Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 139


“You don’t need to care since we happen to like this position very much.”
Orochimaru indifferently said.
“No, how can this be.”
Hyuga Kazuhiko smiled, “You are the elite of our class.”
“No, we said we like this spot, or are you going to ignore our decision?”
Akabane slightly frowned.
Their words should be clear enough, but this guy can’t tell good from bad……
Hyuga Kazuhiko’s eyes slightly narrowed, but still ‘smiled’ and said: “In that case, I wish you all a good meal.”
After speaking, he nodded and left their table while walking naturally towards the next table.
Seeing the nuisance gone, Akabane looked around for a while.
And he can estimate that there are about Thirty-forty kids that attended this gathering, and half of them come from a clan while the other half are ninjas who have a commoner’s origin who successfully passed the exam and became a Genin.
In terms of food treatment, Hyuga Kazuhiko treats them similarly.
However, with a subtle observation, he can still notice the difference between those who come from a Commoner family and those who come from a Clan.
From what he observed, those who have better strength and aptitude were sitting closer to Hyuga Kazuhiko. 
And why Hyuga Kazuhiko wanted Akabane groups to change seats was also because of this purpose.

“We are the first graduates after the war, and in the future…”
Hyuga Kazuhiko gently said to all who attended his gathering.
Jiraiya murmured.
“Eat quickly.”
Akabane said as he eats silently, ready to leave after eating and dealing with things.
Orochimaru seems to have the same idea.
The two started eating, using the roasting method that can fill up their stomachs in the fastest way, and they didn’t care about the taste.
As for Jiraiya…
Just after eating a few slices of meat, he suddenly covered his stomach and ran to the toilet: “Argh! It’s coming! I’m going to the toilet!”
“Che, this idiot, obviously had diarrhea this afternoon, but still come when hearing there is a free barbecue.”
Tsunade sighed softly.
“Regardless of him, let’s continue to eat.”
Orochimaru took a few more mouthfuls, getting his mouth full of food.
His character is neither slow nor hurried, so it is really rare to see this scene.
Tsunade still ate neither slow nor hurried and didn’t care about their abnormality. After a while, Akabane and Orochimaru stopped.
The two glanced at each other, then turned their heads at the same time at their surroundings.
And saw everyone not paying attention to where they are.
Very good…
In silence, the two made a hand seal creating a Shadow clone and using Transformation Jutsu at the same time while sneaking away from Tsunade.
Tsunade who was sitting with her back facing the entrance didn’t notice two suspicious men leaving the Shop.
After getting out of the Barbecue Shop.
The two men who used Transformation Jutsu mixed into the crowd.
After a while, they went to a relatively desolate place outside Konoha.
Orochimaru asked at this time: “You said before that you want to give me a role for your comic, so what kind of role?”
“Yes, it’s a Big villain, equivalent to the big boss of the previous period.”
Akabane answered.
Hearing no reply he then clarified. “And your character was the one who schemed against the Konoha using the Sand Ninja and also a Rebel from Konoha.”
At first, Orochimaru was still very calm when he heard he would become a Villain. But after hearing the words

“Scheme” and “Rebel”, he couldn’t bear it anymore and turned around and said in surprise: “Are you kidding me?”
“No. I am serious. According to my current plot  I intended to draw like this.”
Akabane shook his head and seriously answered.
“Do you think I look like that kind of person?”
Orochimaru asked incredulously.
Good question…
Akabane thought as he squeezed his chin and looked at Orochimaru up and down.
After that, he sat down and took out his drawing board and paintbrush, and with the “Shua shua” sound, he painted the scene of Orochimaru researching Yamada’s body like a mad scientist.
After finishing it, Akabane showed it to Orochimaru.
“What is it?”
Because of the darkness, even if the ninja has good eyesight, it is still difficult to see clearly for a while.
So Orochimaru got closer and finally saw the painting on Akabanes hand.
The drawing shows a ninja who was doing something to the body lying on the ground with its back facing them, but the movement and behaviour of the man in the picture are full of evil feeling that even Orochimaru can sense it from the picture alone.
Taking a closer look, the picture seemed to be very familiar to him.
“Is this guy me?”
The young Orochimaru was confused and pointed at himself for a long time.
“Yes, it’s when you studied Yamada’s body.”
Akabane retracted his Chakra, and the ink dissipated automatically on the drawing board clearing the picture on it.
Orochimaru’s movements stopped, and then he coughed lightly and forcibly calmed himself and said trying to defend himself: “Different angles will have different effects.”
The atmosphere fell silent.
After a few steps, Orochimaru froze again.
He looked at his surroundings and said with a daze: “When did we get here?”
“I want to ask where you want to go, but looking at you who have a thoughtful expression, I didn’t bother to ask.”
Akabane said.
“Forget it, anyway, this period Danzo is not here, let me show you my laboratory.”
Orochimaru said.
So that’s how it is, this is his laboratory.
Akabane looked around and wanted to find the entrance, but since it was too dark at night and he was not a professional sensor ninja he can only look around in vain.
“Don’t look for it, the entrance to the laboratory is not here.”
Orochimaru said as they walked deeper while taking a turn every minute and after walking for a while, they finally reached a huge rock with a crack on it.
But how Orochimaru entered through the crack of the stone made Akabane stare wide-eyed.
With Orochimaru’s body that was like a snake, he squeezed into the crack on the rock and entered easily.
So Akabane couldn’t help but think: “Brother, you can go in, but what should I do?
“Come in.”
Orochimaru who got inside waved at Akabane at the other side and beckoned him.
Akabane was silent for a moment, using a hand seal, he used Earth-Style to cross the rocks.
Not long after, he entered the bottom of the laboratory.
But there was still a rock underneath. After searching in a circle, he finally found a gap in one corner and entered the laboratory through it.
“Hmm, I didn’t expect you to find this gap.”
Orochimaru smiled.
Although his goal failed, he didn’t care.
Akabane looked around after entering.
The laboratory is quite big, but it’s just a room. And he saw a door on the other side. It seems that the outside may be Anbu’s base.
He suddenly understood that Orochimaru specially opened the crack in the rock so that he could enter and exit secretly.
“What do you use for the experiment?”
Akabane asked casually after looking around for a while.
“The most common one is mice, because there are a lot of them, and they are easy to catch.”
Orochimaru replied, “Next is the rabbit, but once I caught a lost deer, it may have come from Nara Clan.”
“You’re lucky no one looked for it.”
Akabane said as he wandered around, and he found a pair of small antlers, from the looks of it, the deer is not big yet.
“It is a rare experimental material, so I can only say sorry to Shimi.”
Orochimaru said, but his tone did not fluctuate.
Using these materials, he has developed a soft body transformation, which is really not simple……
Akabane was impressed.
The current Orochimaru cannot be faulted in any way.
Even if the Third Hokage finds out that he is doing a research experiment, it is only because of Danzo who lured him.
“Akabane, did you know that, in fact, what I want to study the most is not the ordinary Ninjutsu, but the mystery of life and immortality.”
Orochimaru said as his tone was low and he took Akabane to a corner.
After that, he took out his most cherished thing-the body shed by the white snake.
“Snake sloughs? It is said that it symbolizes luck and regeneration.”
Akabane was startled.
The white snakes in Orochimaru’s hands and snakes that appeared in manga are the same.
“Luck and Rebirth, if people master these two, they won’t die, right?”
Orochimaru said to himself.
“Luck is something no one can master.”
Akabane said.
“That’s right, so I want to research the secret of regeneration.”
Orochimaru said as he put it back carefully.
“It is said that Lord First Hokage has a body that can recover from any injuries, but what happened? It’s easy to regenerate, but it’s hard not to die “
Akabane said as he is not really optimistic about it.
Even in the manga, Orochimaru seemed to gain “success “, but he still didn’t think it was immortality.
Although his body is immortal, his soul is still weak.
“What you said may make sense, but I still want to try.”
Orochimaru indifferently said, “Akabane, I envy you.
“Envy me? “
“You can always think of interesting ideas, soft body, Raikiri, the important thing is that your paintings are not just fantasy, but also possible techniques that can be created. “
Orochimaru said.
“What do you mean? “
“I would like to ask you to provide me with ideas so that you can paint at will, anyway…I don’t care about those things. “
Orochimaru said.
Akabane was stunned for a moment. He didn’t expect that he would say that.
But since it’s just to provide him ideas, it’s not a bad deal.
After all, Orochimaru hasn’t mastered the “Snake” series now. So there are a bunch of Ninjutsu ideas he can provide.
Thinking of this, he nodded and said: “Yes, but I have a condition. “
“What, do you really agree?” “
Orochimaru asked in surprise and his joy was clearly evident on his face.
He is eager to get help from Akabane. That’s why he wanted to cooperate with Akabane in Land-of-Rivers before.
This time, he just took the opportunity to say it that’s all, that’s why he didn’t expect Akabane to agree!
“I can provide you with some ideas, but you have to guarantee that you cannot conduct live experiments. “
Akabane said seriously.
“Of course. “
At this time, Orochimaru did not study yet in-depth, nor did he ignore life to the point of seeing them as worthless.
“That’s good, then happy cooperation. “
Akabane stretched out his hand.
The two shook hands. Orochimaru estimated that an occupational condition had occurred. So he tidied up the site that felt a little messy.
Then he continued:” Since Danzo left the village, I suspect that he might have gone to Hidden Sand Village. “
“He is investigating their Magnet-Style right? “
Land-of-Wind having new ninjutsu showed how valued that ninjutsu is seeing how an Anbu Commander was personally dispatched just to investigate it.
“Yes. And he has shown me a lot of information recently. At first, it was just about the information about the One Tail Beast, but now he even showed me the information about the First and Second Kazekage.”
Orochimaru said.
“This Old man is really busy, he first wants to look at the Land of Uzumaki, but now he also wants to manage the Hidden Sand Village. “
Akabane sighed softly.
But this is also as it should be by rights. According to the manga plot, he certainly knows that Hidden Sand Village has not dared to do anything with Konoha in the past few years.
But with Danzo’s personality, he won’t trust Hidden Sand Village.
After taking a few steps outside, he then paused and said, “If you really want to study the Eight Inner Gate on the human body. I suggest you study how to combine Summoning Jutsu with Taijutsu to create your own Ninjutsu. “
“Summoning Jutsu combined with Taijutsu? “
Orochimaru was stunned upon hearing it. Before, he either used summoned beasts for search or reconnaissance purposes so he only summoned one or a large number of them depending on the situation.
He pondered and said truthfully: “I thought about it, but didn’t have any idea how to start.“
“Then you can start from the simpler…”
Akabane said as he drew a picture at random.
What he drew was a ninja who had his sleeves open with several large snakes coming out from it.
It’s the Hidden Shadow Snake Hands!
After that, he drew another “Snake Hands with Hidden Shadows”.
These two paintings are different from his previous ones. The ink he used is not Chakra condensation, so it can be preserved for a long time.
And he finished it, Akabane flung them to Orochimaru and lightly said with a smile: “For reference only. “
Orochimaru took it and took a look. What he lacked was ingenuity. So with such an intuitive picture, he suddenly deduced how to achieve it in his mind.
“It is really good having cooperation with you Akabane.
Orochimaru said excitedly, and when he looked up, Akabane that was in front of him suddenly disappeared.

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