Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 123


“Wow! I didn’t expect that at all…”

Moonlight Night Dance said in admiration.

As the same Kenjutsu practitioner, she also knows best what kind of predicament Orochimaru faced.

Swords that are fast and slow cannot be predicted easily in advance because of their unusual timing.

“It’s too messy.”

On the other hand, Hatake Sagaki who is an expert practitioner said with a frown and is not satisfied with the performance of Orochimaru and Sakumo. 

“It’s over.”

Although it is only an Illusory Domain game, the situation inside is enough to expose many problems for him to see. The rest of them may not see much because of the disparity in strength and experience, but as an Elite Jonin, Hatake Kakashi understands it all at first sight.


After that, Akabane dispelled the Genjutsu on all of them that made everyone retain their consciousness.

However, this is the real Illusory Domain after all, and the real five senses will cause certain mental damage. Therefore, except for Sakumo’s father, all of them were a little sluggish when they returned to the real world.

“Hateful, I didn’t expect to be killed by you brat.”

Tsunade said as she stared at Murasaki in dissatisfaction.

In terms of frontal combat battle, Murasaki is not her opponent. Who knows that this guy is fighting risking his life while taking his opponent first!

In this regard, Murasaki and Sakumo are not at all proud.

This is just an Illusory Domain game. If it happens in real life, many tactics they use inside the illusion domain cannot be implemented easily like that time.

For example, using his own life in exchange for his opponent’s death. Accomplishing it in real life is not that easy as he does it on the domain since it’s his life we’re talking about.

As for the three people who got eliminated first. At this moment, they wish everyone would forget about them, otherwise, it would be too shameful.

“Seeing how energetic you all are, is that mean you are all satisfied with yourself?”

An indifferent voice instantly silenced the surrounding.

Sagiki glanced at them for a while and no one dared to look at him at all–

After all, no one dared to say that he was satisfied, even Sakumo, that one who won the game.

“Orochimaru, keep a distance in the battle,

so that your opponent can not kill you in one blow.”

“Tsunade, be more mindful in the battle.”

“Jiraiya also…

Hatake Sagiki said coldly. He started lecturing them while also pointing out their mistakes with no trace of politeness with his extremely sharp words.

He basically commented on everyone, including Moonlight Night Dance, and at every point, he can say a suggestion suitable for the other side.

At last, he looked towards Hatake Sakumo.

As the winner of this game, he should be rewarded, but it didn’t concern Hatake Sagiki at all, and in fact, his words were particularly harsh on him: “It’s stupid to fight that way.” he said.

“Yes, Father.”

Sakumo did not refute, accepting criticism obediently.

Hatake Sagiki looked at him, and after a moment, he pulled out the short sword from his waist.

“Look at my sword…”

After he finished speaking, Sakumo stared at the sword. This blade is very ordinary, without any fancy decoration, but it was so fast when his father wielded it that he knew that it’s impossible to dodge when it suddenly aimed at him.

So instead of dodging, Sakumo drew out the short sword on his back to resist, but the moment his sword was about to block the blade coming at him, the blade flashed with electricity.

The harsh sound and the dazzling electric current are like his Chidori blades!

zi zi ~

After a sharp noise, the knife stopped on Sakumo’s neck, and Sakumo could even feel the jumping lightning current on his neck.

“so fast!”

Orochimaru exclaimed in shock witnessing it.

“No, my speed is not even as good as Sakumo’s performance in Illusory Domain.”

Hatake Sagiki said as he retracted his weapon, and continued, “The more you utilize your sword, the more flaws you have. So all you need is a single deadly sword attack that can end your opponent without them seeing your flaw.”

Orochimaru froze for a moment from hearing it, then carefully recalled Sakumo’s swordplay and found that it was definitely like what he said.

Hatake Sagaki sword speed is not fast, he just used the Chidori blade to change the speed of the sword when the other side thought it could be blocked.

Quick, ruthless, and accurate!

He has a new understanding of these three characters.


Sakumo said with a new insight.

His final quick and slow attack seemed to suppress Orochimaru’s attack, but it actually placed too much burden on his hand.

And fighting like that, in reality, is impossible for him.

“As expected of the Hatake Clan Patriarch, his knowledge about the swords is really deep!” Moonlight thought in his mind.

After listening to what Hatake Sagiki explained, Moonlight Night Dance feels that his understanding of the sword reaches a new realm from those words alone.

“The next day, I will teach you how to fight correctly one by one according to today’s performance, especially when fighting the Sand Shinobi.”

Hatake said. A week later is the start of the Chunin exam so for this week, a plan on how to train them was already drafted on his mind. 

But the problem was only Jiraiya since he really has no good solutions for his training.

After the battle, he didn’t think that Jiraiya was really an innate talent. On the contrary, he was very optimistic about Jiraiya’s wisdom and determination in the battle.

But his style is too jumpy, and Hatake Sagiki can’t think of a way for him to train him for a while.

Jiraiya is very clever and seeing how Sagiki kept looking at him, he actively started to talk: “Then I will go back to Mount Myoboku to train…”

Hatake Sagiki was about to respond and agreed to it since it’s the best choice he can think of, but before he could start, a lazy voice sounded in the room.

“No, I thought of some training that is more suitable for you, starting tomorrow you will train with me.”

Akabane lethargically said, he just recovered from the use of the Genjutsu earlier, so when he heard what Jiraiya said, he then took the initiative to stop the task that was going to befall his other teammates.


Tsunade stared wide-eyed at him, obviously, she didn’t believe that such a lazy person would take the initiative to stop and take the initiative to train someone.

“This…will delay your training.”

Jiraiya said, feeling a bit embarrassed.

Mount Myoboku is a good place to train, but the Ninjutsu of the toads are just that unique. He has mastered everything he can master, but it’s impossible to master their ninjutsu within a day or week.

So although he said that, he was happy seeing that he won’t be alone again when he trains.


Akabane shook his head since he didn’t plan to train.

“Okay, you can train separately.”

Hatake Sagiki said as he saw that, and then he got up and walked out of the room.

Except for Jiraiya and Akabane, all the others kept up with him and followed to find a venue for training.

“We just need to train inside the house.”

Akabane said as he lay down and then scribbled on a piece of paper after taking out his pen. Soon, the picture was finished as he threw this piece of paper to Jiraiya.

Jiraiya took it and looked at it carefully.

On the paper is a densely packed sphere with various spikes. Upon closer inspection, it seems that there is a person in the middle.

“What is this?”

“It’s a Jutsu called Needle Jizo, do you know a hedgehog?”

Akabane replied.

“Yes, since I caught it in the past.”

Jiraiya nodded, then became thoughtful.

In this picture, isn’t the protected ninja like a hedgehog?

“Your hair volume is good, this kind of hair-related Ninjutsu is more suitable for you.”

Akabane said seriously.

This technique needs to be trained in an early stage, and it needs for the practitioner to be bald in the start for a while. 

And only Jiraiya who has a lot of hair that is growing fast can do it without concern in this regard.

“It’s really a very good technique, is there anything else?”

Jiraiya said excitedly, the moment he heard Akabane describing the ninjutsu, he already felt that it was suitable for him.

“You can practice this first. I will only give you only one day or two so, so you should hurry up.”

Needle Jizo is a defense against Ninjutsu. It will be useful in the next Chunin Exams. If Jiraiya can master it, he can have a trump card in the exam.

“This kind of technique, I would master it right away!”

Jiraiya said excitedly, and he immediately went to study the drawings.

Akabane on the other hand lay down on the bed, ready to sleep peacefully.

Jiraiya started to practice Needle Jizo. This Ninjutsu itself is his future creation, so he was very appreciative of him. After listening to it, his thoughts diverged and he had a variety of new ideas.

He has a full set of ideas for the usage of needle Jizo, coupled with the knowledge learned from Mount Myoboku, it is not difficult to create this Ninjutsu.

This is what Jiraiya imagined, but the reality is not the same as his imagination.

His Hair is either too hard to wrap around, or too soft with no effect.

So studying the Jutsu for a whole day made his hair grow long due to the chakra he was imbuing on it, but the Ninjutsu is still in the state of the semi-finished product.

One afternoon, Akabane slept peacefully.

After all, he can’t help much when developing Ninjutsu. The idea of Early-Stage needs to be developed by Jiraiya himself.

So he was not busy until the second day.

Because Jiraiya’s needle Jizo is quite mature, it only needs some adjustments in detail.

At this time, Akabane’s role comes.

For Jiraiya to work hard on his own, these fine-tunings alone may take a long time.

For example, the Chidori, without Sharingan is an incomplete Ninjutsu, but as long as it is slightly adjusted and changed into something that can be incorporated with the user will also become a perfect Ninjutsu.

The details of Ninjutsu often require some special ideas and higher-level insights and knowledge. And Akabane was more advanced in his thinking on these areas.

In the afternoon of the 2nd day, the needle Jizo is completed!

At the same time, the Chunin Exam is also in sight.

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