Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 126


“The First Stage was pretty simple.”
Jiraiya said as he got up from his seat with a relaxed expression on his face.
If it were not for banning a fight here, this sentence alone would be Jiraiya’s demise in the hands of other ninjas who got disqualified.
“Jiraiya, don’t be so shameless, and go outside to gather.”
Tsunade said as she glared at him.
Jiraiya who heard the tigress immediately fled from her without looking back.
Akabane, who was still on his desk, glanced at his back and saw most of the people had already left, so he slowly got up and followed the crowd.
Outside, Sakumo and Murasaki waited at the door ahead.
And as soon as they saw him coming out, they nodded at each other and dragged him out from the end of the crowd.
“What are you doing?”
Akabane was in a daze and didn’t understand what they wanted to do.
“You only wrote five questions?”
“Yes, since writing more won’t give us extra points on the next exam.”
Akabane replied like it’s only normal.
Chunin Exams are tested in different phases, and the scores from the previous round will not accumulate to the second round.
So it is wasteful to write one more answer when you already know you pass, right?
“Forget it, let’s wait for the result”
Sakumo didn’t know what to say after hearing such a straightforward answer.
And ended the talk, since further talk will only be useless.
The three of them gather and rush to meet the others when they meet them. And unlike the melancholy and worries of the other teams, the three teams from Konoha are very relaxed.
Orochimaru never wrote a wrong answer when it came to theoretical questions when they were in the academy, so if he claimed he is second in terms of theoretical knowledge, then no one in the same grade will claim first.
What’s more, the answer they wrote was the result of discussion when they were in Akabane illusory Domain. 
So worrying about their results was only an idiot would do.
After waiting a few minutes, a beautiful silhouette came out from the first examination room.
She looked at everyone, then took out a list and posted it to the door, and said indifferently: “The results of the First Stage exam have been out. And a total of eighty-one ninjas have passed.
And I am the head examiner Chiyo of the second stage exam, and the people on the list will go to the second exam room with me.”
Akabane hearing it was surprised, and thought: “That Granny Chiyo?”
“I have heard of her, she is a very famous female Jonin!”
Tsunade said excitedly.
The environment in the Land of Wind is very harsh, but the wind and sand didn’t leave a deep mark on her face, since she still looks young and beautiful.
However, when Chiyo’s name is mentioned, Akabane always remembers the old image of a granny who was pretending to be dead.
Perhaps she heard it since Chiyo looked in their direction.
And after discovering that the person who started to talk was a girl, she smiled slightly at Tsunade, and then turned and walked forward.
“It’s great, I will also become a ninja-like her in the future…No, I want to surpass her and become the first female Hokage!”
Tsunade solemnly vowed while clenching her fist.
Seeing this scene, Akabane doesn’t know how to respond.
Just looking at it now, who would have thought that in the future, the two would become opponents that would kill each other.
“I just went to see it, and all of us passed.”
Murasaki said as he ran back and happily, gave everyone a letter.
“Why are you so happy, It’s so simple, isn’t it normal to have all passed?”
Jiraiya said as he looked at him contemptuously.
The rest smiled when they heard it, obviously with the use of the Illusory Domain as a cheat, isn’t it normal to pass it?
Hearing it, Murasaki rubbed his head in embarrassment and glared fiercely at Akabane.
If this guy not only wrote five answers, would he be so worried and squeeze in the crowd worriedly?
“Cough cough…Let’s go to the second examination room first, since if we go early we can also rest.”
Akabane said as he broke the embarrassment and stiffly changed the subject.
“Let’s go.”
Orochimaru lightly walked to the front and led the way, without saying much.
The entire group followed Chiyo from the village to the outside without noise.
After a long journey, everyone came to a valley, and through the valley, they could see an endless desert. The mouth or the entrance of the valley was surrounded by iron fences and was guarded by a ninja, which was obviously for inspection. 
“It doesn’t look right.”
Sakumo whispered as he frowned.
“This place is the previous battlefield, at that time when the Hidden Stone Village wanted to siege the Sand Village, many ninjas were poisoned to death in this desert.”
Orochimaru whispered.
“You know this as well?”
Akabane asked in surprise.
“Well, that was the matter of the First Shinobi World War.”
Orochimaru was going to explain in detail, but then Chiyo looked over, so he stopped.
After that, Chiyo came over.
Orochimaru bowed slightly and was about to apologize, but …
“Your name is Orochimaru? My younger brother is right. You are indeed very knowledgeable.”
Chiyo said with a smile.
“You flatter me.”
Orochimaru replied with a calm expression.
At this time, Chiyo glanced at Sakumo next to him, and suddenly her face became unpleasant when she saw his face.
Since seeing Sakumo’s face, she would think of Hatake Sagiki.
That guy has killed a lot of Sand Ninja.
She turned her head and looked towards the desert and said: “This desert not only buried Stone Ninja, but also the ninja of Konoha and our own ninja of Hidden Sand Village.”
“Yes, that’s why Ninja World needs peace.”
Jiraiya said emotionally.
“Hmph, little kid, don’t be too naive, peace can’t be so easy.”
Chiyo sneered, and after taking a few steps towards the canyon, she turned around and glanced at the eighty-one people who followed her.
Jiraiya really wants to complain, but because of the other side’s strength, he decisively admits it.
“This person called Orochimaru is right. This is the battlefield before and there are many remaining poisons and undetonated detonators, traps, etc.”
Chiyo indifferently said and after looking for a while she continued, “ After entering, it doesn’t matter whether you die or live since it’s too late to quit.”
Hearing it, the place became silent with only the sand and wind being heard. 
And no one answered it, nor asked a question.
The war has only ended more than two years ago, and all Genins here have experienced war indirectly.
So just a simple word and threat can not make them retreat.
Seeing it Chiyo coldly smiled and took out a stack of paper: “Since you don’t want to quit, just sign it.”
The Chunin at the back took it and distributed them one by one.
Akabane signed his name without pressure and then handed the paper back to the chunin.
After everyone had signed their names, Chiyo continued: “We have fenced the examination room with iron nets. A total of 40 entrances have been set up. Your mission is very simple. Go in and find something like this Scroll with the coordinates, and then go to the position we requested correctly.”
After she finished speaking, she took out a scroll and spread it out.
There are a bunch of secret signs on the scroll, and the secret sign should be the coordinate position.
“I will repeat it again, who wants to quit while it’s still early.”
Chiyo said with a smile.
Akabane and other people glance at each other, and after nodding at each other, everyone takes their eyes away with tacit understanding.
“You are all so stupid that you are not afraid of death, so the invigilators… let them draw numbers on a group basis, and then go to the corresponding entrances. Entry is allowed after 30 minutes.”
Chiyo’s announced in a cold tone.
40 entrances are enough to distribute all groups to each place.
And Akabane is assigned to gate 35 with his team.
“This exam is still about information gathering. Since I feel that scroll may be fake.”
“She also didn’t say that we can’t grab it.”
On the way, Murasaki and Sakumo whispered to each other.
Akabane sat on the ground, took a look at them, and then said: “You two go in later, and will search for it.”
“How about you?”
Sakumo slightly frowned hearing it and asked.
“I’ll grab someone else’s, and take a few more sets of scrolls.”
Akabane replied.
The coordinates of the scroll can be true or false, but Hidden Sand Village is not crazy enough to put many false coordinates as true coordinates.
The one with the highest rate of comparison must be the real coordinate scroll is what he guess.
Of course… 
In addition to this reason, there are other reasons, and it is not convenient to talk to them.
“If you want to be alone, I don’t object it, but you must be careful.”
Murasaki said as he does not doubt him, but is still very worried about him.
“If we fail, we will come back, but if something goes wrong…”
Murasaki said without finishing his statement, but the meaning is clear.
“Do you still worry despite knowing my ability?”

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