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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 122


“Jiraiya this guy!”

Shinnosuke was stunned.

As the son of the Third Hokage, he still failed to become a student of the Third-Kage, plus Jiraiya is of this kind of virtue…

To be honest, he has never been convinced of Jiraiya becoming his Father’s student.

“He has grown up too, so I can’t underestimate him at all.”

Shin Yūhi whispered.

Of course…

Of the three people, the most depressed one is Moonlight Night Dance.

Seeing that even Jiraiya is so brave to sacrifice himself, but she on the other side was killed by poison mist as soon as she entered.

How can she not be depressed?

“Ahhhh…it hurts so much! Hey, what is this place?”

Jiraiya, who got teleported, was still in a state of screaming from pain and found that the surrounding area was dark.

“It’s the viewing room.”

Shinnosuke answered complicatedly.

“Oh… so you can see it all this time!”

Jiraiya immediately forgot the pain and looked excitedly on the screen.

Hatake Sagiki glanced at him.

He didn’t say anything, but obviously, he didn’t agree with Jiraiya’s approach.

It’s just that there is a critical moment on the screen, he didn’t say this and immediately concentrated his attention completely on the battle.

“The passage ahead is likely to be ambushed again. Sakumo’s Ninjutsu is too lethal, and using an Earth Style Jutsu is not possible .”

Orochimaru had some headaches and continued, “As for my Summoning Jutsu… “

Why did Jiraiya have to suffer a serious injury?

It wasn’t him who launched the Underworld Swamp that gave Sakumo a chance.

But under such a high-speed thrust, a pause in the blink of an eye is fatal.

So losing Jiraiya who has those kinds of Jutsu is a loss for them.

“It’s already too late thinking about the past, and they can’t necessarily launch another attack like that.”

Tsunade said as she rushed forward without fear. 

If you hesitate, you will lose!

She raises her hand as the chakra flows through it and with a punch.

The passage of the mountain was directly destroyed by her from one punch.

“This Chakra Enhanced Strength is too terrifying, right?”

Not far away, Murasaki, who was running for his life, wiped a cold sweat on his forehead.

According to his thoughts, he really intends to continue to ambush them in the passage and carry out drag and delay tactics…

“Tsunade seems impulsive, but most of the time it is a rational impulse.“

Sakumo said as he ran and continued, “So if you can’t one-hit kill her, don’t do it since it will become your downfall.”

The more Murasaki thought about it, the more he thought it’s possible.

With Tsunade’s perverted recovery ability, ordinary injuries are not a threat at all for her, so unless you can one-hit kill her from a surprise attack, or deal damage to her that can’t be healed in a short time then it’s your win, but if you can’t do it, then it will become your defeat.

He does not have the kind of ability that can one-hit kill Tsunade, so the only thing he can rely on is the Chidori.

“Can you still use Chidori?”

“Nah, it’s impossible for a while since I can’t use my hand for now.”

Sakumo said as he breathed heavily, in pursuit of a critical strike, he poured a lot of chakra on the sword.

These Chakras can exert terrifying battle strength because of the Mysterious Sword, but at the same time, they cause a lot of damage to his hand that was holding the sword.

“Let’s run.”

Murasaki said as he heard it. The ultimate move of that level is indeed impossible without any side effects.

Fortunately, the two are fast, Tsunade and Orochimaru couldn’t catch up for a while.

After a long time, Hidden Sand Village is right in front of them.


The moment they entered the village, Orochimaru suddenly stopped Tsunade. This place was not very good for him.

“Why wait, rush and kill them.”

Tsunade gasped lightly and answered, then without waiting for Orochimaru, she kicked the sand and charged ahead again, aiming at the hidden place she saw.


The bunkers suitable for hiding collapsed, but the formidable power she erupted is obviously not as good as before.

At this time

Tzzzzzzz ~~

“Not good.”

Orochimaru quickly jumped in front of Tsunade, pressing his hands on the ground.

“Summoning Jutsu!”

A huge snake emerged from the ground and neighed to the sky.

The Silver light turns into a stream of electricity.


And the big snake that was summoned to block the attack was cut in the middle, as Orochimaru pulled Tsunade to avoid it with a strange posture.


Under the collapsed rock that Tsunade punched, a silhouette struggled to come out, and with his half body buried used a Jutsu.

“Fire-Style: Great Fireball Jutsu!”

The extremely concentrated Chakra turned into a huge Fireball and was aimed at Tsunade.

Amidst the roaring loud noise

Sands and rock that were passed by the roaring fireball turned into lava.

Tsunade herself was a little tired, and being pulled by Orochimaru at this time, she couldn’t avoid it quickly and was hit by the Great Fireball Jutsu.


A miserable cry spread throughout the Hidden Sand Village and the viewing room.

Yes, Tsunade has a strong life force.

But the Great Fireball has hit her head-on, so although it didn’t kill her directly, it didn’t mean she was unharmed

So when she lost her ability to act. She couldn’t dodge the incoming Kunai that pierced her heart that directly killed her.

“Tsunade has been killed, the killer Mitarashi Murasaki.”


With half of his body under the rock, Murasaki is also unable to move.

He ate the aftermath of Tsunade Chakra Enhanced Strength’s kick and the damage caused by the collapse of the wall. 

So obviously he also suffered a heavy injury.

“Hehehe, I will leave it to you partner.”

Being half-conscious, he was still muttering to himself.

Orochimaru was silent for a moment, then threw a handful of kunai, ending Murasaki’s life.

“Murasaki has been killed, the killer Orochimaru.”

A fierce battle.

“It seems that this battle can only let one of us alive.”

Orochimaru clenched his hand and said.

As calm as he is, but his blood is boiling with excitement.

“Of course.”

Sakumo answered while breathing heavily, the target of the sword just now had no intention of actually killing Tsunade, so he only used half of its power unlike before when he aimed at Jiraiya.

So although it’s only the two of them, he knew that it’s not the time to fight.

Orochimaru looks okay, but he has used a lot of small summoned snakes to explore before, plus the big snake that he summoned just now, so his Chakra also has not much left.

But it’s not a problem for him.

Orochimaru took a handful of pills from his pocket.

“What is that?”

Sakumo froze for a moment and took the same pill from his pocket.

This kind of bottle has many pills in one bottle, so he was sure it was not the antidote, so he didn’t care and forgot to give it to Murasaki earlier.

Because his consciousness was hazy when Murasaki fed it to him, he didn’t recognize it at first. But it seems it’s a restorative pill.

So he did not hesitate, he took out a few and poured them into his mouth.

In an instant, Sakumo felt that both his Chakra and physical strength had recovered a lot, and the physical pain seemed to be less serious.

But this effect is only temporary.

Sakumo took a deep breath and held the Mysterious Sword.

“Sakumo, I have no reason to lose in this battle.”

Orochimaru indifferently said.

“Psychological tactics are useless to me. So don’t bother.”

Hatake Sakumo said as he ran to Hidden Sand Village.

Hidden Sand Village does not have a poison mist. As long as the antidote is taken to eliminate the previous residual toxicity, it will become his home field.

“I won’t give you a chance.”

As Orochimaru spoke, he used hand sealed with both hands at the same time, and in an instant.

“Wind-Style: Vacuum Wave Barrage.”

The continuously shooting wind blade blocked Sakumo’s escape direction. And while spraying the wind blade, he was constantly approaching Sakumo.

And his hand was already equipped with a gauntlet that he used to fight against Shinnosuke.

Close combat!

Sakumo understood the meaning, and while avoiding the Vacuum Wave Barrage, he clenched the hilt of the sword.

The two approached a certain distance, and at the same time increased their speed.


The Gauntlet and the Mysterious Sword collided, making a crisp sound.


Sakumo was a little surprised and quickly withdrew his strength to retreat.

Orochimaru chased immediately, with his fist as quick as lightning, plus he used the soft body transformation that made his attack unpredictable due to it.

A weapon is truly troublesome!

Sakumo kept swinging his sword to resist, but Orochimaru’s fist attack was too fast, and he gradually became unable to resist.

As a last resort…

Chidori flow!

Sakumo used his Chidori on his Sword and swung it. With the sudden appearance of the lighting on the sword, Orochimaru immediately backed away.

However, it is just a normal swing.

But even with a normal sword, the formidable power and speed are quite scary. So if it weren’t for him taking a step back, Orochimaru’s hand might be injured.

Blade Technique!

Orochimaru’s expressions became grave.

Hatake Clan used to be Samurai, but unlike other Samurai, after the ninja era began, they chose to integrate the Chakra system into their technique and gradually created a more powerful ninja blade technique.

Blade Technique is not fancy, they are just fast, accurate, and ruthless, but with the mix of the Lightning-Style Chakra into it, it will be a different story, the speed of the sword and the formidable power become even more amazing, not to mention the paralyzing effect it has.

The successive swordsmanship does not give a chance for gasp for breath at all.

The most troublesome thing for Orochimaru is that the buzzing sound it made from time to time was very deceptive, and it was impossible to predict whether it was a Chidori blade or not.

Although his Gauntlet is strong, he was still at a disadvantage due to its range compared to the sword, so he gradually fell into the losing end after successive battles.

“Orochimaru, you lost.”

Sakumo spoke while swinging his sword.


Orochimaru who was breathing heavily answered, unwilling to admit defeat, but

In an instant, the sword light skyrocketed.

The Blade flashed by, and Orochimaru gained new injuries.

Too fast!

Orochimaru had a hard time resisting and was shocked.

But then, Sakumo’s sword slowed down again.

When the two were attacking and defending, the sword suddenly burst out with the formidable power and the speed of the Chidori blade exerted a short and terrifying short-range thrust.

Later on, Sakumo’s sword speed was fast and slow. Whether fast or slow, the formidable power was still terrible…

With the frequently changing rhythm, Orochimaru couldn’t tell the next pace. Will it be fast or slow?

While thinking about it, Sakumo didn’t give him a chance, and finally!

The sword made a quick thrust with lightning on its blade directly cutting Orochimaru’s throat without giving him a chance to dodge.

“Orochimaru has been killed, the killer Hatake Sakumo.”

At the same time, Sakumo is also unable to move.

His chakra is exhausted and his hands are almost useless due to the after effect. If it’s in the real world, his hands will be cripled for real.

After that, he trembled and took the antidote without groaning noise from pain.

“Congratulations! You’ve got a Chicken Dinner!”

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