Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 144


“When it comes to doing this, Orochimaru is still strong in this aspect.”

Akabane was deeply moved.

Thinking about Orochimaru who can casually brainwash someone, and then looking at himself right now who was almost doing everything he can just to convince Yunlang.

The gap is too big!

In the shop, Kurama Yunlang sat there, thinking about what happened just now.

Although he feels something was wrong, he feels that he does have this kind of talent like what Akabane said.

“Don’t think too much about it, btw, I will leave first so I can finish the “One Piece” update, then you can send someone to pick it up from my house so I don’t need to come here.”

After he finished talking with Yunlang, Akabane headed back to the room in the shop and cleaned the manuscript he had drawn.

“I’ll come and pick it up tomorrow morning. The management learning starts now.”

Kurama Yunlang said after he saw Akabane coming out of the room.

“Very good, it’s reasonable to use our natural resources, since it’s part of the management.”

Akabane encourages.

It seems that the effect is good…

After leaving the Comic Shop, Akabane’s next destination was the Senju Clan.

And although he didn’t want to go, he doesn’t have a choice since Little Loli is waiting for him.

After telling the story for a day, Tsunade consumed a lot of energy and she didn’t care about Akabane who runned away without saying hello.

Since it’s really uncomfortable to accompany the naughty kid. Besides, the Senju family has nine Uzumaki naughty kids beside the Senju Clan child.

Akabane feels distressed silently but has no plans to take on her behalf after he saw Tsunade’s condition when he arrived.

Since for him, Naughty kid is the most annoying!

That’s why he likes Little Tomiko more since she is different from them, not clingy and well behaved, so there is no need to worry.

After getting Little Tomiko with him, they arrived at their home.

But Kurama Isamu and Kurama Keiko were not there, so he went upstairs and took a look. And it seems the Clone has finished the second volume of One Piece.

Little Tomiko, who followed him, didn’t make a lot of noise, but she looked at the first draft prepared curiously-even if she had never read the first volume of One Piece, she still became interested in it.

She glanced at it a few times and suddenly started to talk and asked: “Big brother, why can Zoro still talk when he was biting his sword?”

“With enough training, even ordinary people can do it, like this.”

Akabane took out a kunai and put it on his mouth, and then talked normally.

“It’s amazing…”

little loli looked at Akabane with stars on her eyes and then tried it by herself.

But she is still young, let alone kunai, it is difficult to speak even with a chopstick in her mouth.

So instead of trying it again, She then read the comics, and gradually fell in love with this style of painting and comic, and looked at Akabane’s room looking for the manuscript of the first volume of One Piece.

And these comics are enough for her to read for a while.

After seeing her being engrossed in the Comic, Akabane summoned another clone and gave it an order.

Then after his clone finished cooking, he and little loli who was reluctant to leave the comic eat with gusto and sleep after washing.

On the 2nd day.

He didn’t see Kurama Isamu until he got up at noon.

“You finally got up, Yunlang that child was here in the morning and took away the two comics you put downstairs.”

Kurama Isamu said when she saw Akabane.

Akabane nodded, walking down the stairs, he feels that his father has some concerns.

“Eat something first, because I want to tell you something.”

Kurama Isamu said as he pushed the unfinished onigiri over and let Akabane eat slowly.

Akabane did not refuse.

Onigiri tastes good, but after being stared at, it seems tasteless no matter how delicious it is.

He ate some, wiped his mouth and said, “Father, just tell me what you are worried about.”

“I have been appointed as Elder.”

Kurama Isamu’s tone is heavy as if being appointed as an elder is not a good thing, but a great weight.

Elder position?

Akabane pondered, a little puzzled why his father was in low spirit and couldn’t help but ask: “This is a good thing, right?”

“It’s because I don’t have much talent for it, and my combat ability is not strong. Even the Special-Jonin position was also picked up by trying one’s luck on the battlefield.”

Kurama said, then whispered, “And it’s better for the Clan to have someone who was stronger and knowledgeable than I am to become an Elder, so why me?

Akabane did not speak.

In terms of ability, Kurama is definitely not enough.

And it’s probably because of him…

“But when I inquired about it, I understood that I gave birth to a good son.”

Kurama Isamu sighed.

He never thought about sitting in Elder’s Position, unfathomable mystery will become the clan’s youngest Elder.

This feeling is simply too subtle.

“So when you and Mother were not here last night?”

“We were socializing all night.”

Kurama Isamu said grimly, “After the Ten Elders were expelled from the Clan, their descendants were a little bit upset, so Grand Elder also drove them all out.”

“Late at night?”

Akabane was a little surprised.

“Yes, Grand Elder said, our clans are small and don’t need too much voice.”

Kurama Isamu said.

As a result, Kurama Isamu was also pulled in. Obviously, it was more because of Akabane.

“Tell me about this…”

“In fact, there is no other meaning, I think the Clan Patriarch and Grand Elder hopes to communicate with you through me.”

Kurama said with a smile.

“Well, I don’t bother to take care of such a troublesome thing.”

Akabane ate something and then waved his hand to indicate that he wanted to go out and look at the Comic Shop.

He fell asleep yesterday, and he didn’t know how many chapters the Shadow Clone finished yesterday.

So he has to ask about the situation.

When he was outside of their house, Akabane slightly frowned.

One, two, three…

The moment they saw Akabane, these people all hid and stopped coming out.

But killing-intent flashed in his eyes, and he used a hand sealed with both hands, and the paintbrush and drawing board appeared from the Sealing Scroll.

And when he was about to use it, suddenly…

“Lord Akabane, please don’t do it!”

Seeing his movements, these people quickly returned and jumped out of the dark.

And these people were wearing Anbu attire, but the only person who called him Lord was-root!

So Akabane slightly frowned.

“Let’s go out and talk.”

He put his things away and left from the gate.

Walking to the edge of the woods, three Root members appeared, kneeling in front of Akabane.

“Why are you looking for me?”

Akabane asked.

“Lord Danzo left a message. If he cannot return within three days, he said you can take charge of Anbu temporarily.”

One of the Root members said.

Listening to the voice, he should be from the Aburame Clan.


Akabane is a little confused, didn’t know what Danzo means.

“We don’t know the details, please follow us to Anbu base to check.”

One of the Root members said.


He didn’t understand what was going on for a while, but it seems very serious so it wouldn’t make sense if he didn’t look for it.

The root member bowed slightly, and then took out a set of clothes from the Sealing Scroll.

And it’s an outfit of Anbu.

Akabane changed into it and followed the Anbus.

Anbu’s base is far away, but with ninja’s speeds, it didn’t take long for them to arrive.

The base is very dim, and it goes around like a maze.

After walking for a while, he came to Danzo’s office.

“Are you guys going to fool me over and shut me in?”

Akabane was a little wary.

Uzumaki Mitos small dark room is just a threat, but the room in front of him is a real small dark room, the kind that you can’t easily get in or out of.

“You must be joking.”

The anbu from Aburame Clan smiled awkwardly. Unless Danzo does it himself, who would dare to shut him off!

So he took the initiative to open the door for Akabane.

There is a small room inside. And a lot of things are in the room. It can be seen that Danzo usually uses these things.

More than that, there is also a Sealing Scroll in the corner.

Root took the lead and went in, and then picked up the scroll.

“Lord Danzo said, you will know by reading the things here.”

After he finished speaking, he bowed slightly and left first.

Akabane picked it up and looked at it. The Sealing Jutsu style above is very simple. Use Chakra a little to solve it, and it’s easy.

Then he picked up the scroll.

Only the Second-Kage of Hidden Sand in the five major villages did not die, the Land-of-Whirlpools situation is in crisis, and Hidden Sand Villages attitude and strength are not clear. It is necessary to ascertain that the Hidden Sand Village will not pose a threat to Konoha.

What was written on it was Information!

“Whether you like it or not, there are some things you have to do.”

A few simple words, but the meaning of the words are very clear.

In the face of Second-Kazekage and the Hidden Sand Village, Danzo himself is not completely sure.

However, information is always collected. Like in “Naruto”, Jiraiya died in Hidden Rain Village to collect Pain information.

Of course, the last sentence means that Akabane will temporarily take over Anbu.

With the help of the root team, it is easy for him to take charge of Anbu.

After all, the current root has not yet formed an independent department, it is just a team of Anbu elites.

On the table, there is a scroll spread out.

There are several names written on the scroll, and the latest name is “Shimura Danzo.”

It looks like a summoning scroll!

Beside the summon scroll, there is a piece of paper with the main points of the contract summon scroll written on it.

Danzo’s Summoned Beast is a legendary dream-eating tapir!

“This hint is really obvious.”

To be honest, Akabane was a little surprised.

Perhaps it was because of the information from his previous life, which caused him to feel that Danzo is always not right, but this time, power, summon scroll, etc. are all put here.

Danzo was really prepared to die when he went to investigate the Sand!

Is this really Danzo?

Being surprised, he couldn’t help but have several points of hesitation.

A dream eating summoned beast, do I want to sign it?

A dream-eating summoned beast has too few appearances in manga and anime, and it is impossible to judge its comprehensive strength and specific ability.

In addition, the appearance of it made him have a bit of curiosity towards it.

“But the dream tapir seems to have the ability to swallow dreams. Will it have a matching effect with Genjutsu?”

Thinking about this, Akabane is even more entangled.

To tell the truth, Dream Tapir is by no means his ideal Summoned Beast, but when he thinks about it carefully, it seems that there is no other Summoned Beast that is worth signing. On the contrary, A Dream Tapir has a probability that matches its own ability.

After thinking for a long time, he signed his name on the summon scroll.

The next moment…

Akabane felt dizzy in his head and fell into sleep.

When his eyes opened he saw a familiar room.

A Dreamland?

Akabane sat up, looking thoughtful towards his surroundings.

The dream is obviously a bit rough since when he opens the window, he can see the distant woods disappearing.

“Hey, stop playing, come out and show yourself.”

But no one answered.

It seems a force is needed to get it out…

Akabane makes hand-seals with both hands, mobilizes the chakra and spiritual energy within his body and then uses Genjutsu’s countermeasures to quickly break through the dream.

But unfortunately, it failed.

“It’s useless, this is a dream I created unless you can find me…”

In space, a voice came.

But in the next second…

Akabane took out the drawing board and began to draw.

It didn’t take long for him before a rain of fire appeared in this dream.

“Waahhh, what are you doing!”

A little beast emerged from the forest in the distance, struggling to avoid the rain of fire coming from the sky, while screaming, “Quickly Stop, I was wrong, I was wrong!”

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