Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 118


“Shinku Yūhi has been killed by the poison mist.”

Anyone killed by the poison mist again?

Tsunade was stunned and looked around suspiciously.

This air did contain poison, but was the poison that bad?

“Those idiots, hahaha …. poisoned to death, they are so hilarious.”

This voice, Jiraiya?

Tsunade followed the voice and saw the fool laugh proudly.

“Huh, is that you flat chest!”

Jiraiya was a little shocked, not expecting to meet Tsunade suddenly.

Tsunade was about to scold him for the call, suddenly…

“Oh no, the toxicity is increasing.”

Tsunade’s expression changed. She immediately rushed away.

“Has the poison gotten stronger?”

Jiraiya froze for a moment but didn’t really feel it.

Believing in Tsunade, she became dazed for a few seconds and then immediately followed Tsunade’s steps.

At the same time, the others felt a crisis.

They no longer think about weapons, food, and information.

Most importantly, for now, they should all escape the poison mist.

“Damn, I should have wanted to search for more records, but why did it turn out like this …”

Murasaki runs around while tightly holding the note she has got.

The note states that – now and then, the level of toxicity will increase.

“I have to find someone else first, and maybe they have other information.”

Murasaki scratched her head in annoyance.

With the current information, I don’t know how to deal with it, so I have to run away first!

The remaining six people ran from various places towards Sunagakure.


“Shit, shit, shit!”

Shinku Yūhi sat with murderous intent.

Whereas Hayate Gekkō just lay weakly on the chair and glanced at him.

“Another one.”

Kazami Hatake looked at him jokingly.

“What happened? Can’t you run?”

Hayate Gekkō said in disdain.

“Orochimaru tricked me, this person … is a jerk!”

Shinku Yūhi let out a roar, then sat down weakly.


Hayate Gekkō was stunned. What happened!

“Forget it. What is clear is that you are the one who died first…”

Shinku Yūhi sat down, reluctant to tell how he died.

Orochimaru did not kill him outright.

He trapped Shinku Yūhi’s body into the sand, and just as he was about to break free, dozens of Puppets rushed over.

Although the Puppets were not very strong, they had no soul, so Genjutsu Shinku Yūhi did not affect them.

In the fight against the Puppets, his leg was injured, and then he ended up just like Hayate Gekkō.

“It’s really that guy’s style.”

Hayate Gekkō said in a low voice.

Truly calm, thoughtful, and committed to becoming a genius would-be commando.

“In this game, the main challenge is gathering information!”

Kazami Hatake looks wise.

Now that Orochimaru has two pieces of information, there’s no doubt he’s mastered the initiative.

Unfortunately, I can’t see the current situation.

He sighed slightly.

“Now, because you are very anxious, here have a look.”

Akabane rubbed his temples, circulated the Chakra within his body, and covered Kazami Hatake, Shinku Yūhi, and Hayate Gekkō with his Genjutsu.

Next second…

Kazami Hatake opened his eyes, but he saw only darkness.

What happened?

Hayate Gekkō sounded beside him, “It looks like there is a large white cloth in front.”


The voice rang out, the light projected onto the white cloth from behind.

After which, everyone saw the desert landscape on the white sheet.

“I see. Akabane-San turned the views he saw in his Divine Domain into an image that we could see.”

Shinku Yūhi also learned Genjutsu and immediately knew what was going on.

“Watch carefully.”

Kazami Hatake looked coldly and said.

The three people watched the situation of their friends who were still surviving in the desert through the big screen.

Some signs provided information about these six people’s positions on the screen, and some of them had symbols that were different from the others.

At the bottom of the screen is a description of the symbols.

Purple symbol: has special information.

Red symbol: kills the most.

Blue symbol: the best equipment.

Kazami Hatake and the others can see three people with purple symbols: Orochimaru, Murasaki, and Shinnosuke.

Besides, Orochimarus’ head is also marked with a blue symbol.

“That’s what it should be!”

Although Shinku Yūhi hated Orochimaru very much, he also admired him.

“That person’s position is closer to Shinnosuke and Sakumo’s position.”

Hayate Gekkō said.

According to Orochimaru’s mindset, if he had known that Sakumo and Murasaki had the information in their hands, he would have approached the two of them without hesitation.

“Akabane, help me observe Sakumo.”

Kazami Hatake said calmly.

“Fine, fine~.”

Akabane’s voice was heard, and the scene turned into the desert where Sakumo was.

Before long, the perspective on the screen changed.

This is?

Shinku Yūhi was surprised. Hayate Gekkō already understood: “This is what Sakumo saw!”

“I see.”

Kazami Hatake nodded, all his attention focused on the screen.

He was concentrating heavily on the screen in front of him, like a manager watching his athletes. After a few seconds, the corners of his mouth were slightly raised.

“What is wrong?”

“Orochimaru was at the scene.”

Hayate Gekkō answered with a smile his teammate’s question.

As a fellow swordsman, he did not think that Sakumo could not feel the invisible traces.

“The snake… maybe Orochimaru.”

Sakumo whispered.

For more than a day, they had been training within the “Guardians of Konoha” Illusory Domain many times. Everyone understands what Ninjutsu their comrades have.

The snake that had appeared in the desert of the Illusory Domain was undoubtedly Orochimaru.

“What’s wrong, Sakumo?

Shinnosuke felt Sakumo’s uneasiness, but he continued to move forward.

“I’m not sure, but something feels wrong.”

Sakumo’s voice came from the screen.

Is there an enemy in disguise?

For a moment, Shinnosuke closed his eyes gradually.

From the beginning until now, the enemies he faced were only Puppets and poison mist, and nothing else.

“I’m not sure. We need to be careful.”

The two of them communicated in low voices and then approached it warily.

Their combat ability was powerful, and they were superior in numbers. As long as they acted carefully, there was nothing to worry about.

“It’s me, Orochimaru.”

The little snake spun around briefly and transformed into Orochimaru’s human form.

Only he has this kind of ability.

“So … what do you need from us?”

Sakumo did not let his guard down.

“Nothing, I just want to exchange the information you got.”

Orochimaru said, “I got a comic page. It says that Sunagakure is doing super ninja training. The ninjas must be able to survive and find the antidote.”

“Oh, I see…”

“We must work together to find an antidote.”

Orochimaru knew very well that Sakumo and Shinnosuke were not easy opponents. He might be able to face them one-on-one, but now that wasn’t the case…

Suppose Orochimaru wins this battle. He will still have to deal with a haze of poison. To deal with both of them, too much Chakra and physical strength were consumed. Even though Orochimaru was best equipped, both sides would end up suffering, and all of them were killed by the poison mist.

Sakumo was silent for a moment, read the comic pages in his hand, and said: “In the notes I found, Sunagakure invested in building a laboratory, and it has laboratory coordinates on it.”

“It turns out that there is an antidote. Therefore there is a laboratory… so that’s how it is, so these sheets that we have are the key.”

Shinnosuke’s eyes lit up.

Previously they didn’t understand why there were laboratory coordinates in the records.

It turns out that everyone’s pieces of information are related!

“Looks like I got lucky, and I found all the keys at once.”

Orochimaru laughed. Without asking the coordinates, his real body came out from behind.

Sakumo frowned slightly.

“Let’s go find the antidote. If we find the antidote, we’ll all be safe.”

Shinnosuke said with a fist.


Sakumo looked at Orochimaru. He didn’t want to say much.

“Then, happy cooperation.”

Orochimaru bowed and followed the two.

In the last scene, the three of them walk together. They seem to be walking towards the laboratory in harmony.

“These two people will be tricked to death by Orochimaru.”

“This person must have truth and wisdom …”

The two eliminated people sighed while watching them, both admiring and hating Orochimaru.

“Not necessarily.”

Kazami Hatake shook his head.

It wasn’t because he didn’t trust his son but for their exchange of information.

If Sakumo and Shinnosuke were alert enough, they would immediately understand that something was wrong, and they could only see if they had this alert.

Anyway …

Orochimaru is a “companion”.

“It’s like you said, Sakumo is vigilant all the time. He has a kunai in his hand!”

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