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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 127


As teammates, Murasaki and Sakumo believe in Akabane’s ability.
But being in the desert, the danger of being alone is too high.
However, the advantage of the Kurama clan Genjutsu lies in its weird and unstoppable ability.
As long as there is no direct confrontation, Akabane is almost invincible like a fish in the pond, and besides, it’s not only him who will do it.
“Orochimaru, they are at gate No.18… well, it should be in this position.”
Leaving the team, Akabane observes his surroundings first before heading towards Orochimaru’s team’s location while using transformation to change his appearance.
But it didn’t take him long before he stopped as he sensed someone ahead.
Sneaking around, he saw a familiar team he didn’t expect to see.
“Yamada, don’t be like this, we just need to find it, not steal…”
“It’s because you are too weak, that’s why you think like that. If you don’t have the courage to fight, don’t follow me anymore. I alone can do it, weakling!”
Seeing them having a dispute with each other, Akabane knows that this team won’t last long before they get eliminated.
“Forget it, let him go.”
Yamada’s teammates seem very helpless. In terms of fighting strength, Yugakure Ninja does not have an advantage at all.
And they know very well that they are a Small Ninja Village.
So what the two have planned was, find the scroll discreetly or wait for the exam to finish if they can’t find any to save their lives.
There are always people from the same village who are unwilling to do it and have other plans, such as Yamada who wants to steal other team’s scrolls.
Akabane who saw all this put the plan he had to meet Orochimaru at the back of his head. And followed Yamada who left his team behind silently without being noticed.
Although it’s his second time meeting him, Akabane thinks Yamada is very suspicious, and his suspicion becomes more evident when he sees it earlier since it looks like Yamada is deliberately finding faults in his teammates just to withdraw from his team.
In this case, there must be some secrets he is hiding from his team.
So Akabane quietly follows him, and with his mastery that he got from the system, Yamada can’t sense him at all.
After a long walk, Yamada suddenly stopped.
He stood on the sand dunes while shutting his eyes and muttered to himself. “Staying in this stupid and rotten village made it hard for me to offer sacrifice. Now is the time!”
When he opened his eyes after mumbling that, a crazy and evil smile appeared on his face with his aura also changing.
Akabane who was watching from the distance was startled when he sensed the sudden change in his aura. 
Although he didn’t see his expression, he knew he hit a jackpot following Yamada.
“It seems this bastard is not normal….. and from what I can sense, there seems to be a Sand Ninja planning to ambush him over there. Let’s watch what’s going to happen first.”
Akabane mumbled as he hid behind the sandstone in the distance watching Yamada’s every move.
For the terrain of the desert, Sand Ninja knows it better than other ninjas.
The ninja who was waiting to ambush his enemy had his whole body buried in the sand, with his only hands that were exposed. Following his finger movement, a Puppet quietly approached Yamada under the sand.
With the Sand Ninja’s Chakra thread manipulation, the puppet was getting closer and closer, and after getting a close distance to the target…
With a sound, the Puppet ejects a Poisonous Arrow from his mouth after coming out from the sand, which instantly shoots through Yamada’s chest.
Although it missed the heart, it was enough to cause heavy injury.
Seeing that it hit the target, the Sand Ninja jumped up from the sand dunes and threw a shuriken from a distance as a finishing blow to its enemy.
Show~ Show~
In the next second, Yamada who was about to be hit by the shuriken suddenly turned around and directly grabbed the shuriken with his bare hands.
The Sand Ninja was shocked seeing it, and thought ‘isn’t this guy afraid of pain!’
But his shock was only for a moment, and immediately planned to retreat, since he knew that it’s impossible to win.
But before he could execute his plan, Yamada, who reacted faster, kicked the ground and quickly jumped in front of the Sand Ninja with his hand raised.
With a punch directed to his face, the Sand ninja coughed from pain and still struggled to run, but with Yamada directly stabbing a kunai on his leg, it made his escape become impossible.
Yamada shouted as he laughed wildly while taking the kunai from the sand ninja leg.
He did not directly kill the ninja, but first abolished its limbs and tortured it one by one.
With Yamada laughing wildly while still torturing the Sand Ninja while shouting “Lord Jashin!”


A Cult!
Akabane is shocked witnessing it with his own eyes since he didn’t expect Yamada to be a cult-like Hidan from the story.
After observing Yamada carefully, he found that the wound he received from the puppet was recovering quickly while his body was covered with a weird mantra swirling on it.
“What is the principle of this evil force?”
Akabane didn’t understand it a bit.
Hidan who was also a cult will not die even if his whole body is split into pieces.
But this guy doesn’t look that strong like Hidan but judging from the fact that Sand Ninja was decapitated with a single punch, the punch might be surprisingly strong.
“Forget it, let’s catch him first.”
Akabane, who has so many questions, didn’t continue thinking about it and took out the drawing board and started to work.
To deal with this kind of abnormal ninja, ordinary Genjutsu is estimated to be useless, so after thinking about what to use, he came up and directly used the Kurama clan’s ability.
When his Chakra is poured, the ink will automatically emerge from the Chakra pen.
And as the image was drawn out, the Genjutsu was launched.
Yamada, who was laughing maniacally while still torturing the barely alive Sand Ninja, stopped his movement when he felt something was wrong.
“En? What’s the situation!”
The moment he fell into the illusion, Yamada immediately felt something was wrong.
It’s not that he is so strong that he can sense Akabanes’ Illusory Domain immediately, but it’s because of how he suddenly can’t feel the power of Jashin coming onto his body.
“His Spiritual energy is not too high…”
Akabane mumbled as he felt no resistance when he cast it on Yamada. And after thinking about it for a while, he finally understood Yamada’s situation.
And he deduced that Yamada having a strong body was thanks to Jashin.
This kind of body strengthening is estimated to be quite different from Hidan’s Immortal Body.
But he did not kill Yamada directly since the moment he saw its recovery ability earlier, he suddenly thought of Orochimaru.
Since Orochimaru should be very interested in such excellent experimental subjects.
After thinking about it, he just maintained the illusory Domain.
Anyway, the other sides’ spiritual energy is not high and his chakra consumption is very little due to having Uzumaki Physique, and it does not take much effort to maintain it.
So the question was how to call Orochimaru…
But it seems he didn’t need to think about it when he sensed a familiar aura coming in his direction.
After a few seconds, a silhouette landed on the scene.
Orochimaru who arrive at the scene was surprised when he saw Akabane.
He didn’t know that Akabane was here since he rushed over after only smelling the strong smell of blood. And as a result, he saw a Sand Ninja corpse that was clearly tortured before his death, and also a familiar-looking ninja lying on the ground in a coma with Akabane hiding in a distance 
This ninja…
“If I remember correctly, he should be a ninja from Yugakure named Yamada right? then what happened to him?
Orochimaru asked and was a little bit confused, he then approached the body and found that Yamada chakra was still flowing in his veins.
This situation is obviously not a coma.
“Are you the one who did it?”
After looking in Akabane direction, he couldn’t help but ask.
“Not me.”
Orochimaru glanced at him and didn’t quite understand the meaning of his answer. He didn’t think much about it, and once again focused on Yamada.
After studying his body for a long time, he suspiciously said: “This guy is a bit weird. There is a chakra in his body that does not belong to him. If I take that chakra from his body, it is estimated that his strength will become several times weaker.”
“If you’re asking me how then maybe it’s because he performs some kind of ritual,” Akabane answered.
After saying that, Akabane described what he saw from before. 
And Orochimaru’s eyes lit up when he heard it like a child receiving his new toy, taking out his kunai, he circled Yamada’s body while poking it with it multiple times.
In the beginning, Yamada’s body will recover quickly after being stabbed.
Later on, his recovery speed was not as fast like before.
At the same time, Yamada’s body that was covered with some kind of mantra was also rapidly weakening.
“It seems to be related to his Chakra.”
Orochimaru said excitedly.
“Um…I also think so, but first let’s move to a different location first, since there is another corpse here.”
Akabane, who unconsciously participated in the experiment Orochimaru did for the first time, was not comfortable witnessing the state of a scientific madman.
“But first, you should let him go first so I can test him.”
Orochimaru said.
“So cruel?”
Akabane couldn’t help but sympathize with Yamada.
Being in Orochimaru’s hands, will definitely not be that good for his life.
“His Chakra does not belong to him. And according to your description, he probably obtains it from a weird torture ceremony, but after repeated injuries earlier, this Chakra is almost exhausted, so I want to know how it works.”
Orochimaru explained excitedly.
For Akabane, this is not difficult. Anyway, this guy didn’t have that much spiritual energy so it’s easy for him to put him back into the illusion.
Besides, he is also very curious like Orochimaru.
If their immortality is maintained by chakra, Hidan would have died hundreds of times, so Yamada’s situation is obviously different from Hidan’s.
After that, the two quietly left the scene and hid, while the Genjutsu on Yamada was lifted.
Yamada, who awakened from his sleep, froze for a long time and didn’t move from his position. 
I was definitely hit by Genjutsu just now, but…
Thinking about it, he looked around at his surroundings and found nothing amiss that made him confused even more.
And when he was about to get up, he saw a slight wound on his body.
And seeing it, he couldn’t help but think of the strange doctor in the Illusory Domain who was bisecting him with a knife.
“What the hell is going on!”
Yamada shouted as he was at loss, and it took him a long time to get up and leave the scene while still in a daze.
On the other side.
Akabane and Orochimaru, who are behind, are not in a hurry to capture Yamada so the two of them shadowed Yamada who was still clueless.
And after following Yamada who was still in a daze, Akabane couldn’t help but ask.
“Before, when we were in the Illusory Domain you asked me to leave my team. What’s it about?”
Orochimaru hearing it answered with a serious expression. “I want to bring other Ninja Village’s Secret Jutsu and Kekkei Genkai and plan to research them. And I will also plan to find some people from small villages to organize some influence, so I hope you can cooperate with me.”
Akabane hearing it asked a little confused “Cooperation?”
Since if it’s all about his research, he didn’t need his cooperation right?
“Yes, I know you want to promote your comic to other villages. So when I develop some influence outside, I will help you smuggle and promote it.”
Orochimaru is really smart and sharp.
Akabane thought as he pondered about it, what Orochimaru said was right and since it’s for his points and it was not difficult for him…
“Then let’s have a happy cooperation.”

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