Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 138


“You really have it hard.”
Akabane’s words came from his heart.
Akimichi Kazue and Yamanaka Take strength are not clear to him, but their characters seem to have such problems.
“You don’t know.”
Nara Shimi sighed.
InoShikaCho has always been advancing and retreating together since joining Konoha, so he doesn’t have any choice in it.
“Keep it up.”
Although Orochimaru has a thousand words to say, only one sentence of encouragement comes out of his mouth.
After that, he took the lead into the restaurant while Akabane and Shimi followed him.
This barbecue restaurant was newly opened recently so the interior decoration is very new.
And although the venue is not big, it was enough to accommodate children’s inside.
After entering the door, Akabane found a table in the corner and walked towards it then sit with Orochimaru.
Shimi who was hiding between the two was quickly taken away by Yamanaka Taka before he could sit.
At this time, Orochimaru took out a comic from the pouch on his waist.
“Hey, this is the newly updated comic. Where did you get it?”
Akabane asked in surprise.
The comic book has just arrived, and only Shimi and the other three with him are supposed to know it.
“I take it from Yamanaka.”
Orochimaru said with a slight smile, as he flipped through the page.
When he saw the first page, he was a little surprised: “I didn’t expect it to be the Chunin Exams…”
“I thought of this plot during the exam and also finished it after the exam ended.”
Akabane said. Although he didn’t entirely lie since he really finished the chapter after the exam ended.
Orochimaru nodded his head and read the comics intently.
With Orochimaru reading the comic seriously, Akabane also didn’t say anything as he accepted the tea given to him since he really didn’t mind the silence between them.
After reading the last page, Orochimaru closed the Comic with a thoughtful expression on his face.
And Akabane drank his tea without paying attention to his expression.
After a few seconds, Orochimaru’s expression changed.
The more he thought about how the Sharingan works the more bizarre it became to him. 
With Taijutsu, can it really achieve this effect?
Orochimaru is not good at Taijutsu and does not have much research regarding it, so he cannot help but ask as he opens the comic again on a certain page: “Is this possible?”
Akabane leaned over and saw the scene where Lee was kicking Sasuke flying.
After thinking about it, he said: “The human body has unlimited potential, so with Taijutsu, it is really possible. But it requires a great effort that not anyone can achieve. Besides, Sasuke only has two Tomoe so he is not really Lee’s opponent.”
Orochimaru was startled for a moment, then nodded.
When he came into contact with a lot of information, he no longer knew anything about Sharingan. So of course, he knew that the more tomoe Uchiha eyes have, the stronger their Sharingan.
He started at the comic for a few seconds before closing it again.
Why he read Akabane Comic is not because it’s fun, but because it gives him inspiration for his research. And it didn’t fail him since with Lee’s Taijutsu, he became more interested in it.
But this thing like Taijutsu…
It seems to be more difficult to study.
“Human body is really extremely subtle.”
Orochimaru sighed while saying it sincerely.
For example, the body of Yamada that can allow him to recover from any wounds he received thanks to the Evil Chakra.
If he can study a similar effect, maybe he can achieve the effect in the comic without training that hard.
But Orochimaru only thinks about it, since Taijutsu is not attractive to him.
“Human potential is very powerful, such as the human body Eight-Gates…”
Orochimaru mumbled since he heard it somewhere.
“Gate of Opening, Gate of Healing…”
Akabane one after another said the name of Eight-Gates.
Orochimaru has read too many books and has gradually forgotten any things due to it. But when he heard the specific name of Eight-Gates, those terms suddenly appeared in his mind.
“Eight-Gates of the human body, limit Chakra’s level.”
Orochimaru said after Akabane finished talking, explaining what he had recalled.
Hearing it, Akabane nodded since what Orochimaru said was also similar to the one that he read on the Kurama Clan Library about the Eight Inner Gates.
Kurama clan’s ancestors used the idea of Eight-Gates to solve their physical problems, but after researching it, they finally come to the conclusion that the more doors you open in your body, the faster you will die.
If there is a record on their clan about it, obviously even the anbu also has it.
With Orochimaru’s cooperation with Danzo, he must have seen similar records there, so he is not surprised that Orochimaru also knows it.
“Chakra is a combination of physical energy and spiritual energy. The existence of Eight Inner Gates is a lock that limits Chakra consumption to a safe level. So if you turn on the Right Inner Gates on your body.…”
Orochimaru’s thinking is very quick. When Akabane reminded him, a bunch of theories appeared in his mind instantly, and then he understood most of the meaning.
Turning on Eight-Gates will burst out incomparably powerful power, but opening the human body is taboo because it will cost death!
“I’m really curious about what it will be like to open Eight-Gates.”
Orochimaru sighed.
He has a little interest in Taijutsu, but upon hearing the Eight Inner Gates, he becomes interested in it again that he wants to research it immediately to know its effect.
But if he really studies it, it will likely take a lot of time.
“We are not Taijutsu users.”
Akabane advised seeing how serious Orochimaru looked.
Although it is very powerful, it can still cause death after prolonged use, which makes Akabane discouraged.
Of course…
If that side effect is removed then it’s really worth opening the Eight-Gate.
He thought to himself.
“I Agree.”
Orochimaru chuckled slightly.
At this time, Orochimaru didn’t have a fetish for being immortal yet like in the anime, and still cherished his life.
While they were talking, some folks wanted to sit beside them but after listening to the topics they were talking about, they felt no room to interrupt so they walked away silently before they got close to their spot.
“By the way, in the following plots, a big villain will appear.”
Akabane who suddenly remembered the following plot couldn’t help but say after a moment of silence.
Orochimaru raised his eyebrow. He didn’t know why Akabane was saying it to him since it’s considered a spoiler of the story, but after thinking about it carefully he couldn’t help but ask in surprise. 
“Don’t tell me you’re going to use me?”
“Um, I have this idea.”
Akabane nodded, when he was about to continue talking, suddenly someone patted his shoulder.
When he turned his head he saw Tsunade behind him.
“What are you talking about, what about Orochimaru? Is it about your comic?”
Tsunade asked as she naturally sat down at their table, and behind her, Jiraiya followed with a headache.
With the two sitting down their table has been fully occupied.
Orochimaru winked at Akabane and motioned to him to talk about it later when they’re alone, and Akabane slightly nodded to express his understanding.
“What kind of image? Is it a beautiful l…”
Jiraiya’s words stopped when he saw Tsunade sitting across from him. Because of his headache, he didn’t notice her but he immediately shut up and didn’t continue what he was going to say.
“What I’m saying is, I want to use your image for my comics.”
Akabane explained.
“Me? No!”
Tsunade objected quickly.
Orochimaru and Jiraiya were stunned at the same time, and they looked at Tsunade a little confused.
Especially Orochimaru, he is going to be drawn as a big villain and he hasn’t even spoken yet, so why is Tsunade so unexcited?
“How can I allow you to draw me when what you draw is all at our grandchildren’s age, how old do you think I am when you draw me?”
Tsunade exclaimed as she thought of her age at that time.
By then, she will be at least over fifty years old. For a girl like her, old age is her greatest enemy!
“Hehe~ if you say it like that, I’m really curious about what you look like when you become old Tsunade. How about I draw it for you?”
Jiraiya said as he doesn’t understand how important age and appearance are for girls like Tsunade.
Akabane and Orochimaru who heard him couldn’t help but sigh.
This guy is dying again!
And sure enough…
With a loud bang! Jiraiya was knocked to the ground with a punch.
And Tsunade who punched him had her forehead full of veins from anger and said threateningly. “If you dare to draw it, I will remove your hand believe it or not!”
“Uh, I’m sorry… I’m sorry.”
Jiraiya was so scared that he kept apologizing unconsciously. In front of Tsunade, the only thing he could do was apologize since he didn’t want to die young.
“Anyway, I don’t agree.”
Tsunade exclaimed.
“Actually, your worry is unnecessary. I remember that Grandma Mito is still so young despite having the age of my ancestors.”
Akabane was confused at first.
But after thinking about it, he remembered that Tsunade didn’t learn the Yin seal yet so she didn’t know its effects.
“Uh, that’s because of…”
Tsunade froze for a bit, and then her eyes gradually brightened, “Yes, grandma hasn’t aged for so many years, there must be a secret to it!”
“There is this kind of technique?”
Jiraiya was stunned.
“Uzumaki Clan’s physique, right?”
Orochimaru then explained, “Her physique plus Secret Jutsu may be able to reach that level.”
Uzumaki Mito has appeared in the exhibition, so everyone has seen Uzumaki Mito’s current appearance.
Obviously, if he came to that conclusion, he should have a study about it.
“In that case, I agree!”
Tsunade smiled brightly and agreed.
“You changed your mind too fast.”
Orochimaru couldn’t help but retort. 
“Of course, after all, I am also very curious about what Akabane will look like!”
Tsunade answered with a smile.
Orochimaru turned silent when he heard it and couldn’t help but also look at Akabane with Jiraiya obviously thinking the same thing.
Seeing how the topic turned to him, Akabane couldn’t help but sigh, and said, not answering directly.
“Whether I will be drawn in my comic is not certain, I will show it to you when I draw it.”
For the Chunin Exams, he can actually change the other characters’ roles, but he feels that replacing Orochimaru’s role with other ninjas in the Chunin exam will lose its meaning.
Orochimaru understands what he means, so nodded and didn’t say any more.
“He’s coming.”
Tsunade pulled Akabane’s hand, motioning him to look forward.
Hyuga Kazuhiko.
Akabane looked up, this guy was wearing Hyuga Clan’s iconic clothes, and his behaviour was very mature.
“A skilled politician.”
Orochimaru coldly snorted, picking up a piece of meat, and each minding their own business and started roasting it.
“Cannibals have short mouths, but his approach is really unpleasant.”
Akabane said as his expression remained unchanged still with a smile on his face but dissatisfaction was coming out of his mouth.
This guy used his teammate’s relationship to let Inuzuka Ishi help to bring Sakumo, and then used the network of Sakumo and Inuzuka Ishi to draw the rest of the same clan to form this party.
“What do you mean?”
“Many of those present will be well-known figures of Konoha in the future……Jiraiya, do you understand that?”
Tsunade whispered.
The location of the four is relatively remote, and so naturally they don’t have to worry about being heard.
“What is this, shouldn’t you work harder if you have poor talent?”
Jiraiya said. Although he acts stupid, he really is not. He just didn’t want to think about meddlesome things that deeply. That’s why he acts like that.
After entering the store, Hyuga Kazuhiko greeted everyone one after another. And “finally” saw Akabane’s position and approached them.
“I didn’t expect you to sit there, the newly opened Barbecue Shop location is not big enough so I’m really sorry about that.”
Hyuga Kazuhiko bowed slightly and apologized.
The smile on his face made Akabane unconsciously think of Sai in the comic.
No, his smirk is even worse than that of Sai.

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