Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 120


They are The Chikamatsu Collection of Ten Puppets.

They are the extraordinary creations of the inventor of the art of puppetry, and they are entirely different from the usual Puppets.

Murasaki has a sword in her hand and wears armor and an iron helmet.

“You will distract them, and I will find the antidote!”

Sakumo tried to think and analyze while running, and after using several shurikens he had found on the road, he realized that these Puppets were invincible!

Not only that, he felt their Chakra and their physical strength were at different levels.

“The antidote? I have a bottle!”

Murasaki said, picking up and throwing the antidote at Sakumo.

“Very generous?”

When Sakumo got the antidote, everyone was stunned.

Does this person know that there are only three antidotes?

“By the way, the poison mist level will increase every ten minutes. According to my conclusion, the area of ​​circulation is expanding. We can’t possibly survive, and you are the fastest to find it.”

Murasaki diverted The Chikamatsu Collection of Ten Puppets while saying the information she got.

Talking while distracting…

Two of the Puppets became shuriken and flew towards her. The others also fiercely chased her.

Murasaki understood the situation so well. She just ran without looking back.

However, the two shurikens were able to maneuver through the air. Even though Murasaki was agile, she couldn’t escape the attack, and the large shuriken hit her back.


She’s not injured!

“How did she survive the attack?”

Hayate Gekkō was dumbfounded.

“It’s because of the number he’s wearing.”

Kazami Hatake realized that the piece of armor protecting her back had been damaged.

“It seems that the equipment in the Illusory Domain is tough to handle, but unfortunately, I only got a piece of paper, and Orochimaru took even that.”

Shinku Yūhi felt bitter.

“Shinnosuke will suffer.”

Kazami Hatake is no longer optimistic about Shinnosuke, who lacks the three main points – weapons, food, and information.

It can now be seen that these three main points are essential.

Illusory Domains weapons and equipment can make ninjas stronger.

Even though the armor Murasaki wore was powerful, the blue emblem was still on Orochimaru. Actually, what trump card does he have?

Needless to say …

The voice of the transmitter immediately rang out: “Orochimaru has killed Sarutobi Shinnosuke.”

Another pathetic person joined the viewing room.

Shinnosuke glanced at Shinku Yūhi and Hayate Gekkō, who had been knocked out first, then sighed.

The three people who are eliminated first are on the same team.

“This is depressing me!”

“Why did you die?”

Since the screen didn’t show Shinnosuke’s fight, everyone didn’t know how he was killed.

Kazami Hatake said calmly: “So,  Orochimaru was able to overcome your Ninjutsu?”

“This guy can survive my Earth Dragon Bullet.”

Shinnosuke sighed helplessly.

“That’s sad.”

Shinku Yūhi didn’t want to ask anymore.

Earth Release focuses on defensive abilities. This kind of ninjutsu rarely has offensive techniques, and the one that Shinnosuke is good at is Earth Dragon Bullet.

As Orochimaru’s plan went well, he used the opportunity to kill him in one stroke.

“We will double the training in the afternoon.”

Kazami Hatake said lightly.


The three people nodded their heads. Who told them to be the first three to come out?

At this time, the screen switches to a new scene.

Orochimaru crawled out of the ground with difficulty and then sat on the ground gasping for breath.

“This armor has limits, damn it … I almost died!”

He was a little worried.

The impact that the Earth Dragon Bullet had was too significant, and the armor it wore couldn’t withstand the attack completely.

“Orochimaru, why did you kill Shinnosuke?”

The newly arrived Tsunade immediately asked.

When Tsunade heard the announcement, she was dumbfounded, and she didn’t understand why Orochimaru did that.

Jiraiya followed her behind, but he was dragged along the way.

Because the clean air was getting less and less, Jiraiya was almost out of oxygen. He looked very pitiful.

Orochimaru glanced at the pathetic Jiraiya, then glanced at Tsunade, who was still energetic. Suddenly he was pensive.

I had painstakingly collected my own equipment, food, and information.

But these two people didn’t feel any crisis at all…

“Hey, please … I almost died because of this flat-chest treatment. She tortured me …”

Jiraiya groaned in pain.

“Eat this.”

Orochimaru took out a bottle and poured a pill on him.

Tsunade picked it up and sniffed it.

“These are Consumable items.”

Then she gave it to Jiraiya.

After a while, Jiraiya slowly recovered. His condition was better than when he arrived.

“Then, what’s going on? Why did you kill Shinnosuke?”

Tsunade asked seriously.

“You came all the way and found nothing?”

Orochimaru had a headache.

What kind of teammates are these two people? Must I do everything?

“Since poison isn’t that fatal, I don’t care about it …”

Tsunade answered honestly.

Then, the two of them looked at Jiraiya.

Jiraiya sat down, then rubbed his chin.

“Forget it. I can’t rely on idiots.”

Orochimaru took out two pieces of paper and handed them to Tsunade, “You must have vital information. Otherwise, it would be hard to understand what was really going on here. “

Tsunade suddenly felt embarrassed after reading the two sheets of paper.

Jiraiya pondered for a while and said: “By the way… When I met Murasaki, she seemed to have just gotten a sword. She didn’t take it because we are all her friends.”


Orochimaru’s eyes widened.

After seeing Shinnosuke’s skillet abilities, he was pretty sure that the weapons in the Illusory Domain weren’t that weak.

Let alone a weapon like a sword. It must be potent.

“Well, if we’re together, maybe we can beat them.”

Tsunade was full of confidence, then reached out to him.

Orochimaru froze for a moment. There is a kind of deja-vu that is somehow used as a parent to give pocket money to a child.

He has a headache and looks for something to use.


“Looks like I don’t have anything suitable for you here. But you can wear these shoes. With this, you can run faster. “


Tsunade looked disgusted, seeing Orochimaru had worn the shoes. How could she still want to use them?

Jiraiya assembled some excellent tools and made them into a set.

“Okay, come on in and finish them off!”

Tsunade clenched her fists and rushed in first.

“Be careful with their armor. This type of armor can withstand quite high strength.”

Orochimaru warned.

“They’re just the two of them, and they’ll lose, so charge!”

Jiraiya was very confident.

Orochimaru thought for a moment and was very suspicious.


I don’t feel that anything is wrong.

In the viewing room, Kazami Hatake was watching the screen attentively.

Regardless of the equipment, route, or the range of poison mist, they can help Sakumo and Murasaki indirectly.

“Akabane, you are not fair!”

Not only did Kazami Hatake notice, the others gradually realized that something was wrong. While running from The Chikamatsu Collection of Ten Puppets, they happened to find another bottle of antidote.

How could there be such a coincidence?

“Hehe, this will be more fun, and I am their teammate.”

Akabane laughed.

He is the one who created this Illusory Domain. He just wanted to help his teammates a little. How can that be said to be cheating?

Other than that.

In truth, he didn’t treat them any special. He only left Sakumo and Murasaki at a vantage point.

Like the first bottle of antidote, Murasaki was discovered by chance and had nothing to do with him.

Yes, the circle of destiny.

After they find another antidote, they go through another channel, which happens to be the boundary distance of the poison’s contracting circle.

If they take just a few steps, you can enter a circle of poison.

Orochimaru and his two comrades are not far away, but they still have to find a third bidder to keep the whole team safe.

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