Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 142


“Kurama Akabane, huh, it’s Shadow Clone again. We have been working together for so long, can’t you trust me more?”
Uchiha Yuan said as he walked out of the woods.
There is no dissatisfaction in his voice, but talking with a clone is definitely not pleasant
“You misunderstood, I am not wary of you, but it’s a pain for the real body to come here and then go back when it’s easy to send a clone instead of going back and forth right?”
The Shadow Clone answered as he rushed from the other side of the woods.
This forest was the place where they met for the first time, and now it is also used for the second meeting.
When Uchiha Yuan heard this answer, he couldn’t help but sigh softly.
This guy is really lazy!
But he didn’t say anything. He walked to the right place and stopped, turned on his Sharingan and looked all around. After making sure that no one was tracking, he said: “Do you know why I am looking for you?”


Akabane remained silent, he hated this kind of questioning the most.
Seeing that the other side did not answer, Uchiha Yuan had to continue to say: “Your comic never mentioned the Uchiha’s clan, if my guess is right, the Uchiha Clan has been annihilated right?
“If this development continues, this is a high probability event.”
Akabane did not deny it.
The Third Hokage and Danzo have never been that good towards their clan.
In the future, the Uchiha Clan was squeezed out by one step further, and that was not Danzo’s idea alone.
Of course, without the Nine-Tails event, the Third Hokage would not agree to it.
“Yes, Danzo.”
Uchiha Yuan nodded then asked, “Kurama Akabane, are you interested in becoming a Hokage?”
“Ha, you are kidding me?”
Akabane didn’t answer directly, but the meaning was self-evident.
“If you become Hokage, maybe Uchiha can be completely integrated into Konoha.”
Uchiha Yuan said.
“No, I am not interested in becoming a Hokage.”
Akabane shook his head.
Being a Hokage is very tiring for a day, not to mention how his comic will be over-interpreted. 
That kind of day is so boring.
“It’s a pity, otherwise you are a very suitable candidate.”
Uchiha Yuan sighed.
Although Akabane is not the Third Hokage disciple, anyone with a discerning eye will know that he is not much different from the Third-Kage disciples.
Secondly, he has a good relationship with other people.
Sakumo, Murasaki, Orochimaru, Tsunade…
This group of people experienced the Chunin Exams and gradually sharpened their own edge.
They are strong competitors and also Akabane’s team.
More than that, there is also Danzo. It can be said that when it comes to natural resources Akabane is the best among the new generation.
As for Danzo himself–
It’s not that Uchiha Yuan looks down on him, The Third Hokage lives for one day, and that guy will not be a Hokage one day.
People who belong to the darkness can never truly become the sun.
“If you only want to say this to me, then I can only say sorry.”
“The main reason I want to meet you is, I just want to say that you can paint whatever you want and the Uchiha don’t have a problem with it.”
After Uchiha Yuan said that, he turned around and left.
Akabane just stood there for a moment, and after sensing no one, the Shadow Clone was lifted.
“Uchiha Ryo Awakening may not be related to me, and there may be others.”
Akabane knows the information clearly.
Allowing the Uchiha whole clan to have an indifferent attitude is bound to be a greater benefit.
Even if a comic is directed and guided, it is essentially fictitious, and these unimportant things can be ignored before tangible benefits.
Annihilation is obviously more beneficial than the crisis of outsiders getting their Sharingan, or being watched being their back, etc…
More than that, it can also inspire a group of “fighting parties” within a clan.
“Uchiha Yuan, are you really able to do it?”
Akabane thought to himself.
In the original Naruto, except for the war between Izanagi and Izanami, Uchiha rarely fights for the rest of the time.
When Uchiha Fugaku came to power, he never thought of eliminating the within the clan, but compromised step by step.
Cleaning the inside…is it really possible?
Forget it, it has nothing to do with me.
Akabane lay on the bed and as he thought of this.
What’s going on inside Uchiha? It has nothing to do with him. As for being Hokage, no matter how other people push him to it, he is really not interested.
Besides, he is only 12 years old, and I’m afraid it will take more than ten years to become a Hokage.
But thinking of Uzumaki Mito’s threat…
After lying down for a while, Akabane got up, took out the drawing board and started drawing.
The Comic of Naruto has to continue, otherwise, he will really be locked in a small black room, then it will be over.
With Uzumaki Mito’s reputation, Kurama Keiko will only be happy that her son can get the opportunity to be mentored, rather than worry or afraid.
“The next plot is the Chunin Exams First Stage, um… it’s quite simple to draw.”
Akabane recalled the plot in his mind, and then quickly started drawing.
It won’t take long to draw a picture, even more, how the plot and the sub-mirror are already in mind.
It didn’t take long, and the story was completed.
But when he concentrated on painting, a snake’s head suddenly appeared near the window.
It looked at the window and then got in through the gap.
“Orochimaru? What’s wrong, is there any problem?”
Akabane caught it.
“Akaba, I have mastered the two techniques you mentioned.”
Snake clone said.
“So fast!”
Akabane was stunned for a moment. Although Hidden Shadow Snake Hands and Hidden Shadow Snake Hands are not difficult, they have been mastered in just one night?
“It takes a lot of effort to apply to actual combat, and I haven’t mastered it until now.”
Snake clone indifferently said.
Speaking casually, but…
Akabane lightly sighed, it seems that this guy being called a genius once in a hundred years is not without reason.
“Well, I will think about it again.”
He pondered for a moment and quickly drew four pictures.
Orochimaru Stream Body Substitution Jutsu.
Hiding in the Surface
Snakes Bomb Jutsu
Orochimaru’s Style Body Replacement Jutsu
The last one has no technical content and is simply overwhelmed by the quantity, so it can be regarded as an addition.
Of the first three types of Ninjutsu, counting Body Substitution Jutsu is the most difficult.
Other Ninjutsu is just a combination of Taijutsu and Summoning Jutsu, forming a mid-to-long range combat style.
Orochimaru streamed Body Substitution Jutsu, but was equivalent to the moulting of snakes, discarding the epidermis, and creating a new “me” from within the body.
It does not need hand seals, but it consumes a lot of Chakra.
The snake clone climbed onto Akabane’s shoulder, looked down from the top, and remembered the pictures of these four paintings in his mind.
“This Body Substitution Jutsu…unbelievable.”
Orochimaru was surprised.
He got the snake slough and wanted to study luck and regeneration from it, but he never thought of referring to the snake slough itself to create this kind of Ninjutsu.
“It’s just a preliminary idea. The specific Ninjutsu principle needs to be developed by yourself.”
Akabane said.
“It’s enough!”
The snake clone spits out a letter, looking extremely excited.
Researchers are not afraid of their research being difficult, but their lack of direction.
After it vomited the letter it asked: “Akabane, would you like to study the snake Ninjutsu with me?”
“I don’t have a summoning contract.”
Akabane said casually, while still drawing comics, each minding their own business.
“I have it here.”
“No, the snake does not match my temperament.”
Akabane immediately refused.
“It’s a shame.”
Although Akabane has various Ninjutsu ideas, he doesn’t like the snake Summoned Beast.
The snake clone didn’t talk anymore and then returned from the same way.
 Although he looked indifferent when Orochimaru asked him earlier, the truth is Akabane is excited for a moment there.
Orochimaru’s Summoned Beast is Manda, and Manda is from Ryuchi Cave.
As one of the Three-Great Sage Regions, Ryuchi Cave’s strength is without a doubt, once he passes the test of Ryuchi Cave, he can even train Sage Mode!
But the problem is, it’s ugly!
Akabane believes that if he trained with it, he will definitely become like Jiraiaya’s with snake features!
Although it will give him a boost in his strength, but with an ugly appearance, psychologically he still cannot accept it.
When he reached page 40 in one breath, he immediately felt a little tired.
In fact, he is not sleepy, he just doesn’t want to move.
“Lie down and rest for a while, and draw later.”
Akabane has his legs upright. If he has a mobile phone or a computer at this time. It’s very good to have a game. It’s perfect.
Unfortunately, let alone the computer, no one can even master the Illusory Domain game.
Too annoying.
“I don’t know when Shin can learn it.”
After lying down, although there was something in his mind, he fell asleep soon.
Facts have proved that people who love to sleep has nothing to do with physical strength.
However, not long after closing his eyes, the door was banged.
“Akabane Young Master, are you there?”
“Don’t hide in there and make no noise, I know you are in the house. The Clan has something to say and is looking for you.”
Kurama Yunlang kept knocking, but he didn’t dare to break in.
Finally took a nap…
Akabane sighed, got up from the bed, then opened the door and looked at Yunlang with a fierce expression.
“Can’t you just say that I am not here?”
“The Clan Leader sent someone here, it should be something important.”
Kurama Yunlang answered as he lowered his head.
“What a fart thing!”
Akabane replied annoyingly.
The trouble of trivial matters, can they just look it up by themselves?
He glanced outside and saw the patriarch’s son personally standing by the door. 
He should be the messenger Yunlang said earlier he thought.
Hearing the movement, Kurama Shinji walked in and said.
“Akabane, let me guide you.”
“Let’s go.”
Akabane has no choice but to follow him.
Following the son of the patriarch, Akabane arrived at the reception room and saw the patriarch sitting on a table.
Seeing Akabane coming over, the patriarch pointed to the seat and motioned him to sit down.
Akabane greeted the patriarch first before sitting down.
Kurama Wuhe waved his hand to let his son and other people leave. It didn’t take long for him and Akabane to be the only people left in the room.
He then released Genjutsu and pulled Akabane into the Illusory Domain.
“You are looking for me, it has something to do with the Hyuga Clan right?”
Akabane asked first.
“The Hyuga Clan wants to restore relations with us.”
Kurama Wuhe said as he nodded.
“Yes, we had a good relationship with Hyuga before, until after the war, but due to our clan’s heavy casualties and Shinji’s innate talent were not good…”
As Kurama Wuhe said this, he sighed in melancholy.
His son Shinji is now an Elite Chunin, who is considered to be an outstanding talent within the clan’s peers, but it is far worse than other clans.
“The Hyuga Clan knows my potential, so they want to re-establish diplomatic relations.”
Akabane understands what Clan Leader means.
The Kurama clan now has a younger generation ready to take over the older generation, and it is developing normally.
So the Hyuga Clan wants to resume the establishment of diplomatic relations, which obviously has something to do with him.
“Yes, I guess they want to use us to deal with Uchiha. That’s why I called you over to hear your opinion.”
Kurama Wuhe said.
“I don’t think joining such a war is a good thing.”
Akabane solemnly said.
“You think the same as me, but some people in the clan don’t think so.”

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