Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 147


“Um…that Little guy swept away the comics, and probably might not dare to come out for a while.”
Akabane thought as he no longer summoned it again.
After getting along for a short time, he has already seen through the essence of the Dream Eater, and with it angering Tsunade, summoning it this period of time is not reasonable.
Although Kurama Yunlang was very curious, he did not start to talk to ask, so he put his curiosity in his stomach and concentrated on his own business.
Not long after, the barking of two dogs came from nearby.
Then Sakumo and Inuzuka Ishi who was leading their dog appeared.
Although they didn’t get inside the shop, Kurama Yunlang had already prepared two comics with two volumes each.
“Akabane, I heard that you signed a Summoned Beast?”
Sakumo has always been calm, but after hearing that Akabane has a Summoned Beast, his calmness evaporated like a cloud of smoke as he ran all the way here just to make sure.
Inuzuka Ishi did not ask, but his expression also showed how eager he was to hear Akabane answer.
“Well, it’s Teacher’s summon scroll.”
Akabane didn’t hide it, and of course, he didn’t mention Danzo’s request to take care of Anbu.
Sakumo faintly smiled.
For a ninja, Summoned Beast is equivalent to another partner. If Akabane has a partner, he will be safer on the battlefield.
Besides, the scroll left by Danzo is certainly not too bad.
“I really envy you, to have such a great Teacher.”
Although Inuzuka Ishi said it, there was no envious expression on his face.
He knows his own strength, so if he was really put into Danzo’s class. Then without a doubt, he will quit after his first day.
A team with genius is bound to have the ability to keep up with genius.
And he knew that he didn’t have that kind of ability.
“It’s nothing to envy, btw, do you want to continue walking your dog?”
“Nah, well rest here first to read the new updates.”
Inuzuka Ishi said with a smile. He then took out four hundred ryo and put them on the table.
They have a very good relationship, they often treat each other, so one or two hundred ryo is not too much.
So Sakumo sat down with his Nin dog after finding a better spot.
He took the comic and said with a smile: “Since the author is here, maybe you can tell us the plot that will happen.”
“No, I won’t tell you even if you beg so give it up.”
Akabane answered very firmly.
As a Mangaka, how can you spoil it!
Sakumo slightly smiled, turned the first page and looked at it.
The two dogs stood unanimously on their shoulders, looking at the comics from top to bottom. They didn’t know if they really understood it or were simply attracted by the flipped pages.
“What? It turned out to be an exam.”
Inuzuka turned a few pages and sighed disappointed instantly.
“Isn’t that obvious?”
Inuzuka Ishi was speechless and did not refute, each minding their own business and continuing reading the comic.
Then, his eyes were attracted by a girl
“Does Hinata like Naruto? As expected, people who love dogs will not be too charming.”
“No, I don’t think so.”
Rather than waiting for Akabane to answer, Sakumo took the lead in pointing to the picture on the next page.
“She is just an Introverted and easily shy girl”.
Iwamaru barked a few times as if mocking Sakumo for his answer, and Ishi immediately took it off his shoulder.
Sakumo ignored it and concentrated on reading.
It didn’t take long for him to finish reading Chapter 39.
As he was thinking of the chapter, Sakumos frowned, he paused for a moment, and he turned the page back.
Akabane glanced at where he was looking.
The place Sakumo turned back was the page where Kabuto was showing his card trick.
After reading it carefully again, he continued looking towards the second chapter of the book.
At the beginning of Chapter 40, there is also a fight between the sound genin and Kabuto.
Sakumo read it very slowly, even after Inuzuka Ishi finished reading the second chapters of the book, he still had not finished reading that panel.
However, after the scenes where the instructor appeared, his speed has increased again, while Inuzuka Ishi’s reading speed has slowed down a lot.
“Sakumo has experienced Chunin Exams, so he is not interested in the plot of the test content, but more interested in the scheme happening.”
Akabane secretly thought as he observed.
This is only the first test of the Exam, so it is obviously boring for Jonin.
Fortunately, entertainment in this world is underdeveloped…
Soon, Ishi finished reading the entire volume.
“Seeing how Naruto easily passed the exam, made me doubt myself.”
Inuzuka Ishi sighed.
Although the last question looks very dramatic, the probability of encountering this question in the real exam is almost zero.
“Idiot, the exam is not that easy.”
Sakumo muttered. 
After a while, he turned the comic back to the front and examined the plot again.
“What’s wrong with this plot?”
Inuzuka Ishi, who saw Sakumo reading it again, asked curiously since this is the second time he turned it back.
“This guy must be a spy.”
Sakumo answered after reading it for the third time.
 No way!
Inuzuka Ishi was surprised, then he also turned back the page and glanced at where Sakumo was looking.
But he didn’t see any problem…
So he asked in confusion: “Why do you think so?”
“The information he collected is quite complete, that he even has the new students’ information in him.”
“Just because of this?”
Inuzuka Ishi is puzzled. He thinks this is normal. After all, Kabuto has been trying for the seventh time so collecting information to ensure he knows his enemy is definitely not strange.
Sakumo shook his head, then pointing to the picture of Kabuto using the ninja card and said: “If he really wants to pass the exam, he shouldn’t reveal his card. No one likes his secrets being revealed as it will bring a crisis in the subsequent exams.”
“It seems to make sense…”
Kurama Yunlang who is an ordinary person, couldn’t help but nod in agreement.
Sakumo turned to the second page again then explained: “Based on my guess that he is a spy, the three ninjas who shot him later are also suspicious.”
“Uh…um! “
Inuzuka thought for a while and finally nodded.
Actually, he didn’t understand too much, but in order to avoid being too stupid, he could only pretend to understand.
“Are they in a group?”
Kurama Yunlang on the other hand is very honest, if he doesn’t understand it, he directly asks.
“It has a high probability, but even if they don’t, it is certain that this man is suspicious.”
Sakumo indifferently said.
Akabane who was at the side listening couldn’t help but applaud. From these contents alone, he feels that even in his previous life no one will think like Sakumo. 
As expected of the future White Fang!
 “I guess I was right.”
Sakumo closed the book, pondered carefully, and then said, “If my guess is right, there should be someone who was behind this man, and they will probably take big action during the Chunin Exam.”
Inuzuka Ishi was very curious to know the reason.
“Because the man wearing a glass lurked reasonably for the first six exams, and only at the seventh he showed such a big weak spot, the meaning is obvious-he no longer needs to lurch this time.”
The answer didn’t come from Sakumo, instead, it came from Shimi Nara who was yawning while walking in their direction.
“Have you read it?”
Inuzuka Ishi is a little confused.
“No, but after listening to your talk, it feels almost like this.”
Shimi nonchalantly answered. 
“That’s what I also thought.”
Sakumo nodded in agreement.
“I feel like reading with you guys, will only spoil the story.”
Inuzuka Shiyou sighed, feeling complicated instantly.
For the same content, he can only see the plot by himself, while others can analyze various information from it. And the other one even hasn’t read it and from just listening to some clues and he already guesses what’s happening.
This is the difference between a commoner and a genius!
“Okay stop! No spoilers, spoilers are boring.”
Akabane said in a timely manner.
Not everyone can see the follow-up development of the plot from the clues that are laid in the story.
“Sorry, sorry.”
Shimi bowed slightly, then dropped 100 ryo and picked up the latest update of “Naruto”.
He turned it over quickly, and it didn’t take long for him to turn over the first page.
shua~ shua~ shua~ ~
Soon Shimi finished reading the whole chapter.
In terms of time, it is shorter than Sakumo.
“I like this One Piece better than Naruto.”
After he finished reading Naruto, Shimi dropped another 100 ryo then took the latest one-piece updates and sat down as he muttered seriously, while flipping through the pages of the One Piece clearly slow compared to when he was reading ‘Naruto’.
In the second volume of One Piece, the plot hasn’t really started yet, but the plot and settings in it are completely unfamiliar, which is more interesting to Shimi.
Sakumo then also turned page after page, and it made his eyes radiant.
Three Sword Styles of Zoro!
“Sakumo, it’s three Swords!”
Inuzuka Ishi exclaimed.
Sakumo nodded, seemingly indifferent, but he still turned over a few pages, until Zoro’s battle scene passed, then his attention gradually lost, and he appeared absent-minded.
Three Sword Style is a bit fancy.
According to his father’s style, he would definitely denounce this impractical three-sword style, but he still couldn’t help thinking about how to learn it in his heart.
Of course, he didn’t follow the script and learn it like how Zoro’s movements in the comic.
That’s just a comic, it’s not realistic if he wants to simulate it.
“Kunai in the mouth, Longsword for the left hand, and short blade for the right hand?”
No, there are more than kunai.
Sakumo thought for a moment and felt that Twinsword was better.
If he masters Twinsword, his style will change more in the future.
If he wants to integrate the Chidori blade…
Thinking about it, he gradually became a little excited, and he wished to go back to practice it now.
“Akabane, you have to fix some plot hole here.”
After Shimi finished reading, he closed the book regretfully.
Akabane knows what he is talking about, it is nothing more than breaking the plot in the 
the scene where Buggy was cut by Zoro’s blade turning him into pieces.
If it were Ninjutsu, Shimi might be able to guess what way to evade the other side, but One Piece is a completely different system, and the ability is temporarily based on the “devil fruit”. 
So of course, he can’t guess it and can only think of it as a plot hole.
“Ah? How can you stop in this part, do you want to be beaten?”
Inuzuka fiercely threatened when he was left with a cliffhanger, as he nudged Sakumo.
“Sakumo, this guy always cuts off plots at a crucial moment, do you want to teach him a lesson!”
“Huh? Oh, I have something to do, I will go back first.”
Sakumo, whose mind is full of swords, can’t hear them as he blankly answers.
Upon hearing it, Shimi was slightly startled and didn’t understand what happened.
But it’s not only Shimi, but also Ishi was startled when he heard it, but soon he understood what was going on.
After waiting for Sakumo to leave, he said with a bitter smile: “Sakumo must have some inspiration. Every time he has inspiration on Sword Technique and Ninjutsu, he is in this state.”
“Don’t tell me, he also wants to try Three Sword Style?”
Akabane couldn’t help but exclaim.

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