumaki smiled faintly.


Tsunade was pleased. In her mind, it was the same as Mito Uzumaki returning her money.

On the other hand, Akabane was curious about the negotiation outcome, but he didn’t want to rush it.

Later I will definitely find out about it, and I don’t need to rush for a while. I will find out easily if I stay here any longer.

The whole group turned around, ready to head back home.

“Then, I’ll go home first.”

Murasaki walked on the end, bowed slightly to say goodbye, and followed in everyone’s footsteps.

Seeing everyone leaving the place, Mito Uzumaki sighed softly.

At this moment, Danzō slowly appeared from the darkness.

“Sarutobi, Danzō, don’t think of Konoha like old antiques In the Ninja World. I will leave the matter in the Land of Whirlpools to you.”

Mito Uzumaki sighed.

“Mito-sama, don’t worry, I’ll do my best.”

Danzō said with all his heart.

Regardless of his specific purpose or exploit, he will bend over backward to help the Land of Whirlpools.

“Even if most of them can’t become ninjas, but at least …” The Third Hokage took a smoking pipe before finishing his sentence.

As a result of the negotiations this time, Daimyō finally complied with their request – he allowed several clans from the Land of Whirlpools to migrate to the Land of Fire. Still, the Uzumaki Clan in Konoha was not included. The rest had to be kept secret and not allowed to become ninjas.

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