Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 141


Akabane was dumbstruck, why was she so mad at him, he thought.
Not only him, Tsunade and Tomiko are also at loss.
At this time, Uzumaki Mito noticed Little Tomiko and her expression changed abruptly, returning to her gentle appearance, smiling kindly, and beckoning: “Child, come here!”
Tomiko leaned over since in front of Uzumaki Mito, who was also red-haired, she was not afraid of her life is in danger.
“Oh! Is that Puppet on your shoulder?”
Uzumaki Mito teased.
“Mmm, it was a gift brought back by big brother.”
As little loli said that, with a flick of her finger, the Cat Puppet raised its left paw and waved at Uzumaki Mito.
Uzumaki Mito picked her up, amused and exaggerated praise, and soon kissed the little girl.
After a while…
“Tsunade, you take Little Tomiko to play with others.”
Uzumaki Mito kindly put her down, as she urged them to leave the two of them alone.
Tsunade responded with a nod of her head, and then beckoned her hand on Tomiko and took her out of the courtyard.
Akabane on the other hand is sitting upright.
He knows that something serious is coming up with how she let the two leave them alone so Akabane was waiting nervously for Uzumaki Mito to talk.
Uzumaki Mito put the comic aside, swayed on the chair, and said after a moment of silence: “Akabane, I once again read your comic for this period of time today.”
“And then?”
Akabane was a little puzzled.
“So far, apart from Sasuke, there has not been a second Uchiha from their Clan that showed up in your story.”
Uzumaki Mito sat upright and asked, “Is this a coincidence?”
“No, of course, it is not a coincidence.”
Akabane said with a smile.
“When I read it, I was wondering why there is only one Uchiha. According to your plot, Uchiha Clan is annihilated, right?”
Uzumaki Mito said as she held seven comics in her hand.
If Uchiha hasn’t been annihilated, then why hasn’t it appeared until now?
More than that, when Haku met Uchiha Sasuke, Zabuza mentioned that he was the descendant of a tragic clan.
If she hadn’t read it again, those small details will not be noticed at all.
“Yes, that is the foreshadowing of the next plot.”
Akabane does not deny that these plots themselves have laid a lot of foreshadowing, as long as you pay attention to it, it is not difficult to detect.
“Do you really want to poke a hornet again?”
Uzumaki Mito said with a headache.
“Grandma, I didn’t do anything wrong, I just drew what came to mind, and we won’t know for sure if Uchiha is going to complain to me or thank me for it.”
Akabane said as he slightly smiled.
Since last time, he and the patriarch of the Uchiha have secretly had a faint trace connection.
And Uchiha is not at all that difficult to deal with.
“so that’s how it is, you have a connection with Uchiha.”
Uzumaki Mito said as she lay down and was silent for a long time.
The older she gets, the more transparent her eyes are. With only a few words, she already guessed the follow-up from Akabane’s words.

Akabane was taken aback and then wished to slap his mouth hard.
“Hmph, you don’t need to worry about me telling the Third Hokage.”
Uzumaki Mito indifferently said.
“I understand.”
In any case, Uzumaki Mito is treating him with care so he didn’t worry about her lying to him.
In addition, he does have a deal with Uchiha, and it is estimated that Uchiha will look for him in the near future again for it.
Uzumaki Mito looked down, sitting in a chair for a long time and she said, “Uchiha Yuan wants to bring Uchiha glory back… You said, if you can let go of the past and truly integrate into the village, will the village accept it?”
“Some people may not accept it.”
Akabane shook his head since he is not optimistic about it.
The downfall of Uchiha started with the Second Hokage. And Danzo is the person who believes in the Second Hokage the most…
“It’s not that easy inside the Uchiha, otherwise it would not be Uchiha Yuan but his brother who should be the patriarch.”
Uzumaki Mito whispered.
She doesn’t leave her home, but she sees many things thoroughly.
Akabane was silent.
Since Uchiha’s position has nothing to do with him.
“I’m too old to help even my hometown, let alone help you, so don’t learn from your Teacher…”
Uzumaki Mito said she closed her eyes. And after a moment of silence, she sighs and explains. “Hindering and suppressing them blindly only make things worse. If they want to make the Konoha stand firm, it was better to incorporate the Uchiha but Your Teacher and Tobirama are too stubborn.”
“Although I agree to what you said grandma, it’s useless to tell me this, or do you think I will become a Hokage or Anbu Commander in the future?”
Akabane burst into laughter.
Just his own personality, not to mention Anbu Commander, even Hokage, he didn’t want to become any of the two with how lazy he is.
“We don’t know what will happen in the future clearly.”
Uzumaki Mito retorted. Then she suddenly sat up on her rocking chair and said: ” Okay, let’s not talk about those unimportant things and let’s talk about the important one.”
Akabane answered respectfully, ready to listen to her teachings like a good child.
“It’s about your comics. If you can’t concentrate outside, you can come to my courtyard to draw your comics so you can concentrate on your work. Although we don’t have many clan members, I have money to feed you.”
Uzumaki Mito has a serious face while saying that.
Is she going to shut me up in a small dark room just to draw comics?
This is too ruthless!
“Did you hear me?”
Akabane can only nod his head albeit reluctantly, since who makes her the strongest in the Konoha!
“Go and start drawing if you have nothing to do, don’t be lazy here.”
Uzumaki Mito waved him away.
“Well, rest and take care of your body.”
Akabane such as the amnesty.
Every time he comes to Senju Clan, he has deja-vu as if he enters the wolf den.
After he left, Uzumaki Mito slipped a Sealing Scroll out of her cuff, followed by the drawing board, brushes and a few sketches that were summoned out.
“I hope I can finish the painting in the rest of my life so that I can leave something in the world.”
After that, she started to paint.
And the Comic title she was working on was “God of Shinobi’s Amusing Lifestyle”.
From the Senju Clan, passing by a courtyard, Akabane heard Tsunade’s voice inside.
So he climbs the wall and takes a sneak peek at what’s going on…
And what he saw was a dozen children sitting in the courtyard, with Tsunade sitting in the middle, and telling them her experience about Land-of-Wind.
Since it’s a story, she has to add details while telling a story.
In Tsunade’s version, she herself has become extremely intelligent, making brilliant and wise decisions.
“Heh~ you really know how to brag.”
Akabane whispered as he lowered his head and quietly climbed down the fence.
Being entangled by a bunch of children, he can’t help but walk away for a while and take advantage of this time to slip away.

Akabane wanted to go back home to sleep after leaving the Senju, but thinking about it, he might be scolded when he comes back early, so he stayed outside for a while.
After walking for a while, he decided to go to the manga lounge to sleep.
In the shop, he saw a bunch of people.
Most of them were buying comics, but the one he is curious about is Uchiha Ryo who was also there but he is not buying a comic and instead was standing there like he is waiting for someone.
“Hyuga Clan just sent the invitation letter in the morning, now Uchiha can’t sit still?”
Akabane thought to himself. But he didn’t stop on his track and continued walking to the Comic Shop.
Uchiha Ryo who was standing there with a comic book in his hand also noticed Akabane, but he didn’t move towards him nor stop him. 
He just stands there calmly reading the comic as if he didn’t notice Akabane coming. But when the two made eye contact, Akabane caught a glimpse of a flash of red on Uchiha Ryo’s eyes followed by the appearance of a single tomoe that began to whirl.
And in the next second, Akabane was instantly pulled into Illusory Domain.
There was a flame around and the surrounding was quite dark, but obviously, it was just ordinary Genjutsu.
“Kurama clan is nothing too great when it comes to Genjutsu.”
Uchiha Ryo sneered as he appeared in Illusory Domain.
Since he Awakened, he has been impatient to fight Akabane to win and now he finally finds a chance!
“You are looking for me, just for these?”
Akabane said very calmly.
Uchiha Ryo’s spiritual energy is too small. So It’s easy for Akabane to cancel or even bounce back an offensive genjutsu to its caster.
And Sharingan that only has one-tomoe, is really nothing great for him.
“Hmph, trying to stay calm inside my genjutsu? Try breaking it first before you cry from humiliation!”
After finally getting his Genjutsu succeeded in taking his opponent, he didn’t expect the other side to be still calm, that’s why Ryo become enraged since it’s like a slap on his face!
Akabane sighed softly, and then…
The spiritual energy condenses, bursts and he makes hand seals instantly.
Uchiha Ryo was slightly startled when he saw it, and then he even became more startled when he saw his whole body being restrained without him noticing!
“Enough playing.”
Akabane said as he summoned a chair out of thin air with a snapped off his finger, and sat on it lazily and asked.” So can you answer why you throw ninjutsu on me?”
Genjutsu was countered?
Uchiha Ryo’s face is red with distraught. For an Uchiha, having their Genjutsu countered easily is definitely a shame on their pride!
Although he is embarrassed, now he needs to be mission-oriented, so he started to talk and said: “The Clan Leader said that he wants to see you.”
“Oh, that’s it?”
Akabane is not surprised. The Hyuga Clan has been competing with the Uchiha Clan for many years. So when the Hyuga Clan began to draw in their clan, Uchiha Yuan could not sit still.
“Ah? What is your attitude!”
Uchiha Ryo struggled angrily when he saw Akaba’s nonchalant reply, but his strength was too far from Akabane, so the only thing he could do was to make a noise.
Since even if his one-tomoe is turned on, it is only one-tomoe after all.
“It’s nothing, you just need to say to your patriarch I understood.”
Akabane said, and with a waved of his hand the Genjutsu was cancelled.
Such rough Genjutsu, anyone can easily crack it, especially him since it’s just a child play for him.
Uchiha Ryo didn’t say anything and immediately fled from the shop after being released.
Kurama Yunlang who saw Akabane quickly walked over and said: “Akabane Young Master, it is selling well today, but there are a lot of people who come to rent books…”
” Ah, I forgot to tell you that this is the plan I thought about recently. The book I recently updated can be rented to the people in the village at a low price. Of course, they cannot damage it, otherwise, they will lose their money.”
After Akabane explained it, he couldn’t help but sigh.
Although his shadow clone can’t harm him, and what his clone did was beneficial for him, it is still a pain to clean the mess of his clone!
“This…Okay, what about the days?”
Kurama Yunlang is stunned, but it’s the Boss’s order so it needs to be carried out immediately.
“One or two a day.”
Akabane said.
“Oh! Thank you Akabane, thank you.”
A few ninjas kept saying thanks, but it only embarrassed Akabane.
He scratched his head and said apologetically: “I forgot to tell Yunlang big brother so it causes such a misunderstanding, so… you can borrow it for free today, but you have to bring it back within a day.”
“Mr Akabane, thank you very much, but we all know each other, as long as we have one set it’s enough!”
They kept bowing and thanking him, and then went to Kurama YunLang and handed over the comic.
Four or five people leave quickly.
Akabane feels a little bit emotional. For these commoner ninjas, 100 taels are very precious, so borrowing them instead of buying them is definitely a good deal for them. And One day is more than enough for them to read it.
“Young Master, if you have a new plan next time, can you tell me first?”
Kurama Yunlang said weakly.
“Sorry, sorry, this is an accident…”

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