Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 131


“First round, Moonlight Night Dance against…”
Akabane glanced at Moonlight’s opponent who was one of the three ninjas from Hidden Waterfall Village.
And although the fight didn’t start yet, he already knows who will win between the two.
So he just glanced at them and sat in a corner minding his own business, and closed his eyes trying to sleep.
Sure enough…
It didn’t take long for Moonlight to win without breaking a sweat.
It’s not like Moonlight was strong, it’s just it’s because of Orochimaru that the three passed the exam.
So in the Third Exam, they are definitely cannon fodder that was placed at the bottom.
And with only four or five rounds, the three ninjas from Hidden Waterfall Village were eliminated cleanly without resistance at all.
“It feels like Hidden Sand Village has control in this round.”
Murasaki whispered beside Akabane.
“Now that Waterfall Ninja has been eliminated, isn’t it going to be a battle between our Village?”
Hearing Akabane replies Murasaki looked at him and become speechless. It seems this guy is not interested at all and just answered him loosely.
After being speechless for a while, he didn’t pay him any more attention and look at Sakumo.
Unlike Akabane, Sakumo is full of enthusiasm and fighting intent, obviously can’t wait to fight Zack right away.
But obviously not in the mood to chat!
So Murasaki can only sigh and wait quietly.
Internal manipulation?
Which organizer does not come with a few tricks, even if it changes to Konoha to organised, they will also do some small tricks.
But Murasaki is still young, so it’s normal to care about these.
Akabane leaned on the rock and fell asleep quickly ignoring what’s happening in front of him.
But it didn’t take long for someone to wake him up.
“Akabane, it’s your turn.”
Akabane, who was forcefully awakened, opened his sleepy eyes languidly and sat up.
And when his eyes swept around him, his complexion suddenly changed and became serious.
Tsunade who had just returned have her body full of bruises, and she was sitting not far away from him motionless with her clothes torn from sharp tools.
In another location, Shin Yūhi was also injured. And when he noticed Akabanes gaze. He laughed with difficulty and said: “Be careful, the other side may be a speed type ninja.”
Obviously, Shin Yūhi lost in terms of speed.
Then Akabane looked towards the distance.
The place where Hidden Sand ninjas and Genin stayed, Zack just sat down.
“It’s him!”
After that, he looked up again.
On the sign that was written, it says Kurama Akabane vs Yu Ma Tianliang.
He is not interested in who Yu Ma Tianliang is, but Akabane recognizes the person standing behind the sign.
That is Ebizo!
“I understood.”
Akabane nodded and thanked Murasaki for waking him up, and then got up and walked onto the stage.
And in the stage, Yu Ma Tianliang has been waiting for a long time.
And when he saw Akabane walking toward the stage, he sneered and said: “Although you are good at Genjutsu, I won’t let you have a chance to cast it.”
“What boring tactics.”
Chiyo said without mincing her words.
“It’s fine if it can lead him to victory”
Ebizo said with an indifferent expression.
According to his calculations, Akabanes Genjutsu is strong, but as long as a skilled ninja interferes with the other side’s process of activating his ninjutsu, Akabane will surely be defeated.
This point has been verified by Shin Yūhi who was also a Genjutsu user, and with Yu Ma Tianliang being the fastest Genin in Hidden Sand Village, his victory is ascertained is what Ebizo thought.
Tanaka, who is in charge of the battle, glanced at the top and began to count down…
“I will use my fastest speed to finish this battle.”
You Ma Tian Liang said then continued, “You won’t have a chance!”
On the contrary, Akabane ignored him and didn’t even take out the brush and drawing board chakra weapon he had.
At the moment “Start” was called out, Yu Mu Tian Liang speeded up and rushed towards Akabane.
As soon as he approached, Akabane quickly made a hand sealed with both hands.
His hand seal speed is very fast, and he completed the release of Death Mirage Jutsu in the blink of an eye.
Yu Mu Tian Liang, who was in front of Akabane, stagnated on his track when Genjutsu hit him.
In the next second, Akabane did not hesitate, he took out a Kunai and threw it at Yu Ma Tian Lang instantly.
At the same time, Yu Ma Tianliang was relieved from the Death Mirage Jutsu a Kunai hit him.
“We admit…”
Ebizo, who saw it, wanted to admit defeat, but before he could finish it, he heard Yu Ma Tianlang’s death scream that made him furious.
Akabane looked at him then said: “My Genjutsu can be dismissed anytime. So to ensure Victory, I can only do this. In addition…. You are too slow.”
Akabane bowed apologetically.
Then, turn around and leave the stage.
Chiyo appeared next to Tian Liang instantly, but the Kunai pierced through the heart, and right now there is no Medical-Ninjutsu and medical treatment alone cannot save Yu Ma Tianliang.
So she reluctantly shook her head and fed Yu Ma Tianliang a pill.
The Pill is a poison that can make people lose consciousness and fall into a coma instantly. And this is the only thing she can do.
A potential strong ninja was killed like that.
“We apologise for your loss, Akabane comes from Kurama Clan, who has a weak physique, so he didn’t have a choice.”
Hatake Sagiki explained casually.
Whether they believe it or not, he didn’t care.
Shamon who heard Sagiki excuse was bleeding in his heart, but his face could only twitch and squeeze a smile and said: “I understand, we all know the Kurama Clan physique. Besides, since Yu Ma Tianliang voluntarily signed the consent form, the responsibility for his death has nothing to do with Akabane.”
When Akabane walked to the bottom, his gaze met with Zack who was looking at him.
But Akabane just ignored him and continued walking towards his team.
Although the two Hidden Villages signed a peace agreement and reached an alliance, this does not mean real peace.
And the Chunin Exams is another kind of battlefield.
“Well done!”
Tsunade said as she let out a satisfied smile, and leaned back against the wall, and changed to a slightly more comfortable position.
“Just a little extra, since I am a protagonist of the comic.”
Akabane answered half-jokingly.
Hidden Sand Village wanted to defeat them in a targeted manner, so he let the other side know that he was not so easy to mess with.
Tanaka was silent for a moment.
After that, he looked around and said: “Let’s continue, for to the next battle, Mitarashi Murasaki vs Yuzuomu.”
“Now it’s up to me.”
Murasaki said, then got up and walked to the stage with a large stride.
Soon, the battle begins.
Everyone at Konoha looked at the battle and felt relieved.
Murasaki strength is very clear to everyone. Although he is not one of the geniuses from his generation, but he can surely win his battle without exposing all of his trump cards.
Because of this, Hidden Sand Village seems to have made a mistake in their judgment accessing Murasaki strength since they send a genin who basically has no chance to win against him.
However, Murasaki has other plans, he deliberately conceals his strength to match his enemy and fights back and forth.
In the end, with “great difficulty” he cast a Great Fireball Jutsu that hit his enemy leaving his opponent a heavy injury.
Although his enemy didn’t die from his heavy injury, with the current medical standards, disfigurement is an inevitable outcome for him.
So cruel!
Zack clenches his fist tightly.
Samen was fell silent for a moment, Konoha is definitely fighting back!”
Hidden Sand Village can arrange ninjas to restrain their opponents, and can naturally use the rules reasonably and teach them lessons.
So although they lost two excellent seeds, they have no reason to scold Konoha Genin since what they did didn’t break any rules they implemented. 
But if this goes on, with the strength of Genin from Konoha……
He glanced at the top and slightly shook his head.
The meaning of Shamon is very simple, don’t make too many small moves.
Ebizo froze for a moment and finally sighed bitterly.
No matter how much information they collected, the difference in strength is too large. The arrangement that he thought could be restrained turned into a reminder.
“The next battle, Hatake Sakumo vs Sarutobi Shinnosuke.”
A friendly battle!
But for Akabane and others, this is not important anymore.
Now they one have one target, the Ninja from Sand Village they want to protect must be defeated!
Who should Hidden Sand Village protect?
Undoubtedly, it will be Zack who can use Magnet-Style!
But it didn’t mean they can’t fight, so the battle between Sakumo and Shinnosuke is slightly tense. Although Lightning Attribute restrains Earth Attribute, but when the Ninjutsu is strong enough to overpower its bane, this restraint cannot be achieved perfectly.
And the Earth-Style of Shinnosuke is exactly like that.
His defence is very strong, even with Sakumo Lightning-Style it’s hard to defeat quickly, but no matter how strong his defence is, there are always loopholes. Unfortunately for him, Sakumo is the best at catching loopholes on the other side.
In the end, Shinnosuke admits defeat.

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