Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 145


Come here.”
Akabane beckons with his hand seeing it appear.
“Why can you control my dream?”
The little beast flew over, feeling very depressed.
“Why don’t you guess .”
Akabane slightly smiled.
Even dreamland is essentially a Genjutsu, it’s only a bit special.
And it is not difficult for him who owns Kekkei Genkai to counter this technique.
“Hmph, I wouldn’t be afraid if it wasn’t for your ability to manipulate five senses!”
The Little Beast snorted with Its nose being red due to the fireball that hit it leaving burn marks on it.
“Are you a dream tapir?”
Akabane feels very strange.
When watching Anime, Danzo’s dream tapir is obviously very big, is it possible that this is just the power of the young version of the dream tapir?
“Of course! hateful, why are you so contemptuous?”
The Dream Tapir angrily said while jumping up and down.
“Too Little.”
“I am good at manipulating and devouring dreams. I am different from those idiots who only know how to eat!”
Little Tapir said.
“So that’s how it is, it seems dream tapir also has its differences…”
Akabane thought in his heart, and then gradually got many ideas.
First of all, this dream tapir seems to be able to create dreams. And apart from anything else, there seems to be a low-profile unreal game server.
But in terms of combat, it seems that he needs to ask more.
Akabane thought for a moment and said: “You said you can eat dreams right, what does it mean?”
“I can eat dreams and Illusory Domain.”
It proudly said.
“Effect, say it’s effect!”
Little Tapir was stunned for a moment, eating dreamland and Illusory Domain is a hobby, just like people eating their meals. The same as having it part of daily life, so it doesn’t know the effect.
Looking at its expression, Akabane knew it was not clear.
Forget it, go back and try again.
“Let’s get rid of the dream.”
He sighed, although he was a little different from what he expected, overall he exceeded his expectations.
At least it is certain that the dream tapir is not limited to Danzo.
“So fast? I want to play for a while.”
The little beast flew in front of Akabane and looked very unwilling, but he still resolved the dream.
It is not difficult for Akabane to forcefully break the dream, but doing so will definitely cause some damage to its spirit.
“By the way, my name is Weaving Dreams, next time you must summon me so I can come out to play!”
The Little tapir shook its long nose.
After finally signing a contract, how can it stand loneliness?
Akabane pondered inwardly.
After thinking for a while he comforted it and said: “Of course, I’ll call you.”
As his tone fell, the scenery in front of him changed rapidly.
The dream is gone.
Akabane glanced around and made sure that he had not missed anything, then sat down and looked at the information on the table.
“Temp Head of Anbu, what a trouble…”
He picked up the scroll on the table and opened it to see what was the message it had since it came from Anbu who was at the Land of Uzumaki.
After reading a few scrolls, he already gains a lot of knowledge about the Land of Uzumaki.
This period of time, Hidden Mist and Hidden Cloud are all dispatched.
More than that, Hidden Stone Village is also on the border and begins to stir, and there is a tendency to relaunch the war.
On the Hidden Sand Village, there is no news…
“There is no movement at all, but it is even more worrying, because it may be no new information yet, or it may be the Anbu’s on the Land of Wind was all killed.”
Akabane sat here, secretly thinking.
No wonder Danzo has to go there in person, Hidden Sand Village is really worrying.
He was pondering, and according to some instructions on the table, he triggered a mechanism.
Not long after, an Anbu member walked in.
“Lord, please give instructions.”
“Are there still available Anbus on the Land-of-Wind border? Are there any medical personnel?”
Akabane asked.
“We arranged for three teams to meet at the border, and another two teams entered Land-of-Wind to hide medical personnel…”
Speaking of medical personnel, Anbu members obviously have it, which made him taken aback.
“Hidden Sand Village is good at poison and hidden weapons. Send a few doctors in advance just in case.”
There is no medical-nin at all, but it is better to have a ninja who has knowledge about it than nothing.
The Anbu ninja lowered his head and responded.
As for the Land of Uzumaki side, Akabane thought for a while and said: “ On the Land of Uzumaki side, let’s wait and see the changes temporarily first.”
When Anbu saw Akabane waving his hand, he immediately used a hand-sealed and disappeared.
Akabane looked at a few scrolls and found that there were other places on it, such as Hidden Rain Village, Land-of-Rivers, etc.
Sudden memory, flashed through his mind, and he picked up the Land-of-Rivers information scroll.
“The Kurama clan joined the caravan to send Comics to the restaurants for free in Land-of-Rivers.”
“Land-of-Wind dispatched Anbu to sneak into the Land of Rivers to obtain information about their missing-nin.”
A series of information and detailed records of what’s happening in the Land-of-Rivers was written on the scroll. It also included how an Anbu from Hidden Sand Village got assassinated by a “Mist Ninja”.
It seems that Anbu doesn’t know, he did it.
Akabane took a look at the information, then tidied them up, and stood up from his seat and opened the door and planned to leave.
When he arrived at the entrance of the base someone appeared.
“Lord, do you want to go out?”
An Anbu appeared suddenly, or maybe it’s the guy who came in earlier…
“Let’s go.”
Akabane dares to say that this guy must have never left since just now and obviously doesn’t want him to have the chance to hang out.
Speaking of temporary control, it is really just temporary control.
After coming out of Anbu’s base, he looked around for a while. From the location, it seemed that it was not far from Orochimaru’s laboratory.
“Lord, if we have something to say to you, how can I find you?”
Today at Kurama Clan Land, he felt the obvious killing intent coming from Akabane, otherwise, he would not rush out.
“Don’t come to my house, you go to the Comic shop and just talk to Kurama Yunlang.”
Akabane answered as he glanced at the other side.
What he hates the most is that other sneaking into his own residence. 
“If you want to say something, you must make a small note.”
Aburame Clan’s forbearance bowed his head.
Anyway, the other side may really take over the Anbu in the future.
So he didn’t dare to ignore Akabane for his future.
Akabane waved his hand and walked in the direction of the village.
Since he just came out of Anbu, going to Orochimaru laboratory is not a good choice.
Originally after coming out of the Anbu base, Akabane planned to go home and rest, but when he passed by the Comic shop, Kurama Yunlangs Matchstick drawing unconsciously appeared in his mind.
Tomorrow morning, Izumi Yamano will arrive to send the comic updates.
And according to the plan, he needs to prepare the advertisement today.
And with Kurama Yunlang’s painting skills…
“Forget it, it seems I have to work overtime.”
Akabane sighed, he changed his direction and walked into the Comic Shop. As soon as he entered the door, he saw Kurama Yunlang writing a banner.
“Tomorrow morning, “Naruto” and “One Piece” will be updated at the same time, so stay tuned.”
Seeing it, Akabane slightly shook his head.
“Akabane Young Master……”
Kurama Yunlang slid the banner, but then thought that Akabane should probably have already seen it, so he put it back in place.
Akabane pondered, he then took out a piece of paper and then started writing.
After writing two sentences, he threw them to Kurama Yunlang.
“Change what you’re writing to this, while I on the other hand will think of what image to add, so you can hang it in front of the shop after you finished it”
After saying that, Akabane entered the room wondering what to draw.
Kurama Yunlang looked at two sentences, carefully figuring out what’s so special about it.
But after looking at it for a long time, he felt that there was nothing special about it, but he also felt that the title was very different.
After thinking about it for a long time, he couldn’t come up with a reason. So he obediently and honestly wrote down the two sentences that Akabane had given him and took it out to hang on the shop.
“A new banner again?”
Shimi’s entire group just returned from training and saw the first banner that Kurama Yunlang had just hung up.
And when they saw it, they couldn’t help but exclaim.
“Shocked! Uzumaki Naruto actually did this kind of thing on Chunin Exams.”
Akimichi, who was about to put the snack on his mouth paused for a moment from shock.
He then read it carefully for a long time, and even read the small painting above, but there was nothing to follow.
“What’s this, why is it not finished?”
Yamanaka Take, who was also reading it couldn’t help but feel agitated.
“Ah, I guess it’s deliberate.”
Shimi shrugged when he read it, he just glanced at it and didn’t look again.
“There is also a banner over there, lets go and take a look!”
Akimichi, who saw the second banner from a distance, ran over immediately to see if it was the following content on the first banner.
But the result…
“This thing again!”
Yamanaka grabbed his hair and fiercely glared at Kurama Yunlang who was climbing down from above.
“Yunlang big brother, why does this banner only have half of them?”
Akimichi couldn’t help but ask.
Seeing the two eyes who was red from having it short, Kurama Yunlang shrank back, and then said without confidence: “I don’t know, these all are Young Master idea.”
“Sure enough.”
Shimi sighed.
Hearing Kurama Yunlang straightforward answers, these two propaganda slogans cannot be written by his straight temperer.
“Then I’ll go and ask.”
“Don’t bother, it’s useless even if you go.”
Shimi stopped him.
This kind of banner that only wrote about the important plot happening in the comic to attract readers is what Akabane want to happen.
So even if they ask, will Akabane answer them?
“Next time I mee him, I really want to beat him up.”
Akimichi said gloomily.
“Have you ever been able to fight?”
Yamanaka doesn’t think he can win when it comes to Akabane especially in terms of Mental energy since he can feel how terrifying Akabane’s Mental energy is.
And even if he fights with Akabane, he does not dare use his family Secret Jutsu at all.
“Let’s go, I want to rest early so I can get up early tomorrow.”
Shimi becom them since he didn’t really care about the cliffhanger. He was smart and restrained so this banner could not deceive him.
But the other two are different.
And the same thing happened to many passers-by.
Ninjas and commoner people passing by this street will go to the store to take a look and finally come back in despair.
When Akabane hung up the poster, many people had already come to visit him and even “greeted” Kurama Yunlang cordially.
“Young Master, what are your banners…what are you doing!”
Kurama Yunlang didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, unfathomable mystery is on his own.
“cough cough, it’s a propaganda format.”
The tactics of the shock department, in his previous life, once occupied the headlines of UC, which shows its horror.
However, doing it every time is not good, since people get used to it too easily if shown many times.

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