Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 124


“You better take seriously the Chunin Exams.”

When he got close to Akabanes’ side, Hatake Sagiki reminded him especially.

Since based on what he knows about Akabane, this guy only took the exam because of his teammates, he most likely wanted to laze, and then fool around.

“Really uncle Sagiki, why do you remind me of that? It’s a Chunin Exam so of course, I will take it seriously.”

Akabane answered while holding his head from having a headache, and thought, why are people doubting me so much?

As the son of Sagiki and a teammate of Akabane, Sakumo sincerely admires Akabane.

To make his father nag him like this, in the whole Konoha he is the only one who can do it!

“Is that so.”

Hatake Sagiki said lightly while glancing at him, clearly not trusting his words, and walked to the location where the First Stage exam will be held.

Seeing it, somehow Akabane suddenly felt a bad feeling.

At this time, outside the examination room, there are already many ninjas from other Ninja Villages, waiting for the first stage theory test to officially begin.

Hatake Sagiki looked around for a moment, and then the corner of his mouth raised a little and sneered.

Seeing this scene, the bad feeling in Akabane’s heart was getting stronger and stronger.

And in the next second, Hatake Sagiki’s voice echoed in the room and the bad feeling Akabane got really came true.

“Akabane, these opponents are too simple for you, just take the test as you like.”

In an instant, the rowdy place instantly became silent and only the sound of the sand was heard in everyone’s ear.

After saying that, Hatake Sagiki left the room, leaving everyone.

“Sure enough!”

Akabane said as he massaged his forehead while cursing.

The effect of this sentence is simply comparable with “Everyone here is rubbish.”

As for the effect?

All the ninjas on the scene looked over, including the two Chunin guarding the gate of the Hidden Sand Village with rage clearly seen in their eyes.

Poor Genin, being cheated by his own Jonin.

Everyone glanced at him fiercely and if a look can kill, maybe Akabane already died a million times. But none of them challenged him in person.  


Not all of them hate him because someone remembered his name and exclaimed “Hey, Akabane…isn’t that the author of “One Piece”?”

“”One Piece”, is that the exaggerated 

 stupid comic?”

The ninja who came from Yugakure Village mocked and then continued “What devil fruit, pirate, it’s clear that the author is also a fool.” 

(TL/n: Yugakure means Village Hidden in Hot Water)

Yugakure is located on the sea, So he is very familiar with the sea.

One Piece?

The pirates are simply wandering Samurai and rogue-ninja. And who will quit being a ninja and become a leader of the rogue ninja and sail the sea?

So he knew that all of it was the author’s idiocy for not seeing the world.

Tsunade who heard it clenched her fist, and planned to beat the one who said that and put the word ‘Theory’ on his skull.

Akabane grabbed her hand, and then took a look at Genin who came from the  Yugakure then Indifferently said: “Being narrow-minded makes it really too hard to understand the meaning of a ‘STORY’ huh.”


“Enough Yamada!”

Beside him, another companion from the Yugakure reached out and held him.

“Enough what? The people of Konoha are so provocative…”

“You can’t do it, One Piece is just a story, why are you so provocative.”

Yamada’s companion said disgruntled.

“You guys! That’s why you are so weak! Humph~”

Yamada said as he flung away the hand holding him with an ugly face.

After he left, his two teammates walked over to apologize: “I’m sorry, he is not like this normally, we apologize to you.”

“Yes, It’s nothing.”

Akabane smiled since he didn’t at all care too much about it.

On the contrary, this drama exposed the team’s disharmony.

At first, Akabane was a little puzzled why they behaved like this apologizing to him, but after a moment of thinking and recalling what he read from a book, he finally understood.

Yugakure Village is different from other Small Ninja Villages. They have always liked the peace and are not willing to participate in disputes, so their village is also called “the village that forgets war.”

But at the same time, they have also produced different kinds of people, such as Hidan who also came from Yugakure Village.

And this Yamada is really similar to Hidan which made him frown since he knows it’s not a coincidence.

With Akabane’s personality, he really didn’t want to bother paying attention to the internal affairs of the Yugakure Village.

But this Yamada cast his anger on him, so if he saw him on the exam, he would teach him a good lesson for sure.


It turns out that many people are really unhappy with Akabane, and they have the idea of teaching him a lesson, but due to Yamada, everyone’s attention was suddenly attracted to the “One Piece” they were arguing about.

In the world of Naruto where entertainment is very poor, even if the plot of the story was not true, it’s still things that they can enjoy. 

After Akabane and Yamada quarreled, many Ninjas’ who had a friendship with Konoha immediately moved toward them.

For example, the Kusagakure Ninja Village.

The first sentence they said was “when will the comic be sold to them?” And there were even some ninjas from other clans who wanted to do business with Akabane.

In short, the comic quickly becomes a hot topic even overlooking their anger at Akabane.

Shin Yūhi and the rest who were watching from behind were stunned, each of them looked dull seeing this, and then glanced at each other and said in a low voice: “Lord Sagiki should not have thought of it tuning like this right?”

“Who knows.”

Sakumo, who was indifferent like Orochimaru, couldn’t help laughing.


His father wanted to give Akabane everyone hatred so that Akabane couldn’t avoid the Chunin Exams.

Unexpectedly, his goal backfired on him. Instead of hatred towards him, Akabane even got more fans due to it and some even wanted to send business to his door.

“What an unexpected result, and here I was ready to fight.”

Murasaki said as he put away the Kunai on his hand, and sighed melancholy.

They are the same age, but the gap is too big.

A long time later, Akabane dealt with all of it and sent away those who wanted to establish diplomatic relations and cooperation.

“What do they want to do?”

Tsunade asked since she is very curious.

Just now, she actually wanted to go up and help, but thinking about the scene where people were swarming at him, she retreated promptly since she didn’t want to be in his position.

“They want to monopolize the business.”

Akabane answered as he rubbed his ears. Since as soon as a bunch of people gathers beside him, his ears keep rumbling from their voice.

“The Comic?”

Tsunade was taken aback for a moment, then angrily exclaimed, “They really have a thick skin!”


Sakumo and the others look at Tsunade, and their expression is very strange and the only question in their head was.

If the author Akabane didn’t say much, why are you so angry?

And of course, they didn’t dare to utter it to her face since they still want to participate in the exam.

“Don’t worry about it, my clansman will be the one who will talk about business to them, not me so why bother, just ignore them.”

Akabane said as he shook his head.

Anyway, no matter what the law or whatever, as long as the manga is sent out, there are points to get, so why bother?

Of course…

There is always bargaining in business, but these things have nothing to do with him.

And he just responded to other people, in the same way, asking them to come to Konoha, sit down and talk about it there.


At this time, there was a sound of metal crashing in the distance and a voice echoed in the room.

“The First Stage exam is about to begin, everyone will enter the exam room according to your serial number.”

Hearing it, two Chunin that were guarding the exam room step aside after opening the door, letting everyone enter the exam room.

The examination room in Hidden Sand Village is different from the Konoha examination room from the Anime he watched in his previous life. Their internal structure is very simple, obviously, it was built temporarily, not at all too well decorated.

Akabane looked around, then walked to the door to find his serial number.

“First row, number 3?.”

He was taken aback for a moment, then looked around again.

Following him, he found that everyone was sitting very scattered, and Orochimaru and Sakumo were in the most conspicuous positions. If they want to cheat, they will be spotted at a glance.

Hidden Sand Village is doing little tricks!

Akabane thought for a while, and then couldn’t help but sneer.

This kind of method will only work for Jiraiya and is definitely useless on Orochimaru who was a genius and especially on him who was a Genjutsu user. 

After thinking about it, Akabane sat on his seat with a confident expression on his face.

Not long after, a silhouette walked in from outside the door. This was a middle-aged man who looked quite old, but his eyes were bright and piercing, and he didn’t look too annoying.

A Hidden Sand Village Jonin!

Although he looks different from his future self who was an old man, Akabane guesses that he is likely to be Ebizo.

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