Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 140


“It’s a bit embarrassing saying it’s my own idea…” Akabane sighs.
But this is also the result of comprehensive consideration.
Other techniques are not very helpful to Orochimaru right now. It is better to remind him to complete the technique that suits him first before the other thing.
Akabane who was deep in thought finally came back to the Village while still using his Transformation Jutsu.
And it seems his Clone is still in the Barbecue Shop. 
But he didn’t go back since with his current chakra reserve, his Shadow Clone has enough time to last until the barbecue party ends.
So, Akabanes’ direction was towards his house.
On the way, Akabane opened his system panel to take a look.
His points have risen by more than one hundred, and it only needs a few points for him to reach the demand for boosting his chakra.
“Waking up tomorrow, I should be able to exchange it.”
Akabane thought as he closed the panel.
If his Chakra strengthens again, his Shadow Clone can exist for a long time or even a day, as long as the degree of fatigue is controlled…
In the Barbecue Shop at this time…
“Akabane, can I really rent it?”
“Of course it is true, but the rental price of the latest chapter will be slightly more expensive, so please forgive me about that.”
On the stage, Akabane was holding a comic book with a professional smirk on his face, while promoting his comic for a “rental convenience” plan.
Underneath him was a bunch of ninjas that were clearly stunned witnessing how enthusiastic Akabane was known by all as lazy to the bone.
“This guy is a clone, right?”
Sakumo sighed helplessly.
“It looks like it is.”
Murasaki said as he held his chin while nodding slightly.
Since the real Akabane, even if he has such a plan, he is too lazy to implement it and will only let Kurama Yunlang don’t for his stead.
Hyuga Kazuhiko, who doesn’t know Akabane, is already dumbfounded. He seems mature and sleek, but in the end, he is only a child. Facing the limelight of Akabane, he really didn’t know how to bring the atmosphere back.
“This guy!!!”
Tsunade on the other hand was boiling with anger.
Different from Jiraiya, who no longer has diarrhoea and is devoted to eating meat.
Seeing Akabane’s abnormality. She suddenly understood that the Orochimaru and Akabane on the stage were both shadow clones!
“How dare you not tell me when you both leave, so hateful, hateful! I will definitely beat them tomorrow!!”
The plates on the table were shaking when she banged her fist on the table. And Jiraiya who was startled unhappily took the meat on the plate and said: “Tsunade, don’t mess around, I’m not full yet.”
“Eat, eat, you only know how to eat! I’m already full so take it all!”
Tsunade angrily said as she pushed the plate in front of him.
Akabane shadow clone noticed this scene, his eyes narrowed but seeing how she didn’t charge at them for tricking her, the clone then happily continued to introduce his “new policy”.
In comparison, Orochimaru seems a lot calmer.
Even if it is found to be a clone, it is still unperturbed and calm as before.
Later, Hyuga Kazuhiko was dumbfounded.
Originally, he planned to make acquaintance with everyone who attended this party, and then rat casually until the party was over.
Then after that, call all of those who have good strength and go to the bathhouse to play again.
Now that Akabane is talking to the crowd, there is no reason for him to interrupt him.
And due to it, a good gathering has become a manga exchange meeting. A group of ninjas holding books, reading comics and discussing the plot with keen interest.
And when he thought that Akabane was finally going to stop talking, he then saw him opening the comic and started reading the plot on the book by himself!
what the hell!
He regrets it so much, he knew that Kurama Akabane should not be invited.
When Akabane finishes speaking, the entire group is full.
Most people don’t have many thoughts. They don’t want to stay in the store when they are full, thinking about going out to play or going home to sleep.
So the party also ended with Akabane giving the final speech.
Then after that, as if a cue, all the people inside the shop scramble like an ant, leaving the shop empty.
Tsunade was even happier as she took Orochimaru and Akabane’s hands and dragged them to the corner of the street.
“Tsunade, what are you doing?”
Jiraiya didn’t know what’s going on, so he hurried to keep up with them with worry.
Then the next second, he heard a terrible cry.
And when he ran over, he didn’t see Akabane and Orochimaru shadow.
In the laboratory, Orochimaru is experimenting with the correct usage of Hidden Shadow Snake Hands, but suddenly his whole body suffers severe pain.
“fuuu…Tsunade this girl, her control becomes even more perfect.”
As he was breathing heavily, it took him to retort.
Tsunade’s punches were controlled just right so every time her punch hit, it was always in the painful spot.
And when it fed back to the original body, Orochimaru’s body was aching all over.
So he stops doing his research for a moment to relieve the pain.

Compared to Orochimaru, Akabane is much calmer.
To enjoy the convenience of Shadow Clone, you must bear the possibility of being pitted.
So although his clones got beaten up, Akabane was prepared for it, so it didn’t hurt him that much and sleep peacefully after recovering from it faster than normal due to his physique.
On the 2nd day.
When Akabane gets up, the first thing he does is to open his system panel.
1058 points!
Exchange, Half-Immortal Body-Chakra Enhancement.
Uzumaki Clans Chakra is much better than an ordinary person.
And as soon as Akabane exchanged it, Chakra quickly burst out into his body.
Speaking of Chakra, his chakra reserve is not that small due to upgrading it, but after redeeming the other half, the chakra inside his body seemed to unlock and open something inside his body that made his chakra reserve double!
After a few seconds…
He gasped for breath, and a lot of cold sweat broke out all over his body.
His Chakra has exploded, and the feeling is not at all refreshing, but rather painful.
Akabane got up and took a shower.
After that, he left a clone at home and asked him to work overtime.
He promised to submit the update of the one piece in the morning, so he couldn’t delay it.
Walking downstairs, Akabane found that Little Tomiko’s eyes were looking at him strangely.
“Big brother, you just…”
“Hush! It’s a secret!”
Akabane slightly smiled, with the chakra fluctuation and increases, naturally, he can’t hide it from Tomiko who has an innate high perception ability.
Little Tomiko quickly nodded, and the cat Puppet on her shoulder made a shh gesture that was not rather cute.
Her Puppet control has become more and more mature!
Such an innate talent seems difficult for her to live without being a ninja.
Akabane thought in his heart and couldn’t help but sigh.
When breakfast came up, Kurama Isamu leaned over to the table and asked as he ate, “Are you busy today?”
“Um…time can be arranged freely, what’s wrong? “
Akabane is a little confused.
Kurama Isamu seldom interferes with his usual activities, and this is the first time for him to inquire about his plan.
“Hyuga Clan, send an invitation letter in the morning.”
Kurama Isamu said.
Akabane was stunned. Didn’t Hyuga Kazuhiko just launch a gathering yesterday?
He was stunned for a moment, and then remembered-last night’s party was disturbed by his clone, which was not a success at all.
“If you don’t want to go, I will let someone from the Clan come and do it for you.”
Kurama Isamu said.
“Let us let someone do it for me, the Hyuga Clan probably wants to win over us.”
Akabane took a few bites of his breakfast after answering, then after pondering for a moment he continued, “and it’s not like I don’t want to go. It’s just I messed up the gathering yesterday.”
He didn’t say it was his Shadow Clone and took the initiative to back the pot.
“Well, I will make this clear to the Clan Leader.”
Kurama Isamu nodded his head, obviously understanding why the Hyuga Clan wants to win them over to their side.
After the Chunin Exams, the performance of the nine contestants has gradually spread in the village.
Three directly advanced to Chunin, and the others also performed very well, plus the network of relationships formed behind the nine…
It is no wonder.
Akabane finished his meal and was about to go out and find a place to have a wave.
After thinking about it, he planned to go to Orochimaru, but as soon as he went out, Tomiko’s voice stopped him: “Brother, wait for me!”
“What’s wrong?”
Akabane turned his head suspiciously.
“It’s been a long time since I played with everyone, so I want to go to see Grandma.”
She said timidly.
“No problem, and although it is safe in Konoha, you must remember to come back early.”
Akabane didn’t worry about it and said casually.
“Akabane, you child is not sensible at all, how can she recognize the way of Konoha when Tomiko just came.”
When Kurama Keiko heard this she walked out of the house angrily.
Akabane was startled.
With such a high-sense humanoid radar, can you get lost?
“Furthermore, Lady Mito takes care of you so much. I don’t care if you are busy right now. You should visit her with Tomiko!”
Kurama Saki continues to scold.
Akabane scratched his head. He didn’t arrange a plan to go to Senju Clan. He just wanted to temporarily avoid Tsunade.
Looking at it now, it seems he can’t escape his fate…
“Big brother, I…”
“No problem, big brother will take you on a journey to recognize the way. So if you want to visit your friends, you can go by yourself .”
Akabane said as he touched her head…
Tomiko also walked quickly following Akabane, with the small Puppet cat standing on her shoulder.
Walking out of the Kurama clan, her red hair is very eye-catching.
From there, many passers-by turn around frequently.
After a long time, they reached the Senju Clan, but they didn’t enter. 
“The Senju Clan is in front of you. After you enter…”
Akabane squatted as he told her what to do. If he can avoid it, he will run right after he shows the way.
Even though it was the clone that got hit yesterday, the pain and memories that came back were enough to show Tsunade’s anger and fierceness.
“Big brother, are you hiding from Tsunade big sister?”
Tomiko asked sharply.
Akabane’s face became stiff, and immediately said: “Of course not, I have a good relationship with Tsunade.”
“Oh, Is that so…”
Little Tomiko winked at him as if implying something.
Akabane froze for a moment, then patted her head to express understanding.
It seems that Tsunade is lying ambush on the side…
I’m finished!
He secretly complained in his heart.
If he had just turned around to leave, he would be caught on the spot, and the consequences would be tremendous.
“hmph, you are wrong, I have no relationship with him at all.”
Tsunade angrily said, “He didn’t take me when he ran yesterday, and only took Orochimaru, maybe it’s Orochimaru with whom he has a good relationship!”
“Cough cough, I also want to meet Lady Mito, let’s talk as we walk.”
Akabane broke the topic and brought Tomiko forward.
“If you didn’t come today, I was on my way to capture you because it’s what Grandma wants.”
Tsunade said.
“Huh? Why?”
“It seems to be related to your comic, I don’t know the details.”
With Uzumaki Mito’s thinking, even Tsunade who was the closest to her didn’t know what she was thinking.
Akabane pondered for a moment and decided to leave it alone.
Anyway, you can’t go to a different place at the same time, so it’s better to wait for her to say it to him than guessing incorrectly. 
He walked to the courtyard and saw Uzumaki Mito lying in the courtyard leisurely, and the seven comics on the side were very eye-catching.
She took out all the manga.
What’s the situation?
“So you brat still know how to visit me huh?”
Uzumaki Mito’s tone is indifferent, but with a bit of unusual irritability.
“I was a bit busy yesterday, so…”
“You only created one chapter for so long after coming back from Land-of-Wind, you are lazy again! Also, I heard about your virtual Illusory Domain and it seems such a fun technique, you should let me experience it right?”
Uzumaki Mito said as she sat up quickly with an angry look on her face.

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