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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 128


Yamada is Jashinists, but that doesn’t mean he is stupid.
All the encounters after being hit by Genjutsu just now show that someone just discovered the whole story of his murder.
And knowing that he couldn’t beat that person, he chose to flee frantically.
On this point, Orochimaru also considered these very well.
So behind Yamada, a snake has been tracking him to ensure that his position coordinates will not be lost.
While following, Akabane asked casually: “Since you’ve experimented on him, is there any special discovery?”
“Yes, from my discovery the chakra implanted on him was like a heterogeneous chakra, but the details were still unknown.”
Orochimaru whispered.
“I see. So it’s still on the chakra like I thought.” 
Akabane whispered and secretly pondered.
It seems that the cult has some way to go before they can achieve the immortality Hidan has. Since it’s impossible to achieve immortality with just a chakra alone even if it’s an alien chakra.
“What are you thinking?”
Orochimaru also has a lot of thoughts in his mind about Yamada, but when he pays attention to Akabane expression, he can’t help but ask since he knows that this guy is more familiar than he thought about this kind of power.
“This power must have a price. If the cult could solve the side effects, Cultists would have gone everywhere.”
Akabane answered casually.
At this time, he smelled blood again, and after walking a few steps, he saw a blood-red sand dune.
And on the top of the sand dune, three corpses are in sight.
“It will be very troublesome to go on like this. If you want to keep your experimental materials, you’d better stop now.”
Akabane frowned.
Unfortunately, these three ninjas are from Hidden Sand Village.
“It looks like it.”
Orochimaru said as he squatted down observing the corpse, these three ninjas were full of holes, exactly the same as the previous one.
Apparently, they also died from the ‘ceremony’ Yamada did on them.
To die in a trap or a normal fight, the Hidden Sand Village can only admit that it was their ninja weakness, but to die tragically like this means that some abnormal identities have been mixed in the examination that will lead to an investigation.
And since they didn’t want to kill Yamada because he is a valuable experimental subject, the hidden sand investigation will lead to them which will be troublesome.
So it’s time to close the net!
The two accelerated their movements and quickly followed the road where Yamada is.
With the desert climate, the blood path leading to Yamada is buried by the wind and sand so it’s impossible to track him using the blood.
However, there is a Summoned Beast tracking Yamada so It didn’t take long for Akabane and Orochimaru to find him.
“Run, this guy is a lunatic, a monster!”
“Help, save us!”
“Kill him together, Otherwise, no one can run away.”
Wailing and crying for help.
That’s what Akabane and Orochimaru heard even when they are still far away from Yamada.
When they got closer, they saw an amazing scene where Yamada’s whole body was covered with a black mantra and was surrounded by seven or eight people, fearlessly attacking Yamada.
Witnessing the scene Akabane was taken aback.
This Jashin’s power is really strong, Yamada who was at the center of the attack didn’t budge at all and received all the attack without moving from his position while fighting back.
Orochimaru, who was also watching, couldn’t help but explain when he saw Yamada’s condition.
“He can’t control this kind of ability, you should help them or they will die.”
It’s not like Orochimaru wants to save the ninja who was fighting Yamada when he said that, it was because he is sure that Yamada can’t bear the injury of this level, and he can’t freely manipulate and restore his body with his ability.
So even if he wins, Yamada will not survive in the end.
But fighting Yamada in that condition was impossible for Orochimaru so he can only count on Akabane to do it.
“Although it was Jashin’s blessing, it actually felt more like a curse.”
Akabane mumbled as he took his weapon.
The ninjas fighting Yamada are from the Waterfall Village with three teams in total, but two people are already dead lying on the ground.
Now it’s time to make a move, or else it’s all in vain doing all this experiment.
“Are you calling for help?”
Akabane said as he came out from the sand dunes with his appearance changed while walking in their direction.
At this moment, Yamada had already lost his mind, so when they saw Akabane, the ninja fighting Yamada immediately cried out at him.
“Help us, help us!”
Being exhausted from fighting for a long time, with an opponent who seemed not afraid of injury or death made them perplexed.
Of course…
These people can still fight, but they plan to plot against their helper.
If Akabane goes down and suffers from fighting with Yamada, they will kill Akabane to reap the benefits which is undoubtedly the perfect result for them.
Akabane, hearing it smiled kindly, he sat down on a dune and said: “I can help you or him, but I can only help those who bid higher.”
Yamada did not answer and shouted again with a punch directed at the stunned ninja in front of him.
The person who stood in the front was directly beaten to death by a straight punch and fell to the ground.
“For Lord Jashin!”
After enthusiastically shouting after killing the ninja, his strength and speed have been greatly increased again.
“We will give you whatever you want, please help us!”
The ninja below said in a hurry. If they lose more people here, they will still lose due to it, no matter what benefits they have.
And nothing is more important than survival!
“Very good…”
Akabane said as he stood up.
He didn’t just sit there to look cool while looking at them, he completed his Genjutsu as he sat down while casting it to Yamada without the ninja noticing it.
So standing up from his position while keeping his tools, Akabane releases an Earth-style jutsu and disappears from his position.
And in the next second, he appeared under Yamada.
Yamada, who is in the Illusory Domain, did not resist at all and was dragged directly under the sand.
Then Akabane got out of the sand.
What’s the situation!
The six surviving ninjas looked at each other in dismay seeing how Akabane easily subdued Yamada.
Their buddies lying on the ground also thought about pulling Yamada down, but as a result, with just a stump from Yamada, his body was almost buried from the sand right now.
“Do you have a scroll?”
Akabane glanced at them and asked. 
These three teams seem to have gained a bit, and it is estimated that there will be a scroll on them.
“Yes, on him.”
The ninja of Hidden Waterfall Village points to the corpse on the ground.
The Corpse is also from Waterfall Ninja. It is probably his original Captain, but both of his hands are fractured and there are many blood holes on his body, which looks miserable.
“Go and pick it up and wipe the blood from it.”
Akabane instructed with a smile and continued, “Anything else?”
“Our team also has it, but no we don’t know if it’s true and not…”
The ninjas from the Waterfall Village were so frihtened that they immediately took out the stuff in their arms and put them on the ground to let Akabane see them all.
Akabane picked up the two scrolls and said to his rear: “you can start your work.”
Hearing it, the six of them were puzzled and turned their heads where Akabane was looking and then saw Orochimaru with scars on his face with a bloodthirsty aura that made all of them knelt on the sand with fright.
After that, they begged for mercy in unison and said: “Fo-forgive u-us, h-have m-m-mercy…As long as you let us go, we will agree to any request you h-have!”
Orochimaru didn’t pay any attention to them and directly ignored them like they were air.
And go to the side of Yamada, while pulling out a kunai he saw from the soil, and poke Yamada with it.
The six ninjas, seeing it become even more desperate and were trembling all over.
How ferocious was Yamada before?
But meeting these two who were more dangerous than Yamada, made all the plans they have inside their head vanished like a fart since they know that they will die faster if they try to escape.
So all they could do was kneel while waiting with their body shaking from the horror they witnessed in front of them.

A few minutes had passed and Yamada finally let out a scream that froze Orochimaru for a moment.
“What happened?”
He knew that with Akabane’s Genjutsu, it would be impossible for this guy to wake up unless he was unconscious.
And Yamada didn’t have that kind of brain to think of it so he couldn’t help but ask.
Akabane glanced at him and said angrily.
Yamada is originally an arrow at the end of its flight, so with Orochimaru moving his kunai around like how a child dissects a frog for the first time, how can he not die?
“It’s a pity.”
Hearing it Orochimaru sighed, not minding Akabane glare at all.
He said ‘it’s a pity’ not because of Yamada’s life but because with Yamada dying, there is no way to know where the cult’s base camp is.
Otherwise, this strange technique is really worth studying for him.

Although they were talking about someone’s life, they made It look like a teen who wants to ask for money from his parents but their parents did not give him a penny and said “It’s a pity”.
And it made the six ninjas from the small Village scared that almost made them wet their pants.
A demon in human skin!
Is all the six of them thought.
After Orochimaru got up, he looked towards the six ninjas kneeling with their body’s trembling, and with a smirk on his face he asked: “Do you want to survive?”
“Yes! Yes!”
Although the six of them were trembling uncontrollably because of how scary Orochimaru’s scar was on his face due to his transformation, they still answered immediately.
“A Kekkei Genkai, you definitely don’t have one. So write all the secret jutsu you know from your village if you guys want to live.”
Orochimaru threw paper and pen while talking.
“Okay! I will write right away…”
They didn’t dare to resist at all, because they witnessed what Orochimaru do to Yamada which was too scary, and with their poor psychological tolerance. Some of them even peed their pants directly when Orochimaru pointed the kunai on his hand to their face.
Akabane just took a glance at them and then lost interest quickly.
He knows that Genin doesn’t know any strong Ninjutsu at all. So what they will write will definitely be the common jutsu from their village that they knew so he didn’t bother looking at it at all.
Instead, he took out the scroll that still had a strong smell of blood and walked away a few more steps before sitting down on sandstone to inspect it.
And after looking at it for a while, he saw Orochimaru saying something to the six ninjas, which made the six of them turn pale.
After that, the six ninjas left a tube of blood and fled with all their might.

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