Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 132


After the battle between Shinnosuke and Sakumo, the referee gives the winner of the first round a few minutes to rest for the second round.
But Shamon’s face is getting more and more ugly because it’s just the first round, but Hidden Sand Village has one dead and one with a serious injury.
If the second round continues like this, he is afraid that the Genins of Hidden Sand Village will be destroyed by Konoha.
As for Zack who can use Magnet-Style……
Yes, Magnet-Style is indeed very strong, and it can detain Hatake Sakumo’s Blade Technique, but what about his Lightning-Style?
And also the Genjutsu of Akabane?
Different from the ordinary family’s Genjutsu, the Kurama clan’s Genjutsu, is very fatal.
Besides, how can they win the game?
In addition to Zack, there are three ninjas who won, but how can they be an opponent of Orochimaru in the second round?
Rather than taking the risk of losing more from the second round, it’s better to lose face and surrender…
Land-of-Wind is very poor and every ninja is hard-won, so every generation of Kazekage is very pragmatic. Compared with a ninja’s life, a face is nothing at all.
Shamon who thought for a long time made a decision in his mind.
When the few minutes of rest ended, Shamon who kept silent opened his mouth with a smile on his face and said to Hatake Sagiki on his side. “The significance of Chunin Exams lies in the assessment of ninja ability, not in a competition. With the first round, everyone’s ability has been demonstrated, so there’s no need to continue the rest of the rounds. 
The old fellow really can’t sit still.
Hatake Sagiki thought, but his face was still indifferent, he then looked at the ninja below that he brought here and nodded his head and said. “Of course, the organizer of this event is Hidden Sand Village, and you have the final say in this.”
“Then, let’s end it here.”
Shamen said as he stood up then made a hand seal.
When they noticed the Kazekage, all the ninjas below where Shamon was located stopped and looked towards him.
Shamon took a deep breath, kept his calm and indifferent and declared with his voice circulating throughout the valley after amplifying his voice with his chakra. 
 “After three rounds of assessment, everyone’s abilities have been fully demonstrated, so as the Kazekage of the Sand Village, I will declare the end of the Chunin Exam!”
Upon hearing it, not only all the Sand and Konoha Genin was stunned, even the referee was baffled when he heard it.
“Chunin’s promotion list will be notified to each village after the discussion, Jonin, please be patient.”
Samen indifferently said ignoring the bewildered ninjas.
After speaking, he turned around and went back.
“Let’s go.”
Chiyo sighed softly, understanding what Shamon’s decision was.
“Our village is still too weak.”
Ebizo sighed helplessly.
Kazekages decision represents the entire Hidden Sand Village.
Although the process was not announced at the beginning, the results undoubtedly showed their weakness to Konoha.
And Hatake Sagiki is happy to see this.
Since Sand Village taking the initiative to admit defeats, means one more chunin on their side.
Akabane glanced at Zack.
He also didn’t expect Hidden Sand Village’s Kazekage to end the exam before he can fight Zack. Although whether he can fight Zack in the second round is unclear.
At this time, Zack didn’t care about Konoha’s side, and left in a hurry, wanting to go to Kazekage.
“Let’s go.”
Orochimaru, who was silent since the beginning of the Third exam, said then turned and left.
“It seems I can’t help you take revenge.”
Akabane said as he stretched out his hand so that Tsunade could use his strength to stand up.
“Thank you.”
Tsunade put her hand on her knee and stood up strenuously.
Although her physique recovers quickly, but if her injury is more serious, it will also take a long time to heal.
When they left, they followed the ninja of Hidden Sand Village to a safe passage leading to the road outside.
“After the exam today, we should be able to go back tomorrow, right?”
Jiraiya asked, and a second later he said excitedly, “I am already impatient for going back to let Teacher witness my growth!”
Hearing it, Tsunade immediately retorted.
“Fool, you won against someone who was weaker than you, what is there to be proud of!”
Jiraiya didn’t rage when he heard Tsunade’s mocking tone and instead gave her a contemptuous look and said.
“Heh! You don’t understand.”
Although what he said was misunderstood by Tsunade. But he cleverly didn’t explain it to her. After all, this thing about art, how could the like of Tsunade understand it!
Tsunade hearing his mocking tone was shaking in anger.
If it’s before the exam, she has already beaten Jiraiya with one punch. But now that among the nine of them she and Shin Yūhi were the only two who lost the battle made her lose face in front of Jiraiya.
Thinking about it carefully, she can’t help lowering her head in despair.
The Hidden Sand Village simply looked down on Jiraiya too much and thought he had no ability, so they sent their weaker genin to fight.
So the battle between the two obviously made Jiraiya obtain an easy win, unlike her who lost miserably to Zack.
“Don’t be sad, victory or defeat is only the result. The specific promotion depends on the method .”
Murasaki said, comforting her.
“No need to comfort her, If you want to defeat him next time, you better train hard when we go back.”
Unlike Murasaki, Akabane did not comfort her at all but mercilessly lectured her.
Because he knows that Tsunade is not a hypocritical woman in need of comfort.
“Of course!”
Tsunade clenched her fists, secretly pondering the training method she will do when she goes back.
And seeing Akabane, she suddenly had a better idea of how, and it immediately made her felt much better.

Going back to their temporary residence, Akabane immediately created a Shadow Clone.
Their return is just around the corner, and the next update of Naruto still has a little finishing work, which needs to be completed today.
That’s why he can’t also be idle and leave everything to his clones.
Since In addition to the Comic of Naruto that needs updates, he also needs to notify the caravan he brought here.
Unlike the ninjas, there are still ordinary people in the caravan, and there is also a comic donation work that hasn’t been done yet.
‘I guess I’ll stay here for a day or two more.’ he thought.
After thinking about it all, Akabane then comes out of his room and walks downstairs, intending to meet his clansmen.
But before he could walk outside the residence, Shin Yūhi who was looking around quickly jumped when he saw Akabane and called out to him.
“Akabane, I want to discuss something with you.”
Shin Yūhi who approach Akabane for something suddenly becomes a little embarrassed and seems to have a hard time telling what he wants.
Akabane who took water with him drank it since it’s hot even inside the residence and made a hand seal with his other hand and signalled Shin to continue.
After he took a deep breath, Shin finally said: “Akabane, I want to draw comics!”
Akabane who have water on his mouth sprayed it out when he heard Shin who was being serious said that. Fortunately, he turned his head quickly or it will be sprayed on Shin’s face.
He coughed violently and apologized awkwardly before asking, “What do you mean wanting to draw a comic?”
“Nothing, it’s just j suddenly wanted to draw.”
Shin Yūhi answer.
“Although you lost once, it shouldn’t make you lose your confidence for being a ninja. Since Genjutsu is not for one on one battle and you know it.
Akabane said seriously.
Genjutsu has its good points and naturally has its limitations.
In a way, it is very powerful, but when the other side knows deterring jutsu, ninjutsu becomes less disastrous.
And it is also the same for Genjutsu including Kurama.
“I know what you mean, but me drawing comics is not because I want to escape reality, but it’s because I really love doing it.”
Shin Yūhi said.
Knowing that it’s not what he thinks, then it’s good, and agrees on his request and ask.
“If this is the case, what story do you want to draw?”
“That’s the problem since I don’t know what to paint. That’s why I’m asking you right now.”
“Oh, so it’s like that.…”
Akabane sinks into contemplation after mumbling it, and suddenly thoughts, does this mean If he writes an outline, Shin will finish it?
But there are many stories in his previous life, and giving it to Shin like that was like giving a baby a sword to play with.
After thinking about it for a moment, he suddenly thought of an old manga-“A Smarter Break”.
(TL/n: I Also don’t know the manga. Tell me if you know.)
There is no setting, the background is similar to the Warring States Period of Naruto World, which is easier to understand.
So, he immediately instructed Shin Yūhi about the setting of this theme.
“This subject matter is quite interesting, I will go back to think about it.”
Shin Yūhi said as his eyes shined.
Of course, Shin didn’t plan to ask about the story for free. When the time comes, he can give all the revenue to Akabane.
 “Then Good Luck.”

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