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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 125


“My name is Ebizo, and I am the inspector for the first test of the Chunin Exam.”
The middle-aged man said as he sat down and slowly.
After waiting for a few seconds, while observing all the participants at the same time, he indifferently said:  “Now I announce the rules of the exam. The First Stage exam is a written assessment, with a total of 10 questions…
Individuals with a score of less than 5 will be disqualified, and those who cheat will also be disqualified.
A team with a total score of less than 18 points cannot advance to the next round.
A simple rule!
Akabane muttered for a moment. Under this rule, I am afraid it is not the psychological warfare of Ibiki, but the real exam.
However, if you are not caught, cheating is also allowed.
“Give them the paper..”
After Ebizo finished speaking, he signaled to those Chunin who nodded and started giving the questionnaire one by one.
It didn’t take long for everyone in the examination room to get questionnaires on their hand.
After getting the questionnaire in his hand, Akabane glanced at it.
The above topic was…
“During the war, you got the following note. Please solve the hidden information in the note and filter out the useful information.”
“Kunai throws in the form of the following pictures…”
Although it is a written examination, it is basically a topic drawn up by the actual combat group of sand ninja.
After all, the war has just ended so giving this kind of question is to be expected…
Akabane sighed in his heart. This kind of topic theory combined with how it works on reality is actually much more difficult than the theoretical test of simple calculation and recitation.
However, he just glanced at it, as for the answer? Well, he didn’t know any answer to the question. And since he is lazy, he didn’t bother thinking about how to solve the question.
As for Orochimaru, the moment he got his questionnaire, he was already writing an answer on it the moment he took the pen on the table. 
‘That’s what we call genius’ Akabane thought.
So noticing how confident Orochimaru is, Akabane is relieved. He doesn’t even bother to collect information and observe other participants with Chunin in his surroundings.
Anyway, there is an intellectual in his group, so why bother looking?
So he got down and prepared to take a nap.
Ebizo, who was the inspector of the exam, was sitting in a chair with his arm crossed. All the participants looked at him since he looked like he was sleeping, but…
Not long after, his voice resounded in the classroom that surprised all the participants: “You on the third row, seat four. You are disqualified!”
The one who was called was a ninja from the Hidden Waterfall Village. The moment his number was called, he looked up in a daze, and couldn’t believe it.
“Even if I turn a blind eye, I can still see you turning and looking around like a hen looking for food.”
Ebizo sighed and said, “Get out.”
As one of their teammates was out, the other two teammates that were left behind became desperate instantly.
Although it is not the team’s joint responsibility this time, still losing a partner is a huge toll on them since the two of them must score 18 points or more in the test to advance.
And to receive the passing score, they need 9 points or a perfect score to do it which is next to impossible!
Not only them, but the rest of the exam candidates in the examination room are also very tight.
This middle-aged man didn’t seem to pay attention to the exam room at all, but his eyes were so good that even a fly couldn’t escape from him!
As one person was out, the rest even became more vigilant.
However, many of these questions are in the category that Chunin can answer. And they are only Genin so only a few of them can answer it, and the rest have no choice but to cheat if they want to advance to the next phase of the exam. 
But here comes the problem.
How far should they do it without being discovered?
They all know that this exam is not only about information collection ability, but also how concealed their ninjutsu is when gathering intelligence.
On the battlefield, the ninja who doesn’t understand how important concealment is are all dead.
Ebizo supervised the four directions without looking, and with the cooperation of the Chunin inside the room, they caught dozens of cheating participants.
However, he has always paid attention to Akabane who is in the first row.
With his rank and position in the Sand Village. Ebizo knows who has what abilities.
This kid named Akabane doesn’t seem to have much ability, but he is actually the Kekkei Genkai User of the Kurama clan, and his ability should not be underestimated.
And he has been paying attention to him since the start of the exam. And seeing how he still hadn’t written an answer since the start, Ebizo suddenly felt it was strange since half of the time already passed and he was still sleeping.
Still not answering?
When he was pondering about it, he quickly noticed that Akabane’s hands under the table moved.
Has it started?
Ebizo thought as he concentrated his full attention on Akabane.
However, Akabane didn’t open his eyes, it seemed that he just moved his hand due to his terrible sleeping posture. 
But Ebizo didn’t think like that and thought: “It’s not right, something is wrong these guys…”
Ebizo, who was deeply thinking about it, was once again surprised to find that all of the participants from the Konoha were sleeping on their desk like Akabane.
Include Orochimaru!
Is it a Coincidence?
No! Too many coincidences are no coincidences anymore.
Ebizo has been responsible for information work for many years, and this kind of experience was imprinted on his bones.
He glanced at Akabane recalling the scene earlier where the other side of his hand was put away, and it was also the moment the rest fell asleep as if it was a cue…
A Genjutsu!
Ebizo exclaimed in his mind and thought ‘And he did it without hiding at all…’
Thinking about it made him sighed in his heart.
With this large scale of Genjutsu, if they want to cheat openly, he can’t do anything about it since he is not a Genjutsu practitioner who can easily discern it.
This kid is more terrifying than what the information dictates and is also a very dangerous enemy.
Thinking of this, Ebizo took a deep breath.
To prevent Akabane from passing into the third round, the Hidden Sand Village needs to invest a lot of manpower to deter him. But if a large number of people are replaced, it is not worth the gain. 
What’s more, these kids’ teammates are also not weak……
When Ebizo got the information, he immediately began to wonder how to arrange the third round of the war.
Of course, he did not forget to continue to observe and collect information.
This test forced many people’s abilities to be used, and the information about their abilities is enough to give them the Sand Ninja Village an advantage in the next battle.


It didn’t take long for the people of Konoha to wake up.
Ebizo paid close attention to them silently. And as he expected, the first thing they did after waking up was to pick up their pens and answer questions.
If in the first half of the time they were idling in the classroom since they didn’t know the answer like Akabane, now all of them were focused on answering the questionnaire.
Others can’t see it, but for Ebizo who is at the front, it’s not difficult for him to read Akabane’s paper…
This kid only did a few questions and then put down the pen, not answering all of them.
Ebizo glanced at it and saw exactly five questions were answered.
According to his rules, everyone must score more than 5 points to qualify, and those who have less than 5 points are disqualified.
In other words…
This kid was confident that all his answers were correct!
As he was thinking of it, Ebizo’s face was not so good, so he glanced around, and finally fixed his eyes on Orochimaru.
Of the nine people who awoke, only Orochimaru didn’t do anything.
That means the source of the answer is him!
And Ebizo is not surprised about it. The Third Hokage has the nickname of ninja Court Academician. And as the Third Hokage discipline, he is also a famous genius character of Konoha. So it is not surprising that he has this kind of ability.
But in the final analysis for him, the kid from the Kurama Clan is the incredible one.
Looking at Akabane who was lying down to sleep, Ebizo felt very angry, but there was nothing he could do.
After all, according to the correction rate of Orochimaru’s test papers, these people may get high marks or even full marks.
Even if Akabane has only 5 points, his two teammates have at least eight points or more.
And their total score will be more than 20 points, basically locking the qualification for them to advance to the next level of the exam.
“Konoha, these people are really amazing.”
Ebizo sighed in his heart, and at the same time feel how lucky they were.11
Fortunately, the Second-Kazekage of Hidden Sand Village is still alive, coupled with Kazekage’s research and improvement of Puppet Master Jutsu and Magnet-Style techniques, the future of Hidden Sand Village is also smooth.
After a while, a sound of the metal collision came from outside.
Ebizo got up and shouted: “Okay, the exam is over!”
“Um…It’s over?”
Akabane mumbled as he raised his head with sleepy eyes.
“Collect them!”
Ebizo ignored him and waved his hand to signal the rest of Chunin to collect all the questionnaires.
In the second half of the exam, poor cheating skills rarely appear, so fewer people cheat out and get disqualified.
However, because some of the other ninja teammates were disqualified, there are still many teams unable to advance.
 Ebizo roughly calculates that at least half of the teams will not be able to qualify for the second round.
And if he adds the scores, there will be more people unable to advance.
And the amount is almost the same.

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