Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 149


“Try again.”
Orochimaru’s voice is a bit hoarse.
He has not rested for two consecutive days and has been studying how to maximize this technique.
Akabane then used his both hands to make a hand seal as the mist started arising.
At this moment, three kunai are projected.
“Wind-Style: Great Breakthrough!”
Orochimaru also made a hand seal swiftly as his Ninjutsu disperse the fog, but at the moment when the wind blows the fog, a kunai splits into three, then the three become four silhouettes as they shoot out from the fog. 
And he can’t tell which is true and false.
The Great Breakthrough ninjutsu is over and the fog began dispersing again.
At this time, Akabane appeared in a completely unexpected position, like he used teleport.
“It’s a success!”
Orochimaru made a hand seal to signal Akabane not to attack anymore.
Akabane stopped, panting slightly.
Although he didn’t stay up for two days like Orochimaru, he still did not sleep for one night!
The continuous training made him feel a little dazed.
“How is the effect?”
After a while, Akabane stood up.
“It’s not bad, it achieves the desired effect.”
Orochimaru drank his saliva to relieve fatigue, and then pondered and said, “This Jutsu is very practical, I recommend turning it in and letting Sensei know it for the use of the village.”
“It’s not a problem, but are they going to pay us and also, are there any pennants?”
Akabane casually said.
Orochimaru froze for a moment since he didn’t understand what the pennant meant.
After thinking for a while he said: “The Money and the pennant you mentioned probably don’t have it, but there may be other benefits.”
“Ah, how could I care about this little money.”
Akabane gave a light cough.
It’s really insincere!
Orochimaru was silent for a moment, then turned and walked to his residence.
“Huh? Wait, I invite you to dinner.”
“No, I just want to sleep now.”
Orochimaru lightly replied.
As a ninja, it’s okay not to sleep for two or three days, but since he always concentrated on helping Akabane to find ways to improve the ninjutsu and its weak spots. No matter how energetic and young he is, he is still very tired.
“Well, I’m actually tired too.”
Akabane shrugged his head, after working day and night, it was torture for someone like him.
Fortunately, they completed it.
The first “self-created” Ninjutsu in a sense.
However, when his foot just entered the village, an anbu appeared as if he was waiting for him.
“Kurama Akabane, Lord Hokage-sama summoned you to his office, please come over.”
“So soon?”
Akabane froze for a while, he just wanted to rest but the Hokage wanted to see him!
Without any other choice, Akabane duly replied. “Yes, I go.”
After hearing Akabane, the Anbu disappeared directly with a poof of smoke.
Akabane was in deep thought as he walked towards the Hokage Building. Sending an Anbu to inform him about it means that what they were about to talk about is important.
Then the reason…
“Oh yes, Naruto seems to be updated today, Aiya, my brain!”
Akabane patted his forehead.
Because he was busy doing experiments, he forgot the update today.
More than that, the eighth book is updated to chapter 43. And because his Shadow Clone is so powerful that yesterday he even drew seven chapters in a day.
So the next volume is drawn directly up to the 50th chapter.
As the early villain, Orochimaru made its debut in this volume.
Until the human experiment was exposed, Orochimaru was the Third Hokage treasure. No wonder he sent Anbu to inform him!
“It seems to be related to this.”
He walked all the way to Hokage Building, and it didn’t take long for him to meet an acquaintance
“Eh, Akabane!”
Murasaki, who saw him, called Akabane in surprise as he waved his hand.
Then he ran over quickly, took out today’s naruto update from his arms, and said excitedly: “You drew Orochimaru today, and he is very handsome in it, that makeup…”
” Handsome? I think too.”
Akabane is very pleased. The uncle snake in the manga is indeed amazingly handsome, and it is no different from the image in Anime.
Otherwise, he would have changed the roles a long time ago.
“Yes, yes, it just doesn’t match Orochimaru’s temperament.”
Murasaki laughed.
And although Orochimaru appeared as a Villain in the comics and a rogue ninja at that, he didn’t say anything about it.
Because compared with how Orochimaru was portrayed in the comic, he believes in the current Orochimaru.
Will Orochimaru become a rogue ninja?
He is the Third Hokage disciple, a genius who is about to be promoted to become a Chunin, and he is also the village commoner star, and for sure he will become a Jonin in the future.
Under these heavy identities, no one believes that Orochimaru will become like the one in the comic.
“Because of this, I have to go to Third-Hokage now.”
Akabane shrugged, feeling a headache as he started walking.
Murasaki was stunned for a moment, but then he saw Akabane walking towards Hokage Building.
It seems to be true…
He touched his head and didn’t really understand what was going on.
When he was in front of the building, Akabane looked up and saw the Third Hokage standing upstairs, looking at him from above.
He waved his hand, then entered the building as he walked until he reached the door of the Hokage Office.
“Come in.”
The Third Hokage said without looking since he knew that Akabane was standing in front of the door.
“Hokage-sama, what do you want me to do?”
Akabane lowered his head and asked after he entered.
“Akabane, why is Orochimaru like this?”
Hiruzen asked as his forehead full of veins clearly furious.
“Because a villain is needed in the plot, and I also asked Orochimaru for permission before drawing it in, and he agreed to be the character, so I drew it like this.”
Akabane said, “obediently and honestly”.
“Really it’s just like this?”
Hiruzen asked as his complexion is not that good. Because how can he not be furious when his most valued discipline becomes a big villain in the comic and also betrays the Village.
“It’s that simple, how can there be such a complicated reason.”
Akabane sighed.
Although the real reason is not that simple, it is actually not complicated, to put it bluntly. And there is no need for such a big fight or even not letting him sleep.
Hearing it, Hiruzen sat down, and his face felt a little better.
He then turned the page of the comic that was on his table, then pointed to Uchiha Sasuke and asked, “What’s the matter with the Uchiha Clan?”
“It’s for the plot, so he needs to be orphaned.”
Hiruzen coldly smiled.
If what he said was heard by a 3 years old child, the other side may not believe it, so how can he deceive him, a Hokage.
“Well, Hokage-sama, do you know how many Uchiha awakened their Sharingan recently?”
Akabane asked, directing their talk in another direction.
“Eight, this is Anbu’s information.”
Sarutobi Hiruzen gave an accurate number. In addition, apparently knowing that Akabane is taking charge of Anbu’s affairs, he still answers him.
Akabane nodded and followed: “Sharingan is the portrayal eye of the soul. It understands love and loss, and then understands the preciousness of love. This stimulates spiritual energy and eyes-power to complete the evolution of the eyes, but externally The stimulus does not have to be the death of a loved one…Of course, the above is my personal guess.”
Mangekyo Sharingan is temporarily unavailable after Uchiha Madara and Uchiha Izuna, so at this stage, everyone thought that Sharingan is limited to Below three-tomoe.
At the level of Mangekyo, it is not just simple stimulation that he can explain.
“so that’s how it is.”
Hiruzen took his pipe and smoke as he sinks into contemplation.
What Akabane said is not impossible, otherwise, there will not be eight new Awakened Sharingan in Uchiha compared with three last year, this number has more than doubled.
He muttered for a moment, but couldn’t help but get a headache.
It is a good thing that Uchiha is getting stronger, but if their internal problem is not solved, it will still become a problem.
Hiruzen pondered, and asked again: “Since you take Anbu for the time being, have you noticed Uchiha’s recent actions?”
“There is not much movement, but we should wait for the comics update to come out later.”
Akabane obediently and honestly answered.
“Um…it looks like Uchiha Yuan wants to make a big move.”
Hiruzen spits out the smoke ring, already had some guesses in his mind.
“Your wisdom is amazing.”
Akabane sweet talk, then he lowered his head and said, “If there is nothing else, I will go back first.”
Hiruzen shook his cigarette pipe rod, smiled and said: “Don’t be like that, sit down first and let us talk about your new Jutsu.”
“You would rather watch our research all night than help, then wait until we have done the research and come out to pick the fruit immediately. This is not what Hokage should do!”
Akabane spits out weakly-he knew that this old man had peeked using his Crystal Ball Jutsu for a long time.
“Well… but still you two researched it, and have a sense of accomplishment, right?”
Hiruzen praised while smiling brightly.
“Not at all, that’s why we want your help.”
“That won’t happen since I won’t help you. You have a complete idea for the Ninjutsu. What is lacking is the improvement of data and practical combat application skills. And this is only the most profound experience for yourself.”
Hiruzen said this sentence very seriously.
The biggest problem with self-created techniques is the lack of actual combat applications, and sometimes this problem is very fatal.
“Che, then I will hand over to you the Ninjutsu, you should know how to use it after reading the process so I won’t elaborate on it.
“Well, I don’t know what the pennant you are talking about is, but you can make a request. As long as I can do it, I can promise you.”
Hiruzen muttered after a moment.
Akabane eyes shined.
“Of course it is true.”
“I heard that Scroll of Seals has some Forbidden Jutsu from Lord First Hokage Seal…”
Akabane asked.
“I am very interested in the technique in Scroll of Seals.”
Akabane coughed lightly.
“No, those are precious and dangerous Forbidden Jutsu.”
Hiruzen said solemnly.
“Just one technique, can’t it work?”
Hiruzen insists that the technique on Scroll of Seals is too dangerous. He didn’t allow the art inside to flow out.
Akabane hearing it become dejected.
If he can see it, he planned to first learn Flying Thunder God Jutsu, but it seems impossible.
With that technique, in the future, it can make his life easier.
Unfortunately, his dream shatters like a bubble.
He pondered for a moment and said again: “Then I just want to look at the scroll. Just looking at it should not be a problem right?”
“You just want to see the scroll?”
Hiruzen was stunned for a moment and didn’t understand what the request meant.
If he wants to see the scroll, what’s the point of doing it?
“Yes, just look at the scroll. I’m curious what Forbidden Jutsu Lord First Hokage left behind.”
Akabane said with a “harmless” smile.
Hiruzen sinks into contemplation and suddenly come to conclusion, “is it possible that he will use it on his comic!?”

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