Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 148


White Fang version of the Three Sword Style?
Thinking of Sakumo’s mouth having a blade, two knives in both hands with lightning buzzing from it…
The picture is so beautiful!
Akabane covers his face, from thinking of that scene.
But thinking about it carefully, he thinks that the three-sword style is not very probable, and that style is only feasible in One Piece because, with so many ninjutsu in the naruto world, it’s clearly inappropriate and fancy.
He believes that Sakumo has his own judgment on this.
“Since Sakumo left first, I’ll continue my walk with Iwamaru first then go back home since it’s already late.”
Inuzuka Ishi put down Iwamaru and left after saying goodbye to the two.
“I will also go back to wash my body since I still have the smell of herbs.”
Shimi said and was also a little disappointed, the title was so exciting, but the result was like this.
Sure enough…
That banner is a trap!
He secretly complained in his heart.
“Yes, bye.”
Akabane said as he saw off the two leaving the shop.
Kurama Yunlang just looked serious, and immediately started counting after they left.
Afterwards, he exclaimed in surprise: “Young Master, in only two hours, we have sold a hundred copies!”
“It looks like it will be sold out today, and tomorrow the goods should be here, just in time.”
Akabane smiled brightly.
The banner he made is really effective. The previous two hundred volumes took more than a day to digest.
But today, it has sold nearly in half a day!
“Young Master, your banner did a good job.”
Through observation, Kurama Yunlang obviously figured out a little why it became like this.
“Yes, but don’t copy it or else I’m afraid you will be beaten by the readers.”
Akabane kindly reminded.
He is Danzo disciple and a young genius with strong strength. That’s why no one dares to bring a black cloth to beat him up.
But Kurama Yunlang is different.
“hehehe, Young Master, I understand.”
He gave a weird smile.
Akabane didn’t know what he was thinking about, but there was always an unpleasant feeling. After pondering he pointed at him and warned: “ Don’t you dare use my name for what you are planning or I will beat you to death!”
“Cough, what are you talking about, how can I do that.”
Although Kurama Yunlang said it, his voice is somewhat unsure.
Akabane didn’t really care if Yunlang really did it.
It doesn’t matter if Yunlang really wants to dump the pot on him, since he doesn’t have much debt anyway.
“Then I’ll go now.”
Kurama Yunlang nodded.
Akabane did not go home but went along the road out of the village.
With two books being updated at the same time, his points ushered in a surge.
He just exchanged for Chakra enhancement yesterday, and today there are more than 600 points.
With Chakra and points, some of the tasteless Ninjutsu can already be exchanged on the counter.
For example, Water Dragon Bullet Jutsu, Great Waterfall Jutsu.
These two kinds of Ninjutsu are very formidable when it comes to their firepower, but their chakra consumption is also very high. 
Before, Akabane was quite poor on points that he can’t even exchange it for powerful ninjutsu, and although he has points, he needed them to improve his physique since it’s a priority.
But now it’s different, it’s time to redeem them.
Both Ninjutsu has a large range and is not suitable for use in Hidden Leaf Village.
The most suitable one is undoubtedly the training ground on the Forest of Death.
When he arrived at the Forest of Death, Akabane saw a few snakes.
It’s not surprising that there are snakes in the jungle, but these snakes are obviously not normal snakes, and each one possesses high intelligence.
The moment they saw him, they quickly disappeared into the jungle.
“Is Orochimaru here too?”
This is relatively close to his Comic shop. Akabane chose this place for convenience. 
But he didn’t expect to meet Orochimaru here…
He walked in the direction where the snakes had slipped away, and it didn’t take long for him to sense Orochimaru’s aura.
“Akabane, didn’t expect you to come here.”
Orochimaru got out of the woods. He has a small device in his hand, clearly experimenting with it here just like what Akabane planned to do.
Akabane glanced at it.
This kind of device seems to be from the Sound Ninja device.
“Did you research Ninjutsu of Sound so soon?”
He was a little surprised.
Even if Orochimaru immediately got the comic and read its content fast, it has only been two hours.
“I thought of making armours that enhance Wind-Style before, and transform it to the state like the one on your book.”
Orochimaru lifted his right hand as he said that.
On his right hand, there was a modified arm armour, and then his hand shook…
Chakra gushed out, and a harsh scream sounded.
In an instant, a small tree trunk on the side was directly blasted to pieces.
Orochimaru sighed and said: “There seems to be something wrong with the hole, there is no way to create an effective attack sound wave, but this feature was discovered by accident.”
Akabane’s eyes widened–isn’t this the same as the one from the sound genin!
As expected of a great scientist of the future!
He didn’t draw it yet, but Orochimaru researched it first.
But looking at this formidable power, if he wants to invest in actual combat, he needs one step further research.
Orochimaru’s test is over, as he puts away the arm armour.
For him, such Ninjutsu is not powerful, since it needs to be used with equipment, which is relatively tasteless.
Just as a new type of Ninjutsu, Orochimaru has a high research interest.
He glanced at Akabane and asked curiously: “What kind of technique are you here to test?”
“Water Dragon Bullet Jutsu.”
As Akabane said that, was also the moment he redeems the Jutsu on his system and he immediately receives the knowledge of how to use it on his mind.
Orochimaru was taken aback for a moment, and then he became interested: “Can I watch it?”
He didn’t ask Akabane how he obtained it because this technique is widely spread in Ninja World. And there are many channels available even for him to obtain it.
“Of course, you can even record my new technique and help me refine a technique later.”
Akabane said smoothly.
What is the technique that needs to be improved?
Orochimaru is very curious and even more excited.
Akabane did not explain and walked to the relatively empty training ground ahead.
There is no river here, but the humidity in the woods is quite high, even if there is no river, he can still release a Water-Style Ninjutsu.
Akabane looked at the memory in his head again.
The original Water Dragon Bullet Jutsu hand seal is very complicated, but the Water Dragon Bullet Jutsu exchanged from the system still has the memory of how to simplify it.
And this surprised him.
Orochimaru stood by, waiting for Akabane to perform the procedure.
And it didn’t take long…
Akabane hand seals with both hands. Under the super hand speed, the simplified Water Dragon Bullet is released quickly.
The water dragon flew out of the condensed water around him and flew towards the distant rocks.
There was a roar.
The rock in front of Akabane was shattered, leaving a little puddle underneath.
“What a strong formidable power!”
Orochimaru exclaimed in astonishment, looking up and down at Akabane.
If he wants to utilize such a large formidable power, he must have a huge Chakra reserve.
“Not bad, the consumption is much less than I expected.”
Akabane is very satisfied.
The formidable power of Water Dragon Bullet is very strong, so in the future, he also has a candid attack besides his Genjutsu.
“Where is your other technique?”
Orochimaru is already impatient. Although the Water Dragon Bullet is strong, he is not interested in it. What really interests him is the new Ninjutsu mentioned by Akabane…
“Wait a minute.”
Akabane glanced at the sky, confirmed the light, and began to make a hand seal with both hands.
Not long after, a thin mist rose around.
Hidden Mist Jutsu?
Orochimaru frowned, this level of fog, what can it do?
He was a little puzzled, but it didn’t take long.
He saw Akabane pull out the kunai and dash towards him.
Orochimaru was puzzled, but he still took a defensive stance.
The next second, he noticed that the concentration of the mist was changing.
Some places become dense, while some places become thinner, and at the same time, Akabane who was rushing towards him increased.
“Clone Jutsu?”
Orochimaru was puzzled, but the next second he saw Akabane several silhouettes stop at the same time, then they made a hand-seal with both hands.
“Water-Style: Water Dragon Bullet Jutsu!”
Six water dragons appeared, and he was unable to tell which was true and which was false, so Orochimaru, not daring to be careless, quickly retreated and fled.
And the next second, the water dragon burst out of the mist.
At this moment, Orochimaru noticed that the water dragon had become seven.
A Genjutsu?
He guested in his heart, but he thought it was impossible.
When the Water Dragon Bullet landed, Orochimaru was even more surprised when he saw the actual situation-the landing position of the Water Dragon Bullet was different than he expected.
If he evades by prediction, the result may be a fiasco.
“Is this Genjutsu?”
He was a little stunned since it was incredible.
“It is Genjutsu, but also not Genjutsu.”
Akabane withdrew the Hidden Mist Jutsu, and after the fog dissipated, the silhouette also disappeared.
When Orochimaru saw this scene he suddenly sank into contemplation.
Obviously, those silhouettes and multiple Water Dragon Bullets are all related to fog. So why is this happening?
“In the desert, sea and fog, mirages occasionally appear. I used a similar method.”
Akabane explained.
“So that’s how it is, it’s not Genjutsu, but it’s my eyes that deceived me.”
Orochimaru said to himself, then shook his head and said, “It’s hypnosis, You used the technique of hypnosis guidance.”
“Well, what I am thinking is, if I can merge my ninjutsu with this Jutsu, I can make a varied and unique jutsu. And Voila! It worked!”
Akabane explained.
Orochimaru thought of the time he was fighting against Akabane before.
The reality and the battle of Illusory Domain switching back and forth made him exhausted for a while.
If this Jutsu blends into Genjutsu again, it will inevitably be even weirder.
But thinking about it carefully, it seems that the practicality is not at all so high, because Akabane can create a geographical environment, and he can also use Ninjutsu to destroy his environment, so this technique is naturally broken or useless.
“Maybe there are other uses.”
Orochimaru’s eyes shined, and answered, “What if this Jutsu combined with the Crescent Moon?”
“Crescent Moon is really useful.”
Akabane was taken aback. This Kenjutsu used clones to deceive opponents to expose the opponent’s weak spot, and then kill the opponent while distracted by the clone. 
A natural assassination Kenjutsu.
To merge it with the jutsu made by Hidden Mist, maybe it is really possible.
“Maybe there are other usages, so I will go back to study it first”
Orochimaru muttered for a moment, and finally did not give an accurate answer.
He doesn’t understand Hidden Mist Jutsu, and many things can only be comprehended after experimenting with them.
“Thank you very much, then.”
Akabane’s approach to Orochimaru was also a temporary motive, hoping to use his research ability to find a stronger usage.
Now the other side agrees, of course, he will not refuse.

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