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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 130


“Akabane didn’t say when he would come back so how can we contact him?”
Murasaki said as he and Sakumo hid under the rock.
And in front of them, were three scrolls that were spread out.
Each of these scrolls is different from each other so they didn’t know where to start.
“Let’s just wait for him  since he will definitely find us.”
Sakumo said lightly.
He understands Akabane better than Murasaki, so he knows that no matter what happens, the thing he promised will be done.
Murasaki thought about it for a moment and nodded his head silently.
In fact, both of them know that Akabane’s departure from the team can’t be a superficial reason. Since how can such a lazy person want to go out alone for no reason.
The only explanation is that his business is not convenient to say.
And with that being the case, the two didn’t pry anymore and maintain their tacit understanding with each other.
But unexpectedly, they didn’t need to wait anymore when they heard a familiar lazy voice coming above them: “Sakumo still knows me the best, unlike someone, who was worried about this and that, and doesn’t trust me at all!”
And the next second after his voice ended, Five scrolls were thrown down to them.
“Five scrolls, not bad!”
Murasaki said as he ran over to pick them up, and opened all of them with the other three in their possession.
With Eight scrolls being put together, they finally find the correct coordinates for the real direction. 
Unlike their three scrolls that have different coordinates, this time they found three coordinates in the same direction while the other five were in different locations.
Needless to say where the destination is.
Sakumo picked up the correct scroll, and looked carefully at it then waved his hand and said: “Let’s go.”
When they were about to move, Akabane’s voice halted their movement, “By the way, when I was looking for you two, I saw Zack group.”
“Did he take any action?”
Murasaki asked nervously.
“Nah, they didn’t see me. It’s me who saw them fighting the other team and saw Zack manipulating iron sand. It should be a brand new Ninjutsu since it’s my first time seeing it.”
Of course…
The so-called Iron sand is pure nonsense since it’s a lie. But he really saw them fighting other teams and also saw how Zack controlled the Shuriken that he threw to his enemy.
And from that alone, he determined that Zack already mastered Magnet-Style.
Sakumo hearing it was silent for a moment, and after thinking for a second he solemnly said: “I heard that the ability of One-Tailed Beast is to manipulate sand.”
“Are you saying he is a One-Tailed Jinchuriki? It’s impossible right!”
Murasaki exclaimed since didn’t believe it.
Not everyone has Uzumaki Clans Sealing Jutsu. So it’s not easy to get a Tailed Beast under control. Even more so of how every village uses Jinchuriki as their last trump card. So how can he become Kazekages’ discipline and join the Chunin Exams?
“Perhaps Hidden Sand Village has researched a new Ninjutsu from One-Tailed Beast. In short, we must be careful.”
Akabane reminded them. He didn’t say it to make them nervous but as a clue them about the opponent’s ability.
Because after thinking about it, except that he is good at Genjutsu and can ignore the effects of Magnet-Style in a sense, the rest of his team will be affected more or less if they face Zack.
Such as Sakumo.
His Short Blade is mostly made of Iron, so no matter how strong his Blade Technique is, it will greatly affect Sakumo.
And Sakumo and Murasaki understand this truth better.
Along the way, both Sakumo and Murasaki did not speak, and their faces were always solemn while looking around vigilantly.
Such an attitude is almost invincible in Chunin Exams.
Until reaching their destination, Sakumo took a deep breath and said with his eyes full of fighting intents: “I really hope to meet and fight with such a person. And our trip here is not in vain if that happens.”
There is no doubt that Zack who masters the new Ninjutsu is the Hidden Sand Village New Generation Genius.
For combat junkies like him, the stronger the opponent, the more excited he becomes.
“Stop talking, let’s talk about it when we reach our objective first.”
Murasaki urged.
Akabane lifts his head, and he can already see the mountains in the distance.
Why he was looking at that mountain is because the coordinate position is on this mountain.
The mountains of Land-of-Wind are still desolate, that’s why the mountains here are chaotic and dangerous.
Fortunately, Sakumo has a Nin Dog, or else they will get into a lot of trouble before they reach the location.
Although Kenma is still small, he is already a very good Nin Dog, with his strong sense of smell that can also perceive the traps on their way to the top.
Adding to the fact that someone has already passed the mountain so it made their journey easier since Kenma can follow those smells which made them not encounter any monster on the way.
And it didn’t take long for their destination to appear in front of them
Similar to the root team’s base on Konoha, this is a base built in the middle of the mountain.
“I didn’t expect the second team to arrive we’re your team.”
When they entered the building, Zack’s voice that was a little surprised welcomed them.
From the data he read about the participants this time, Orochimaru’s team has the better ability and overall quality, while Akabane is also very strong, but they should be inferior in terms of searchability.
But it seems that’s not the case.…
Akabane hearing it didn’t answer back. He slightly smiled and said nothing and found a place to sit down and without waiting for his team, he already started sleeping.
With this hot weather, how can he not be exhausted? 
When Akabane ignored him, Zack was not discouraged at all, he then looked at Murasaki who was more approachable than Sakumo, and asked: “Can I ask where are your other teammates?”
“I don’t know, we were scattered when the exam started so how could it be possible to gather together.”
Murasaki shrugged and followed Sakumo who sat down next to Akabane.
When Murasaki sat down beside Akabane, he glanced at the Sand Village ninjas who arrived here first and saw a total of 5 of them.
It should be a merger of the two teams, but with one of them missing, it seems someone died on their way here.

Not long after, there was a sound coming outside.
Then a silhouette crossed the hill and arrived here as well.
“Who is it?”
Murasaki mumbled as he turned around and looked at the entrance.
“It’s Shin and the others.”
Sakumo said as he closed his eyes while leaning on his short blade comfortably.
And in the next second, someone slowly emerged from the ground using earth jutsu.
Sarutobi Shinnosuke!
After that, Shin Yūhi and Moonlight Night Dance appeared one after another.
“Hmmp! Hidden Sand Kid, I didn’t expect to see you here?”
When Shinosuke saw Zack, he couldn’t help but mock them. 
Akabane who heard Shinnosuke’s voice opened his eyes and slightly frowned.
Looking at the angry Shinnosuke, it seems that they have met and fought on the way here.
“Sorry, we are also anxious about our teammates.”
Zack bowed slightly and said, but his voice was still flat as Megumi breast, without a hint of apology at all.
Shinnosuke harrumph but didn’t say anything more.
He fought with Zack earlier and understood each other’s strength even if it’s a little bit. And he knows that he is not an opponent of Zack right now.
Akabane who was sitting thoughtfully while looking at the two then discreetly made a hand seal with both hands.
When Shin Yūhi and Moonlight Night Dance approached them and sat beside them, he completed his Genjutsu and pulled both teams into his Illusory Domain.
Entering the Illusory Domain suddenly surprised all of them. And since Akabane didn’t use his painting, the inside of the domain is just a very simple blank space. 
But their surprise only lasted for a moment like Murasaki who quickly understood why they were here and began to ask what happened to Shinnosuke.
After an exchange of information, both parties have a better understanding of the strength of Zack.
And after the Illusory Domain is lifted, they see Orochimaru and his team have also arrived. In addition to them, two ninjas from the Sand and three from the Waterfall Village followed after them.
At this time, the signal comes from outside.
Time is up!
This means that, except for them, no one else can qualify for the third round.
“There are still seven teams left, it’s still a lot of people.”
Murasaki whispered.
“It’s okay, I can just sleep.”
Akabane answered nonchalantly.
At the same time, he looked at three ninjas from the Waterfall.
And he can see that their injuries are not light, and also the look in their eyes when they looked at Orochimaru is not right.
‘I guess Orochimaru did his magic to them.’ Akabane thought.
Sakumo, who is perceptive, did not pay attention to this.
Because after knowing about the strength of Zack, his fighting intent for his prey became more intense.
A few seconds after the signal that signifies the ends of the second exam comes, a vigorous voice comes from a distance.
 “Gather up and prepare for the Third Competition!”
And a silhouette jumped down from the mountain and landed in the center of the valley.
And after the first silhouette appearance, different kinds of silhouettes appeared one after another from the passage above the canyon.
And they are Chiyo, Ebizo, Hatake Sagiki, and other Jounins from the villages that passed the second phase of the exam.
And surrounded by Jonin from the Sand Village, The Second Kazekage of the Sand Shamon!
And the third round of the exam is here!
“I’m the head examiner of this exam, Hidden Sand Jounin, Yoji Tanaka, is there anyone who wants to quit now?”
Asked Yooji Tanaka.
Looking around and seeing no one responded, he nodded and began to talk about the rule.
“This test is a one-to-one competition, and the competition is not limited to Ninja Tool, Kekkei Genkai, Ninjutsu. If one party admit-defeat, the other party is not allowed to shoot again…”
“If there is no problem, Let the third round of the exam begin!”

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