Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 150


“Do you want to use it on your comic?”
Hiruzen took a breath on his pipe as he couldn’t make up his mind whether or not to grant Akabane his request.
He knows he can’t let Akabane use it for his comic, after all those are all Forbidden Jutsu stipulated by the First Hokage.
Akabane only wants to see the name, and there doesn’t seem to be a problem if he agrees.
“Your wisdom allows me to prostrate oneself in admiration.”
Akabane made another compliment.
Hiruzen ignored his compliment as he knocked on the table with his cigarette pipe and said confidently: “Letting you see the name is fine, but I always think you have another objective besides seeing it.”
Akabane oozes a cold sweat on his forehead, and quickly explains: “Of course there’s nothing like that.”
“Well, you better not…I agree with you seeing it but you better not write something bad about it in your comic, you hear me.”
Hiruzen said solemnly.
“Please rest assured, I will definitely promote positive energy and contribute to the peace of the village.”
Akabane said confidently.
In his previous life, he received all kinds of care when he painted the original comic. So he is a veteran in promoting positive energy.
Hiruzen was taken aback for a moment and thought about the meaning of “positive energy”.
Probably the meaning is the same as what he thought…
He thought to himself, tapping the table with his fingers rhythmically. After a while, Hiruzen got up and went to a certain place in the room.
Is that where he hides the Scroll of Seals?
Akabane glanced over but saw nothing, but the next second, he saw Hiruzen walk over there, and made a hand-seal quickly with both hands.
After that, a scroll appeared out of thin air!
“Using Ninjutsu to cover up the position, it is really hard for Naruto to steal it if it’s not schemed in the first place.”
Akabane murmured silently in his heart.
For this protection standard, even Jonin will have a hard time finding it, not to mention a Genin like Naruto.
Hiruzen took out the scroll and laid it out on the table.
“You can only read here, and you can’t touch the scroll with your hands.”
Hiruzen explained as he turned the scroll over to make it easier for Akabane to read.
The first one is about Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu.
The second one is to multiply Explosive Tag like a clone.
The third…
Looking at a series of Forbidden Jutsu, the Second Hokage may have a hand in this scroll too.
Akabane fell silent.
Although he knew this early, he couldn’t help but admire it. He always felt that this book was specially made for Senju Tobirama by the First Hokage.
In addition to his skills, some jutsu belong to the First Hokage and other people.
For example, the way how to seal a tailed beast.
There are also eight Forbidden Jutsu.
The content is completely sealed, but Akabane can probably guess what’s in it.
Eight Forbidden Jutsu is obviously the way to open Eight-Gates, but I am afraid it is just a preliminary idea, and it was sealed before it was implemented.
“Lord Second Hokage is really amazing.”
Akabane sighed and signalled that he had finished reading it.
Sarutobi Hiruzen put it away, temporarily put it on the table without touching it, and sat down and said: “Remember your promise.”
“Please rest assured, I always remember. “
Akabane nodded his head.
“I hope so.”
Hiruzen said and then added at the same time, “Let’s write a Ninjutsu report and write clearly the principles of Ninjutsu.”
“You are the original creator. Besides, your technique is very suitable for war. It’s useful. I hope you can write it out as soon as possible. As I want to promote it appropriately.”
Akabane sighed, waved goodbye, and prepared to go back to sleep.
Hiruzen didn’t call him back and just see him off with his eyes. Besides, he had to deal with the Sealing Scroll. How could he be sloppy with a Small Fox in front of him?
When Akabane left, he closed the door and secretly sealed the Sealing Scroll in another place.
After that, he returned to the table and opened the comic.
Hiruzen made a long sighed, very melancholy.
When he sa the comic, he became worried about Orochimaru. It’s because he attaches too much importance to Orochimaru. 
Then he picked and opened the other scroll on his table.
The scroll records the current whereabouts of Orochimaru and the contact and cooperation he has with Danzo.
“If my most important discipline really betrays Konoha, then I really failed as a teacher.”
Hiruzen stroked the page of the manga where Orochimaru portrayed, feeling very complicated and emotional.
According to the direction of deterioration, maybe things in the comic are not impossible to happen.
So he started to think, does he really know Orochimaru?
Before, he thought that he knew Orochimaru enough, but when he saw this volume of information, his confidence in what he knew about his beloved discipline shattered like glass.
Just like before, he didn’t even understand what Jiraiya wanted…

“It seems that the Third Hokage understood something, but I don’t know what he would choose.”
Out of Hokage Residence, Akabane secretly sighed.
While reading the Sealing Scroll, he noticed the small scroll on the table.
Anbu information usually recorded on the scroll.
Perhaps Orochimaru’s secret stronghold was exposed in the Land-of-Rivers, or he was discovered by Anbu in his laboratory.
A reasonable guess …
But the latter has a higher probability.
“I’m having a headache again, no, I don’t want to think about this first, I have to sleep.”
Akabane muttered as he held his forehead, using Ninjutsu all day and night, bringing his mental load to limit.
Just thinking about this now makes him have a headache.
Can’t use my brains anymore!
He walked slowly towards his house. At this moment, he really wanted to get his hand on Flying Thunder God Jutsu very urgently.
Unfortunately, it is a dream for the time being.
Scroll of Seals may be unsealed and unfolded for him to see, but he may not be able to understand it.
This technique has only been learned by Namikaze Minato after the Second Hokage because it is very complicated and difficult to learn.
Finally arriving at his house, Akabane directly enters his room without greeting his parents and little loli as he directly dives in his bed without even summoning a Shadow Clone to work as he directly falls asleep.
In the shop.
Kurama Yunlang counted the money and was elated when he totalled the amount.
The number of people buying Comic books hasn’t changed much, but the number of people who bought manga books before renting has doubled. There are one or two hundred people in a day.
These all are money!
“Yunlang big brother, Akabane hasn’t come yet?”
Tsunade came to visit again.
This is her second visit to the Comic shop today.
“No, Young Master has been training for the past two days.”
Kurama Yunlang gently shook his head.
At the same time, he couldn’t help but feel a little confused.
Today so many people are looking for Akabane, all of them look very excited and want to have a chat with Akabane.
Tsunade has a somewhat worried expression on her face, when then slightly nodded and then turns and leaves.
Why does Akabane suddenly work hard?
She thought in her heart. And when she became aware of her surroundings, her feet brought her to the Land of Kurama Clan unconsciously.
“The Kurama clan…Forget it, since I am here, I should go in and take a look.”
As Tsunade thought of that, she then walked in the direction where Akabane room was located and then climbed the wall until she reached the window.
Out of the window, she carefully pried the window open.
As soon as she opened it, she saw Akabane walking in from the room wearing a bath towel. 
The two looked at each other, and the atmosphere suddenly became embarrassing.
Akabane was silent for a moment, he then sat down and said, “Come in.”
Tsunade crawled into the room embarrassingly and found that Akabane might have not slept all night.
Akabane, who has fallen asleep earlier, and wakes up a moment later to take a bath and still has a headache and doesn’t think too much as he said: I’m about to go to bed, is there anything important?
“It’s nothing, I came to pick Tomiko to play, and since I didn’t see you for a whole day, I came to see how you’re doing.”
Tsunade indifferently said.
“Oh, I just came back after completing the Jutsu for the whole day, that’s why I am tired.”
Akabane answered as he wiped his hair.
It is not easy to create this Jutsu, but fortunately, it is now complete.
Tsunade nodded, she opened her mouth to talk but seemed to be having a hard time saying something.
So the two looked at each other for a while, and finally, Tsunade said, “By the way, grandma may want to teach Tomiko Sealing Jutsu.”
Akabane paused when he heard it.
Sealing Jutsu.
Among the ten Uzumaki children, Uzumaki Tomiko innate talent is indeed the best.
But to teach her this early, did she plan to let her be the next generation Jinchuriki?
He was silent for a moment, and finally sighed and said: “The Fate that the Uzumaki Clan cannot escape.”
Tsunade lowered her head, sincerely.
“You don’t have to apologize, Grandma Mito is still young, maybe there is someone else who will become the next Jinchuriki.”
“Mmm, then I will go down to meet Tomiko first.”
Although it is a temporary excuse, it is indeed Uzumaki Mito’s original words to teach Sealing Jutsu.
“Go, remember to go to the main gate.”
Akabane reminded her, lest Tsunade goes out directly from his bedroom door.
Although she should be sensed by Tomiko right now.
Tsunade nodded, jumped down from the window and went to the main gate.
Seeing her gone, Akabane lay down, thinking about something in his head.
After a long time, he slightly shook his head and stopped thinking about Little Tomiko for now.
Since she will be taught by Uzumaki Mito, there is no need to worry about her safety and her future.
As for Kushina…
If he waits for her, it will take him so many years before she arrives in the village probably.
More than that, Konoha originally didn’t have ten Uzumaki clansmen coming, but now ten children are coming to Konoha.
This is enough to show that Uzumaki Clan’s plot has been changed to a certain extent, so whether there will be an Uzumaki Kushina character in the future has to be questioned.
All in all.
From the current situation, Uzumaki Tomiko is the best choice.
At this time, he heard a faint voice from below.
It seems that Tsunade came in from the main gate and took away the Little Loli.
Akabane no longer thinks about miscellaneous things and took a look at the system panel and exchange list by the way.
On points, it took six hundred points to exchange for a Water Dragon Bullet and Great Waterfall. However, without him paying attention in the past two days, his points soared by nearly nine hundred
He pondered and exchanged 15 points of spiritual energy, so the seven hundred and fifty points are gone
At the same time, the spiritual energy attribute reached 100 points
With his spiritual energy being improved by 15 points. He still hasn’t felt any difference in strength, but his mental state that was tired earlier improved a lot
But Akabane happiness was short-lived because when he saw the next exchange that needed 250 points just for one point of spiritual energy, he became dejected again.

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