Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 119


After walking for a long time, Sakumo stopped.

Shinnosuke was surprised at him and stopped too, then he turned and looked at Orochimaru.

“Why did you guys stop suddenly?”

Orochimaru asked.

Feeling the poison level in the surroundings reduced, Sakumo felt that this was the right time to solve his doubts.

“Orochimaru, you previously met Shinku, right?” Sakumo asked with a serious face.

“Apart from Akabane, you are the person I watch out for the most because you have terrifying wolf instincts. Yes, I met him …”

Orochimaru sighed.

There was no immediate response, but the answer is self-explanatory.

“I didn’t suspect that Hayate Gekkō was poisoned to death, but when I heard that Shinku died in the same way, I realized something.”

Shinnosuke took out the ridiculous frying pan.

They all knew each other, and of course, they understood each other. At first, he didn’t react to Shinku’s death, but after a few steps, he became even more suspicious as he thought about it.

“That’s Shinnosuke. You’re awesome.”

Orochimaru nodded.

“You did that to Shinku because she had important information, right?”

Sakumo continued.

He knew very well who Orochimaru was. This calm and astute person would not do anything if it were of no use.

Because Shinku Yūhi had such crucial information, he was his target.

“Only three people can survive this game.”

Orochimaru smiled slightly and continued, “How about we work together to become these three people?”

“Even though it’s just a game, you’ve killed one of our teammates. I’m afraid your offer won’t work.”

Shinnosuke said nonchalantly.

“Looks like it can’t be resolved peacefully, then …”

Orochimaru grinned.


Summoning Technique!

A giant snake appeared, it wasn’t Manda, but the snake was quite strong.

“Earth Release: Swamp of the Underworld!”

Orochimaru’s technique was immediately countered. A vast swamp suddenly appeared under the giant snake.

In the blink of an eye, half of the snake’s body was trapped in the swamp.

Orochimaru saw Shinnosuke jump at him carrying a pan, and it was aimed at the giant snake’s head.

Silly weapon…

Orochimaru sneered, and he immediately noticed Sakumo’s standing in the dark.



A loud sound was emitted from a terrifying destructive force. The giant snake was hit by the pan and fell into the swamp.

Is that a Chakra weapon?

Orochimaru’s eyes widened at him. It’s interesting, even though it looks stupid, but the weapon is quite impactful.

This is so crazy!

Even Shinnosuke, who used it, didn’t know that the weapon he was using was potent. Since obtaining the pan, he had just used it for the first time against the enemy.

“Be Careful!”

Sakumo suddenly warned.

Shinnosuke reacted and saw several Puppets appearing from a hill not far from him. The Puppets opened their mouths and spat out dozens of poisoned needles.

He charged Chakra on the pan and gave it a yellowish aura (Earth Release Aura).

Click, click …

Under the tremendous speed, all the poison needles flying towards him were blocked by the pan in his hand.

“It can be used both for attack and defense, and besides, it is very easy to use!”

Shinnosuke muttered to himself.

Orochimaru was confused by the strange weapon. When he saw a group of Puppets appearing, he performed an Earth Release Technique and fled.

On the other hand, the Puppets were finished by Sakumo.

“Akabane, this guy sure has random thoughts … How could he even think of such a strong pan?”

“Stop talking, look at the screen!”

Shinku Yūhi pointed at the screen. Currently, the screen displays a map of the whole place. With a viewpoint from above, they could see that Orochimaru wasn’t actually running away.

At the same time, Tsunade and Jiraiya approached them from the other side.

However, Murasaki seems to have been near the laboratory.

“That’s Orochimaru.”

Kazami Hatake leaned back on the chair with an expression of approval on his face.

From the very beginning, Orochimaru made two-sided preparations–

On the one hand, he was following Sakumo and Shinnosuke. On the other hand, he was creating a Shadow Clone to find Tsunade and Jiraiya.

Even if Orochimaru wanted to do it, he could use his clones to inform his teammates to come and help him, that way he would be in a superior situation, 3 on 2.

“What a cunning man!”

Hayate Gekkō was a little worried. When viewed from the map, Orochimaru’s strategy is exact and structured.

Even if Sakumo and Shinnosuke managed to find the antidote first, Orochimaru could track them down, and they might end up like crickets and grasshoppers caught by Oriole.

“I’m satisfied with their performance, Akabane … let me out.”

Kazami Hatake gestured and said to Akabane, who was in control of the Illusory Domain.

“Eh, don’t you want to watch it until the end?”

Akabane was a little surprised.

“There’s nothing to see anymore if Tsunade and Jiraiya find them, even if Murasaki also finds clues and goes to the laboratory, they are no match for Orochimaru and his two teammates.”

Kazami continued, “Besides, Orochimaru has amassed so many weapons, and he hasn’t used them until now.”

Shinku Yūhi opened his mouth. He agreed with what Kazami Hatake said.

“As I expected, that’s Kazami-San!”

Akabane laughed, then changed the screen display.

There was no one inside. It displayed a dark room.

Then the screen changed again and again.

“This is a laboratory. I put a lot of extra weapons, equipment, and medicine in it. “

Akabane laughed evilly, “Besides, Sakumo benefited greatly in this environment.”

This kind of environment really helps Sakumo in carrying out his killing abilities.

“But Orochimaru has a Summoned Beast.”

Kazami Hatake was still in doubt. Under the instinct of a snake, Sakumo and Shinnosuke would be easy to find.

“There are two people who come, and it looks like it is Sakumo and Shinnosuke.”

Two silhouettes appeared on the screen because the screen was too dim, and the three people watching it couldn’t recognize who it was.

Upon taking a closer look, they immediately recognized the shape of the kunai in Sakumo’s hand.

Is this a laboratory?

Sakumo looked around, then confirmed the situation behind him.

He knew that Orochimaru was following, but if he went to chase him, it would only be a snake clone and that another snake would replace him if he killed him, so it was useless.

The only way is to find the antidote first.

With knowledge of medicine, Orochimaru only had two options – attack or surrender.

“I’ll guard the door. You go in and find the antidote.”

Shinnosuke communicated in a low voice.

There was actually more than one way to enter the laboratory, but they only knew this one, including Orochimaru.

As long as I guard the door, I can block Orochimaru from passing. The longer I delayed Orochimaru, the higher the chances of Sakumo finding an antidote.


Sakumo believed in Shinnosuke, so he agreed without the slightest hesitation and entered the laboratory.

Even though the place is dark, it is not difficult for a ninja to see.

“Orochimaru, come out. You can’t forever hide behind your Earth Technique from me.”

Shinnosuke turned around, holding the pan nonchalantly.

Earth Release is a Ninjutsu that makes him confident!

“Looks like I don’t need to hide anymore. Since I have made sufficient preparations, I will beat you.”

Orochimaru licked the corner of his mouth.

Sarutobi Shinnosuke, huh? Let’s see how strong my Sensei kid is.

Shinnosuke didn’t say much. He immediately created a Hand Seal and launched an attack.

 Earth Release Barrier: Earth Prison Dome!

A stone wall rose from the ground, covering the entire laboratory forecourt, isolating Orochimaru from the outside.

Shinnosuke didn’t aim to defeat Orochimaru. He just wanted to hold on to it as long as possible, giving Sakumo enough time for him to find an antidote.

“In defense, Earth Release is really annoying.”

Orochimaru’s voice came from within the wall, then…


He made a hole in the wall with a knife enveloped in Chakra, followed by a sharp sound.

Chakra Blade!

“That’s a very terrible weapon.”

Shinnosuke was surprised. He couldn’t even destroy the wall himself. The cutting power of this weapon was too strong.

It seemed that it was also a weapon from the Illusory Domain.

“I won’t let you pass! “


Sakumo heard a voice from behind and knew that Shinnosuke was trying to restrain Orochimaru.

He had to make good use of the opportunities his friend gave him and focus on finding the antidote. As long as he searched for it, he found other items such as pills, and he also found Ninja weapons and Tools there.

But when he was looking deeper, he suddenly heard noisy footsteps.

“Who is that?”

However, before the owner of the footsteps was discovered, a silhouette appeared from the front.

Behind that silhouette, ten Puppets were chasing after him.


“Murasaki ?!”

“Don’t freeze, run! These ten puppets are too tough!”

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