Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 146


After only a while, the two-line headline spread throughout Konoha.

It’s not that everyone cares a lot about the next story, but it’s their first time seeing this kind of propaganda, that’s why many readers become curious and were waiting at the comic shop early in the morning on the next day for the new updates to arrive.

And for Akabane, this effect is enough.

Now with the help of the Daimyo, the comic printing in Land of Fire has formed a large-scale industrial chain.

So with two updates being printed on the same day with the same quantity, it is only thanks to the help of the Daimyo.

Early morning on the second day.

Yamano Izumi arrives at the Comic Shop with two carriages carrying the updates of the two comics which each have two hundred copies just for the Hidden Leaf Village.

And since it’s too early, Akabane hasn’t gotten up yet.

So when Akabane arrived at the Comic Shop, Yamano Izumi’s caravan had already left.

And thanks to his banner that worked perfectly, when Akabane arrived at the shop, he saw how the shelf was almost empty!

“Young Master just finished the statistics. Naruto manga currently sells 96 copies and One Piece sells 69 copies.”

“Not bad, continue to observe.”

Akabane nodded and then left a Shadow Clone in the cabin.

Leaving a shadow clone in the store is obviously to work on the next chapters, while also having it cope with some problems in the shop. At the same time, when Anbu comes to find him, his clone can inform himself faster than anyone else with just a baam! 

But for Kurama Yunlang, this is a complete gospel.

Akabane sat at the door, not in a hurry to leave.

And he was thinking whether to summon Weave Dreamer and let it understand the joy of reading comics.

But I have to bite my finger…

“Damn! Why does it need to bleed when you’re just summoning a beast.”

Although Akabane was complaining, he still bit the skin of his finger after a little hesitation.

A few drops of blood came out.

“Young Master, what are you doing?”

Kurama Yunlang is puzzled and surprised. After all, he is not a ninja, and Summoning Jutsu is a more profound technique that even the Kurama Clan don’t have.

“I’m going to Summon a Beast.”

After saying that, Akabane quickly made a hand-sealed and pressed it to the ground.

The technique formula is triggered.

Not long after, a mini tapir appeared from the centre of the technique formula.

The little tapir looked around in confusion while holding water on its body.

Although the environment is unfamiliar, it just looked around in confusion and not in a panic since it recognised Akabanes Chakra. 

The Little Tapir raised its head and noticed Akabane, and it jumped multiple times trying to jump at Akabane shoulder, but since they are not in a dream where it could fly easily, the little tapir looked like a frog who kept jumping.

So without another choice, the little tapir said.

“Akabane Big Brother, pick me up, I want to stand taller!”

“It can talk!?”

Kurama Yunlang was very surprised when he heard it talk and couldn’t help but exclaim. But his surprise didn’t last long as he looked at this little beast that is bigger than his palm with curiosity.

Since why not, it’s his first time seeing a summoned best in his life!

Weaving Dream who noticed his gaze looked back at him, but seeing it just a normal human, it raised its nose haughtily.

And for some reason, Kurama Yunlang feels that the other side is despising himself.

At this time, Akabane lowered his hand to pick the dream tapir and put it on his shoulder.

Weaving Dream’s eyes glanced around and looked at his surroundings very curiously, but then it quickly saw the comic book on the table.
“Akabane, what is that?”

Weaving dream looked like it wanted to jump off, but it stopped when it thought it was not a dream.

“It’s called a comic.”

Akabane replied as he put it on the table, while Kurama Yunlang on the other hand was taken aback and almost fell off the stool when Akabane put it on the table in front of him.

Weaving dreams raised its head and glanced at Yunlang proudly and said: “Ordinary humans, you don’t have to be afraid, this tapir is not interested in your dreams.”

“Uh, yes … yes!”

Kurama Yunlang unconsciously answered while stuttering.

This is his first time seeing this kind of alien creature, so it was a big test for his courage.

“Yunlang big brother, help me to bring out a complete set from the two comics”

Akabane asked while smiling slightly.

Since what he wanted was, as long as Weaving Dreams start reading comics, he can create Virtual Games in dreams in the future!

A Virtual Game in dreams that can make the players also feel pain with the help of his jutsu!

The plan is perfect!


Kurama Yunlang took out the first few volumes, lined up these volumes of comics, and placed them on the table.

Weaving dreams can recognize the words, and quickly walked to the first volume, and opened the cover with its nose.

“Wa, Nine-Tails demon fox!”

Seeing the first page, it gave a strange cry in surprise, and then half sat down, flipping the book with its two paws.

There is no such thing in my place.

At a glance, it can be seen how it was conquered by comics.

“ha ha ha ha, these humans are so stupid, it took so long to chase a child.”

“Seduction, hahaha…”

The Weaving Dream laughed strangely as it read the comics.

Akabane thought it was funny at first, but later on, he couldn’t look directly at it when it laughed.

It’s too magical!

This laugh is too low like Pica!

Since the book got updated, there are still quite a lot of people buying at this time.

Entering and exiting the shop and paying the bill, it didn’t take long for many people to be attracted by the little things on the table.

“A Summoned Beast?”

“It can understand words, its wisdom must be very high.”

“Wow, as expected of a Genius like Akabane. “

They discussed in a low voice, but in Akabane and Weaver’s ears, this level of voice is really not “low”.

So the little beast raised its head and changed its sitting position.

People were watching, but it didn’t laugh, it looked very tight.

Akabane who saw it couldn’t help covering his face and sighing, just looking at its airy and indifferent posture.

It didn’t take long before weaving dreams finished the first volume.

Akabane was staring at his points panel, but unfortunately, the comic has just been updated and at the same time, there are many people reading comics at the same time, so there is no way to know how many points Weaving Dreams contributed.

Otherwise, if he can see how many points contributed to him, he can guess its strength.

“With so many of you, why are you blocking the door?”

At this time, Tsunade’s voice was heard as she poked her head out of the roof. With so many people underneath, she couldn’t get in at all, so she can only find another way.

“Yes, yes, don’t block the door, many people can’t get in from outside.”
Kurama Yunlang shouted loudly.

As a store manager, his words are quite useful sometimes.

Of course…

The most important thing is that Akabane is on the side now.

So the besieged crowd quickly dispersed, and many interested ninjas went back to check the information to see what Summoned Beast this thing was.

With fewer people, Tsunade was able to jump down from above.

At the same time the crows dispersed, weaving dreams relaxed, it stretched its taut’s body to maintain the posture of being relaxed.

Tsunade, who just noticed it, suddenly exclaimed a little surprised: “This Summoned Beast! was it signed by you?”


Akabane nodded.

Weaving dreams looked at her vigilant since it feels that Tsunade is in a very dangerous category.

“Why are you staring at me, I won’t eat you.”

Tsunade rolled her eyes at the little tapir and walked in happily, she then picked up more than ten Naruto comics.

But then, she found that the One Piece’s had also been updated and it made her a little surprised and asked.

“Suddenly becoming more diligent, what happened to you?”

“Don’t look at me like that, in fact, I am a man who cares about his career.”

Akabane won’t say that he was scared of Uzumaki Mitos ‘cares’ for him, so he pulled overtime for his clone.

Tsunade sneered, clearly not believing what he said.

She took a look, then she took out the Sealing Scroll from her waist, and then picked ten more copies from One Piece Volume Two and sealed them all in.

Up to now, she is no longer picking and choosing–

If she picks books with a gambling mentality. There is always nothing at all. On the contrary, she can get one randomly when she buys a book.

After buying the book, she squatted and stared at the dream weaving for a while.

Although it doesn’t look strong, it obviously has a high level of wisdom, which Tsunade envy in her heart.

After looking at it for a long time, Tsunade asked: “Is it an elephant?”

“I am not an elephant, I am a Baku! A Baku!”

Weaving Dream’s nose is red and if it’s anime, it will surely emit smoke showing how enraged it is.

Being compared with an Elephant is an insult for a dream tapir like them!

“A Baku?”

Tsunade was slightly taken aback.

She has never seen a dream tapir, but she has seen it in her clan’s book that it seems that Danzo’s Summoned Beast is a dream tapir.

But the one Danzo has doesn’t seem to be so small…

Weaving dreams stared at her for a while, and suddenly a plume of smoke burst out of its nose.

After that, Tsunade was slightly dizzy.

When she recovered her consciousness, she found herself in a noisy casino.

“Casino? No, I’m in the Comic Shop!”

Tsunade pondered for a moment and immediately understood that she was hit.

It should be a Genjutsu…

She calmed down and tried to release the Genjutsu, but her innate talent in Genjutsu was really not high.

After working hard for a long time, she still couldn’t get rid of the Illusory Domain. Not to mention, It only made her agitated.

Since the Weaving dreams were slowly devouring her dreams!

Akabane didn’t stop it, but observed it secretly, wanting to see what the dream tapir could do.

After a few minutes, he noticed that Tsunade Chakra was decreasing.

As far as Senjus physique is concerned, the Chakra reduction can be sensed, and the reduction is already quite high.

More than that, the Chakra of the dream tapir is growing.

Absorbing other Chakra?

Akabane looked thoughtful, then he reached out and touched Tsunade.

After examining her, he knew the answer in his heart.

Originally with Senju Clans physique, it’s not easy for a dream to work in her, but the Chakra of the dream tapir that was devouring and assimilating the surrounding Chakra leads to the increase of chakra it has over Tsunade.

Without external help, Tsunade will sink deeper and deeper into her dream without waking up.

As for the Chakra growth of the dream tapir, it should be part of the spiritual energy emitted after eating Tsunade’s chakra and entering the dream state.

After knowing its ability, Akabane gently patted Tsunade’s shoulder.

With the injection of Chakra from outside, Tsunade’s Chakra quickly calmed down.

Seeing that its dream got interrupted, the little tapir swept its nose and rolled up a few comics and then disappeared from its location.

So when Tsunade wakes up from her dream, the dream tapir has already disappeared.

Kurama Yunlang who saw how the dream tapir ran away after messing with Tsunade couldn’t help but thought: ‘The wisdom of this Summoned Beast was really scary.’

“Ahh! Hateful!.”

Tsunade wreaked havoc in the dream, but in the end, it was herself who suffered, and when she finally woke up, the dream tapir was already gone and ran away.

So there is nowhere to vent her anger!

“Oh, Tsunade, your Genjutsu resistance should also be strengthened.”

From what he has just observed, the dream is very fragile at first, and it can be easily shattered.

Hearing it, Tsunade hesitated, but when she remembered how she got stuck in her dream.

“Even a Summoned Beast can trap me…how depressing!”

Tsunade rolled up the Sealing Scroll, and her previous happiness because of the simultaneous update of the two books, suddenly got worse.

She waved her hand to say goodbye, and then got up and went home.

Watching her leave, Akabane sinks into contemplation.

The ability of weaving dreams is quite useful in some respects, but he doesn’t know if when the dreams are reversed, can it cause harm to himself?

More than that, it may be very fragile physically and physically.

After all, Danzo’s have such a big one, but it was still killed easily. It can be seen that the Clan of Dream Eater is also weak when it comes to physicality like the Kurama clan.

So the specific battle strength requires observation and experimentation.

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