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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 143


No matter how small the clan is, there are disputes of opinion.
Following, Kurama Wuhe explained the entire process of development clearly.
For most people in Kurama, Hyuga is a big tree, relying on this big tree can make the Kurama clan stronger.
But they forgot the question of, why didn’t the Hyuga come up when they were weak in the past few years?
Only strength can be convincing.
It is a pity that many people cannot see through it.
“I just finished talking to the others, and also didn’t expect to face this kind of thing myself.”
Akabane couldn’t help but laugh at himself.
It seems it was not just the Uchiha who had headaches about their internal problem.
Kurama Wuhe sighed and couldn’t make up his mind. Purging the inside is not just a few words.
It is a cruel internal war.
“Did you call a meeting?”
Akabane asked.
“Yes, they are in the Conference Hall at the back.”
Kurama Wuhe nodded.
Akabane used a hand seal to release the Genjutsu he was in.
Indecisiveness leads to disaster!
At this point, he feels that Monka, who has been hypnotised to the point of being mentally disabled is right. 
A bunch of pig clans mates who only saw what’s ahead without looking at the process is not needed!
After this period of time, Akabane had a pretty good life and didn’t want to be disrupted by these idiots.
“If you want to clean them up, let me do it since you are the future of the clan.”
Kurama Wuhe clasped his fist tightly, and he got up and walked forward.
“I hate trouble.”
Akabane said as he followed out to the Conference Hall.
Kurama Wuhe opened the door leading to the conference room and walked in first, then sat down on the main seat and then pointed at the open space on his side.
Akabane, with no trace of politeness, walked over and sat down and waited for the Clan Leader to start to talk first.
“Elders, let’s continue the topic just now.”
Kurama Wuhe said lightly, “Just like I said earlier, the Hyuga Clan wants to join forces with us. So who agrees and who opposes?”
“Clan Leader, we should join forces with the Hyuga Clan.”
“They are Great Clan. We have joined forces before, and now we can work again together.”
“Agree United!”
Many Elders immediately started to talk, but some Elders saw something was wrong, so they shut up and did not support it.
Grand Elder Murano saw Akabane relaxed on his seat.
He knows that the clan’s crisis has come to an end.
“If you agree, please get up.”
Kurama Wuhe said indifferently.
A bunch of Elders stood up, but some of them felt something was wrong when they got up so they sat down again after hesitating for a while.
“I announce that everyone who stood up just now has been dismissed from the Elder’s position.”
Kurama Wuhe declared after seeing them standing.
“Wuhe, you are too stubborn. Working with Hyuga can only bring us benefit.”
“The Clan Leader suddenly disagrees. It’s because of what Akabane said!”
These Elders were angry and flustered and didn’t expect the final result.
Everyone looked towards Akabane when they heard what one of the elders said, Kurama Wuhe was very hesitant earlier, but when he came back, he became determined.
Only one thing happened during that time and its Akabane!
“Everyone, do you think it is good to work with Hyuga?”
Akabane asked as he slightly smiled.
“With Hyuga and Uchiha fighting, we can make a profit, and cooperation with Hyuga only increases our profit.”
An Elder said.
When the sandpiper and the clam fight each other, it’s the fisherman who benefits, and that’s what they think.
“The Hyuga Clan want to cooperate with us, because we have someone who awakened his Kekkei Genkai at a young age, but why didn’t they cooperate with us much earlier when you Elders also have Kurama Bloodline?”
Akabane said clearly smacking their faces with his word.
These people are old, they don’t have the heart to fight, so they will just plot against their own house, being corrupt and greedy.
The Elders were stunned, and then they all objected in unison, “It’s because of…” but they didn’t know what to say
“It’s because you guys are already old that can’t do anything besides talk, and it is us who are useful and powerful. Not only that, but your choices are also stupid and wrong!”
Akabane said indifferently and continued, “We can’t even fight, so what do you plan to do in front of Hyuga and Uchiha?”
They were stunned at first when they got scolded by their junior, but when they heard “Useless” directed at their faces, all the elders that were standing got enraged.
A group of Elders got angry and wanted to hit someone.
“Enough! Can no one hear what I said just now?”
Kurama Wuhe said sharply.
“The Elder system is prescribed by the old Ancestor!”
“Wuhe, how can you do it like this”
“Great Elder, please say something! If it’s like this, the Kurama clan is going to be over!”
At this moment, Kurama Murano stands up, he is the oldest, most prestigious, and now speaking is the most useful.
Akabane slightly frowned.
If the Great Elder wants to oppose the Clan Leader decision, he has to prepare to leave the Kurama Clan with his family.
Playing routines between Hyuga Clan and Uchiha Clan is almost self-immolation, not to mention the Kurama clan after the trifling decline, even at their peak period, there is no such capital.
What major event can a group of sick seedlings become?
“I think Akabane’s suggestion is good. If you think it is good to establish diplomatic relations with the Hyuga Clan, so go by yourself.”
Kurama Murano said, and after looking at the dejected elders that were standing, he continued “ As the Great Elder of the Clan, I announce that all of you who opposed the Patriarch is expelled from the Kurama Clan!”
Hearing it, the Elders are going crazy.
They thought that the Great Elder was easy to talk to, but he turned out to be more ruthless than the Patriarch who only stripped their title. In the end, they were even expelled from the clan!
“Guards, drive them out of our Clan Land.”
Kurama Murano said indifferently.
He has seen battlefield disputes, and his decision is more decisive than Kurama’s Wuhe.
None of these is necessary, as long as he makes a decision, he could just get rid of this group of people.
Some Jonin came in from outside.
These jonins are the most elite power within the clan, and these Elders are old and physically weak, and it is estimated that even if they are just Chunin, these elders can’t do anything to them.
“No! Grand Elder, you can’t do this!”
“We were wrong, we were wrong…”
The Grand Elder didn’t even look at them for their plea as he sat down on his seat ignoring the noises of the elders being dragged by the Jonin.
“Since it’s already been solved, I’m leaving now.”
Akabane said as he suddenly felt sleepy.
He was woken up midway, and now he has to go back and take a good rest again. As for the update…
It’s only after he wakes up!
No-one stopped him, because the most important thing has been solved, and the next thing is irrelevant.
Kurama Wuhe stood up straight, his eyes scanned the remaining elders.
He is very old, but his imposing-manner can still be felt: “In addition, I announce the promotion of Kurama Isamu to become an Elder.”
“Promoting Kurama Isamu to becoming an Elder, who agrees and who opposes?”
Kurama Wuhe examined for a while.
But there was only an absolute silence!
After a while, everyone nodded their head in unison.
Although he said it was for Kurama Isamu, in fact, Kurama Isamu has no talent in management. It is more of a springboard to give the rights of the Elder to Akabane.
The Kurama clan has changed!
With Ten Elders being expelled from the Kurama Clan.
Konoha’s every clan got news soon, but everyone didn’t do anything and maintained considerable tacit understanding.
More than that, many small clans are starting the same action-reducing the number of Elders.
In Hokage’s Office, the Third Hokage reluctantly closed Crystal Ball Jutsu.
How can Hyuga Clan’s actions be hidden from him?
The Two clans balance is in their own one-handed direction. If Kurama Clan really fell to Hyuga, the final result would be miserable.
“Hokage-sama, the Hyuga clan…”
“They will understand.”
The Third Hokage shook his head and did not let Anbu know their action was.
There is no need to intervene in their struggles if it’s within the rules.
Akabane lay on the bed, and it didn’t take long for him to figure it out.
Even without him, Kurama Wuhe would take action to suppress them. Since In front of this old man with many battles experience, this kind of thing is really just a small farce.
He clearly sees the road ahead.
“But this time having me play for it, maybe I can earn something back.”
Maybe being a Clan Leader in the future…
If you think about it carefully, Akabane has some headaches.
Fearing things like this will be indispensable in the future. Since there is no way to reject the position of Clan Leader, it is better to cultivate a good assistant from now on.
When he thought of this, he quickly selected the candidate in his mind.
Within the Clan’s affairs, outsiders are obviously not suitable to intervene, so he can only choose one from his clan.
After deliberation, Kurama Yunlang seems to know him best besides his parents.
Akabane sat up quickly and walked out of the lounge.
There are no customers in the store for the time being, and Kurama Yunlang seems to be relatively idle, and I don’t know what to do over there.
He walked over and glanced at the thing he was doing.
On a piece of white paper, there was a drawing of something like matchstick people.
Akabane touched his chin, pondered for a moment and asked: “What are you drawing?”
“Ah? Sorry, I…”
Kurama Yunlang blushed and quickly hid the “painting” behind him.
“Stop learning, you have no innate talent for it.”
Akabane mercilessly said.
“Sorry, I just don’t know what to do, so I just drew a little bit.”
Kurama Yunlang explained immediately.
He was really busy when he had a business, but when he was free, he was equally bored.
“My business will not be limited to this store. In the future, you will have to manage many stores and many people. With your current talents, it is not enough.”
“Um… me?”
Kurama Yunlang pointed to himself, somewhat unbelievable.
He is an ordinary person!
“Go and learn how to manage, I will rely on you to grow my business in the future.”
Akabane continued.
Kurama Yunlang was dumbfounded.
To be honest, he is not very ambitious, and his life is quite satisfying right now.
“Believe in yourself, you have extraordinary management skills.”
Akabane gave a thumbs up.
“I have extraordinary…management skills?”
Why don’t I know?
Kurama Yunlang looked at his hands, his expression is a little confused.
“Sage of Six-Paths closes a door and opens a window for you at the same time. There are no mediocre people in the world, only people who have not found their talents.”
Akabane continues to infuse chicken soup on his ego.
There are a lot of words like these in his previous life on the Internet, and he can say it for an hour without repeating it.
Furthermore, hypnosis is also part of Genjutsu.
As a Genjutsu master, it is not difficult for him to add a little hypnosis skill while talking and pouring chicken soup at the same time.
He felt like a leader in some videos of his previous life, that was brain-washing his subordinates!
“Close a door, open a window…”
Kurama Yunlang was stunned. He felt a little convinced that he did have a good management talent.
Otherwise, why does Akabane Young Master value himself so much?
After a few seconds, he clasped his fist tightly and said loudly: “Akabane Young Master, please rest assured, I will work harder!”
“That’s it, keep it Up!”

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