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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 129


“What did you tell them?”
Akabane asked when Orochimaru approached him after he let the three flee.
“I told them that Yamada’s body is my experiment, and as long as there is blood, I can curse them and drive them into madness.”
Orochimaru grinned as he spilled the blood of the six ninjas in the sand.
Akabane looked at the back of the ninjas scurrying like a chicken and couldn’t help but laugh.
Those six must be terrified right now.
But afterward, he thought for a while and said: “It’s only this time that we can scare them like that, but when they are used later, they will not necessarily follow.”
Orochimaru did not refute hearing it since that’s what he also thought.
He and those ninjas are still young, and they are of little use now for him.
But it’s a different story if he gains power and influence in the future since it will be a long term not short.
At that time, Orochimaru has the confidence to rely on his strength to let these ninjas obediently and honestly do things for him without fear of the consequence.
Since he finished his business, he couldn’t help but ask: “What about the scroll?”
“The production method for these things is almost the same, so it is impossible to distinguish between the real thing false.”
Akabe said as he tossed the two scrolls over.
Sand Ninja’s scroll production is not as good as Konoha, but there are some passing standards for it. But although he knew it, he can’t tell which is true or false from the technique formula and the code written on it. 
“I see. Then let’s find a few more team’s to make sure.”
Orochimaru said as he got up, he then made a hand seal with both hands and then bit his finger summoning many small snakes.
Soon, these snakes are gone looking for their target.
Akabane sat in the shade under the sandstone, after looking around he said: ” Next we will go separately, I will look for a scroll while also helping you look for someone who has a Kekkei Genkai in my way while you can continue to do your things.”
Orochimaru nodded his head, and after a few seconds, he took out something from his clothes and handed it to him.
The thing he handed was like his small summoned snakes, but it’s not since it’s his snake clone.
“If there is a clue you find or danger, I will know it immediately after you wake it up.”
“You don’t have to worry, I will be fine even if I encounter danger.”
Akabane replied as he waved his hand, d glanced at the sleeping snake.
After observing it for a while, he raised his head and couldn’t help but asked: “If I put it in my arms, it won’t suddenly wake up and bite me right?”
Orochimaru froze for a moment upon hearing it, and he then ignored Akabane and turned around and walked in the direction where his summoned beast found a ninja.
He obviously didn’t hear the story of the farmer and the snake seeing how he ignored him.
Although he was ignored, Akabane shrugged his shoulders since he was just joking but this guy is definitely not someone you can joke around since he will just ignore you.
He carried the sleeping snake and headed in another direction.
The main mission of the second exam is to find the position that was on the real scroll, but it didn’t mean it was easy with how difficult it is to distinguish the real one from fake.
So, if he wants to distinguish the authenticity of the scroll, he can only collect and compare more to be sure.
Therefore, the second stage exam originally encouraged fighting and even killing between other teams.
There is no fixed road in the desert, so Akabane runs all the way until he slows down when he senses the fluctuations of the Chakra around him.
And it didn’t take him long for him to see a corpse that was about to be buried by wind and sand.
And looking at its body color, it should be a poison that brings it to its death.
And this ninja is from Sand Village just looking at his clothes.
Akabane who was examining the body stood up immediately when he sensed movement around him.
Due to his powerful spiritual energy, it makes his sensing ability better than ordinary ninja, and it didn’t take long for him to notice some subtle movements.
Following the sound that he sensed, the movement became louder and louder after approaching where it came from.
“Tell us the whereabouts of the scroll and Yamada, otherwise you will have no way to survive.”
“What scroll, we don’t have it at all!”
“About Yamada, we too were looking for him for a long time since he left the team and did not go with us.”
When Akabane reached the place, he didn’t expect to see these two again from Yugakure Village.
There are not many Yugakure Ninjas participating in Chunin Exams. Only the three that passed the first test.
And for these two, he still has a good impression when they first met so…
After pondering, he cancels
Q his Transformation Jutsu, and then takes out his tools.
The ink was splattered, and it didn’t take long for a picture to be completed–
The picture on the drawing board is exactly the scene of Gaara using a Quicksand Waterfall Flow.
As his Chakra was directed to the drawing, the Genjutsu also took its effect at the same time.
The two Sand Ninjas that were controlling their puppets suddenly felt something was strange around them. And when they looked at their surroundings, what they saw terrified them because they didn’t know when a Tsunami made of sand materialized surrounding them and ready to devour them alive.
“What’s the situation!”
The two are just Genin. Although they have the strength of the elite Genin, they have never seen such Ninjutsu.
And one of them ran away frantically, while the other one froze for a moment, and then suddenly yelled: “This is Genjutsu, don’t panic idiot! Let’s use the method of dispelling it!”
After saying that, without hesitation, he stuck his kunai in his hand.
What he didn’t expect was the pain coming back at him like he really struck his hand for real.
He thought he was leaving the Illusory Domain, but when he looked up again, he saw the sky full of yellow sand sweeping by didn’t disappear.
His face that has a relief for the thought of escaping the Genjutsu paled like his white cell.
And the next second, it crashes on them, covering everything with sands.
In reality.
The two ninjas from Yugakure saw the puppet being manipulated by the Sand Ninja suddenly stagnate then collapsed like its string being cut.
And at the same time the puppets hit the ground, a miserable cry came from inside the cave.
And they saw the two ninjas walking out while twitching with their bodies in a bad shape like some boulder hit them from above.
If they didn’t see them walking, they would think it was a corpse walking.
“This, this…”
The two ninjas from Yugakure are also just teens, so when they saw it, they were so scared that their legs were shaking like a vibrator on its maxed level.
And when Akabane also showed himself, it didn’t take long for them to completely slump on the ground.
They recognized Akabane since he was the one Yamada provoked previously. And with him the only one besides the two of them, they know that Akabane was the one who made the two ninjas from the Sand like that.
“I won’t kill you, so you don’t have to worry
 I just want you guys to look for the scrolls for me.”
Akabane said as he approached them, his Genjutsu Is only effective on the body so the Kunai and Headband of the two Sand Ninja are still in good condition with other items on their body.
“Oh, okay…”
The two immediately approached the bloodied body of the two and started looking for the scroll Akabane was looking for.
Although they were scared, they’ve allowed their fear while turning the bloodstained body of the sand ninjas upside down.
Not long after, two scrolls, a few shurikens, and pills were laid out in front of Akabane, while also taking out another one from themselves, that made it up to three scrolls.
Akabane didn’t shy away and welcome it with open arms, he took the scroll and pills, and then asked: “the one named Yamada on your team, what’s his situation?”
“Are you looking for Yamada too?”
They froze for a moment, and then said, “Yamada is actually not a bad person, so please don’t take it to your heart, he really…”
Akabane knew they had misunderstood him so he waved his hand and said:” No, I want to ask why he believes in Jashin, do you know about it?”
The two looked at each other in blank dismay, confusion clearly on their face.
Obviously, they did not know.
“You three are from Yugakure Village right, didn’t you notice any abnormalities?”
Akabane felt more and more strange when he saw how they didn’t know anything.
Aren’t these people teammates? As teammates, they didn’t even notice the obvious signs of Yamada offering sacrifice!
“Although the character of Yamada is impatient and aggressive, isn’t it too exaggerated to believe in Jashin?”
One of them said with a paled face.
“How is his relationship in your village?”Akabane continued to ask.
“Yamada’s parents died in the war. He often bullies people from the village. So villagers don’t like his character, while adults also all look down on him.”
“However, his Taijutsu is the strongest among Genin in Yugakure Village.”
One of them said the other added, they didn’t dare to conceal anything at all and said anything they knew about Yamada.
No wonder that Jashinists are eyeing him…
Akabane quickly understood after listening.
It’s Impossible for everyone to advocate peace, and the rules of Yugakure Village will make these aggressive people who want revenge go to extremes like the Cults.
People with this kind of mentality are undoubtedly the best target for Jashin’s minion.
With Orochimaru’s attitude, he definitely wants to find the hideout of the Jashinist cult so maybe he can try his luck on Yugakures Village.
“Your teammates killed a lot of people. So I advise you to give up the exam and go to the Sand Ninjas to clarify this matter.”
Akabane reminded them, then got up and left.
From his trip alone, he got five scrolls in total, two of which point to the same location while the rest of the scroll codes point to different locations.
“Sakumo and the others must have got some too. So it’s time to meet them.”
Akabane mumbled as he put away the scroll and prepared to meet Sakumo and the others while hunting.
As for the two ninjas from Yugakure Village, he has said everything that should be said, and what to do next is their own business and has nothing to do with him.

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