Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 121


“The Poison became more lethal!”

Tsunade who was about to enter the Laboratory was the first to notice the change in the air that made her face become more serious.

Orochimaru who was with Jiraiya also noticed the change due to his summoned snakes dying.

And with a heavy complexion, he said“The poison is too strong, and my summon snakes become useless due to it.”

He can collect equipment, food, and information so quickly, mainly because he summoned a large number of snakes.

And without these snakes, he cannot find antidotes easily.

“Then we can’t delay anymore, follow her.”

Jiraiya hearing it said with a rare decisive voice and continued, “If we hesitate, we may die.”

“Let’s go!”

Orochimaru didn’t hesitate any more and went deep down the road.

Although the little snakes have disappeared, the memory before disappearing is fed back to him, so they know where Murasaki and Sakumo are leaving.


“They have met, be careful.”

Sakumo and Murasaki fled into the place where less lethal poison is located, feeling the toxicity weakened, they stopped and looked towards their rear.

“This is the limit range, so let’s wait here and ambush them.”

Murasaki said calmly.


Sakumo nodded, then he rummaged in his backpack that he found on the road and took all that he could use.

He took out a handful of small shuriken, then also took out a few kunai and handed it to Murasaki.

This is his harvest in the laboratory.

“This sword is for you. It is a Chakra weapon.”

Murasaki also handed over the weapon in his hand. He can also use Kenjutsu, but compared with Hatake Clan’s Blade Technique, it’s not worth comparing them.

Sakumo took it without saying anything, but Murasaki knew that he was excited, just from his eyes alone that were flickering like a kid receiving their favorite toys after receiving it. 

Sakumo immediately injected his Chakra into it to try it.

Then in an instant…


A flash of blue lightning covered the blade of the sword like a snake revealing a powerful and terrifying aura.

But it didn’t last long since he immediately stopped injecting his chakra.

Seeing it, Murasaki nodded his head in satisfaction and said calmly “Here’s the plan. We will first kill one of them from a surprise attack so we can pull the situation to 2v2. What do you think?”

“Yes, it’s a good plan, but Tsunade is very troublesome.”

Sakumo replied as he frowned, he and Tsunade are not teammates, but Senju Clan’s body and recovery ability are really scary.

Even more so, Orochimaru and Jiraiya are not to be trifled with.

It is easy to plan, but it is very difficult to implement.

“Don’t care about Tsunade, the target is Jiraiya. That guy is a little weaker.”

Murasaki said full of fighting intents.

Anyway, winning or losing the game is not that important, but the opportunity to fight Orochimaru and Tsunade is rare which made him excited.

Sakumo nodded his head after pondering for a moment and then muttered seriously: “Ok. But if my surprise attack can’t kill one of them, then run.”

“Of course, at least they can’t get the antidote. As long as we live until the end, we will be detoxified. And will win.”

Murasaki words are what Sakumo plans, even if they can’t win the fights, but they still have the advantage which is the antidote they found in the laboratory.


Sakumo held the Mysterious Sword tightly and hid behind the rock.

Under Transformation Jutsu, he is similar to the rocks in his surroundings that made it hard for someone to find him, and with his position being hidden, it becomes more difficult to spot him. 

For him, a chance to kill in one blow was enough!

After a while, Sakumo heard mixed footsteps in where he was hidden.

Not long afterward, he saw 3 silhouettes running on the narrow path they took earlier, and behind the three were several puppets following them behind.

The Collection Puppets of the First Kazekage!

But what they saw made their backs cold…

Because, although the Puppets were following the three, their battle strength is obviously completely lost due to their condition.

These puppets were obviously beaten black and blue by someone due to their body being broken or their legs being missing.

Seeing the condition of the puppets made Murasaki mumbled. “These very terrifying fighting strengths that even Puppet is beaten like this is obviously Tsunade doing. We really can’t fight this tigress in a frontal fight.”

Sakumo inhaled deeply, holding his breath as he prepared for his strongest blow.

The three people who were chased out all the way here, finally feel the poison lessen a little, although they can fight the puppets, doing so will only weaken them due to the poison so they have no other choice but to run.

And finally, after a long chase, they saw Murasaki standing there like he was waiting for them.

Tsunade who saw it stopped on her track and looked around with vigilance.

“Murasaki, why is it only you…”

Orochimaru asked as he chuckled lightly and walked in front as if he looked defenseless.

“I’m enough for you guys. Sakumo and I are teammates. So my role was to delay you as much as I can while he takes the antidote.”

Murasaki lightly said with a smile.

“A fool! “

Jiraiya shouted, then he used a hand-seal with both hands, and then pressed it on the ground.

“Earth-Style: Swamp of the Underworld!”

With the use of Large-scale Earth-Style Jutsu, the surrounding sand changed into a muddy swamp that made all the stones on the surrounding collapse.

Sakumo who was hiding didn’t panic, he closed his eyes, sensing the position of his target, and then, the moment the rocks where he was hiding collapsed due to Jiraiya Ninjutsu, was also the moment he disappeared from his position.

Chidori blade!

A large amount of Chakra is injected into the Mysterious Sword, and lightning condenses and transformed the blade into a silver-white blade.

Using the stone as a stepping stone, Sakumo jump, and in the blink of an eye, he has rushed all the way from his hiding place to where Jiraiya’s position is.

In the next second, the sword that was giving a tyrannical aura was slashed down towards Jiraiya’s head.

Jiraiya who was still maintaining his Jutsu and had no time to dodge paled when he saw the blue sword blade aiming at him.

But fortunately….


Tsunade who was also at Jiraiya’s side quickly kicked him away saving his dear life.


Sakumo momentum didn’t stop even if his target was gone.


The blade that was aiming for Jiraiya’s life instead grazes Tsunades leg, but although it’s just a graze, it was enough to immobilize her.

But what Tsunade didn’t expect was the lightning coming from the sword fly through Jiraiya who was sent flying.

“What! A lightning slash!”

Jiraaiya who was kicked in the air exclaimed with paled face, and without any second thought he quickly stained his hand with blood, and with a quick hand seal, he pressed it on the ground the moment he landed.

Summoning Jutsu!

A toad was summoned, but it couldn’t stop the formidable power of the Mysterious Sword Lightning slash.


The Toad that was hit disappeared and turned into smoke, but the Chakra on the blade is highly concentrated and turned into silver light.

And in the blink of an eye, Jiraiya’s shoulder was slashed down splitting it from his body.


Jiraaiya who felt a pain that was so unbearable screamed while holding his handles shoulder. Hovering between life in death from the pain he received.


Although there is no real death in Akabane’s Illusory Domain, but the pain is real.

Jiraiya was in a cold sweat and almost lost his mind from the pain coursing through his body, but he still gritted his teeth while enduring the pain.


Sakumo the one who did it all didn’t have the time to finished the two who he has injured since he can’t activate the Chidory blade the second time in a short time.

But the main reason was actually, although he didn’t receive damage, his current condition is also not that good that even moving was difficult for him.

Infusing that amount of Chakra to the Mysterios Sword was not a joke since it takes a great toll on his body that moving made it difficult for him.

So he can only wait for his teammates to rescue him or die from his opponents’ attack.


The surprise attack only happens in a few seconds so Murasaki was stunned that made him not respond quickly.

But seeing Sakumo’s pale face made him immediately move.

Using a Flickering Jutsu made him reach Sakumo side quickly, as he flicks shuriken in Tsunade’s direction blocking her way and he jumped up from the place distancing themselves from their enemies position.

Without catching Murasaki, Orochimaru jumped out of the Sand and quickly use a hand-sealed with both hands, followed by the expansion of his mouth, spouting a powerful air bomb aiming at the two.

“Wind-Style _Great Vacuum Sphere!”

A melee took place in an untimely position.

Tsunade’s leg was injured that which made her unable to move temporarily. But it’s not a problem for her since with the use of healing jutsu that she learned from her grandma and with her bloodline, in just a few minutes, her bloody leg stops bleeding and can move once again.

And the one who has a severe injury was of course Jiraiya who has lost his arm.

For a ninja, losing an arm means that it is impossible to use Ninjutsu, plus the highly lethal toxic in the air made him useless.

Sakumo who receive a pill from Murasaki can move once again, and although he was breathing heavily he still looked back and glanced at Jiraiya, he knows that he was finished but he still threw a handful of Kunai that pierced Jiraiya legs to hinder them.

A Ninja’s dying counterattack is very likely to cause him a heavy injury if left alive and he didn’t want that to happen.

“Ah!!! Damn you Sakumo!, my hand…I can’t use Ninjutsu, now you aim my legs.”

Jiraiya screamed again and again, but he can’t do anything to him since he can’t use Ninjutsu which made him know how useless he is in this battle.

“As expected of Sakumo, but you will still lose here!”

Tsunade said as chakra surges on her hand.

Her wounds are recovering very quickly, so she was already ready to fight.

Senju Clan’s physique is abnormal!

Sakumo cursed secretly. He knew very well that he cannot defeat Tsunade with his current condition so…

He turned around and in a flash disappeared.

His actions are outside of the Murasaki plan, but now they have injured Jiraiya heavily, they have completed the part of their plan.

So Murasaki jumped into the air and used the front of the armor of his body armor to resist the Great Vacuum Sphere of Orochimaru while at the same time using its impact to quickly withdrew from the scene.

“Using my Ninjutsu to run, this guy…”

Orochimaru was a little surprised.

Even if the body armor has a protective effect, it is absolutely impossible to perfectly resist all damage, but he still accomplishes it with perfect timing.

Seeing the two fled Tsunade and Orochimaru didn’t after them because of Jiraiya.

If they left him here, he will surely die due to the poison that was becoming more lethal once again.

And that’s what Sakumo wanted when he pierced Jiraiaya’s legs, to delay them.

But what he didn’t expect was Jiraiya choosing an option that not anyone can perform.

“You two…chase, I’m dead!”

Jiraaiya shouted as he stretched his remaining hand on a kunai tremblingly, he knew that he was only dead weight, and he was absolutely unwilling to drag his teammates because of him.

So with a resolved…


Tsunade who saw what he was going to do was taken aback and cursed him while planning to stop it.



Jiraiya stabbed himself and completed suicide in a flash.


Orochimaru did not hesitate and continued to chase forward.

The advantage of the two of them is that they recover quickly. If the opponent is given time to rest, it will be more difficult to fight next.

So without looking back, he shouted as he quickly trails the two.

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