Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 151


Hidden Sand Village.
After the Chunin exam, the training state in the Hidden Sand Village became even hotter.
“Tell everyone the good news. The latest comic book of One Piece has been bought. Whoever can win first place in the training competition will get a comic book, and those who got second to fifth will get the opportunity to borrow them, and the amount of training for five to ten will remain unchanged, while the rest have their training double within three days!”
Zack said as he shook the comic book in his hand.
He hadn’t read the second volume himself, since a simple text seal was applied to it, making it impossible for people to see the content.
“What! Only the top 5 can read the latest update?”
“Zack-sama, can you loosen up the conditions?”
Many Hidden Sand Genin complained one after another. There were always 20 or 30 people on the training ground. In the end, this time only five had the opportunity to read the follow-up updates. While the rest of them had to double the training. This is simply devil training!
“Loosen it up? Heh, if you wait for the next updates, you can read the second volume.”
Zack sneered coldly, he glanced around, and warned, “Also, I advised the top five people to don’t lend the comics, because if we caught you doing it, we will triple the amount of training you will do!”
Several Genin complexions changed. Originally, they wanted to borrow it from the winner, but as a result of the current regulations, the road to borrowing was blocked.
The price is too great!
“This is a regulation issued by Kazegake-sama. If you have any objections, please talk to Kazekage-sama.”
A sneer appeared on Zack’s face, the true meaning is very obvious——
If they really went to Shamon, what was waiting for “them” was undoubtedly a curse and punishment.
The management of Hidden Sand Village with its harsh environment and scarce resources is far more strict than Konoha.
Therefore, as soon as this statement came out, everyone did not dare to object.
“I can open the comic for everyone to confirm that it’s the new updates.”
After Zack finished speaking, he opened two pages of the comic.
There were no seals on the first two pages, and many ninjas in the front could see the contents on them.
Two pages later, the comic pages are full of sealed codes.
Although they only see the first two pages, everyone couldn’t help but become itchy to read the rest.
“Well, everyone keeps up your training. The training competition tomorrow will be the first training game.”
Zack put away the comic after saying those words and smiled slightly.
Then he turned and left.
A group of people looked at each other, and it didn’t take long for someone to react and immediately went into training.
“For the comics!”
“To reduce training!”
They shouted slogans and their enthusiasm for training was much higher than before.
Zack who was observing secretly let out a long sigh of relief.
It seems that this method works pretty well!
Finally seeing the effect, Zack felt relief and turned to the Kazekage office building.
“I didn’t think Akabane’s comics would be used like this in other villages. To turn it into a tool for motivating their subordinates!”
On the street, a person with the appearance of sand hidden civilian thought as he looked away at the training ground.
He then stepped forward and slowly walked towards the Kazekage Building.

After a long period of fatigue, Akabane slept well into the next morning.
After he had a meal, he went out to the comic shop.
“Young Master, you are finally here, is your training over?”
Kurama Yunlang had just loaded the goods on the shelf, and when he saw Akabane walk in the door he was relieved and asked.
“Forget it, how are the comics selling, Mr. Yamano, have you said hello to him?”
Akabane asked.
“After saying hello, I told him to send the comics tomorrow. In addition, Mr. Yamano asked when “One Piece” would be updated. He said that the One Piece can be sold in many places since it’s pretty popular. And also hope that One Piece will be updated frequently.”
“It will be finished tomorrow, I will work overtime today, so both updates for comics will come out.”
Akabane said without hesitation.
“Yes, but you also have to pay attention to your body.”
Kurama Yunlang was a little worried.
Akabane had just done such hard training yesterday, so he should be tired even after taking a day off.
After all, the physique of the Kurama is not a secret…
“Don’t worry, there will be no problem.”
Akabane waved his hand and then left a shadow clone in the store.
A total of two Shadow Clones work at the same time, including the one he left at home.
As long as he doesn’t do anything that consumes his chakra after summoning two shadow clones, his Chakra can fully support their daily consumption.
After reaching 100 points of mental strength, his endurance becomes relatively high, and he will not be directly dizzy or shocked when the fatigue feedback from the shadow clone comes back to him like previously.
At this time, the footsteps of the three people heard.
After reaching the door, the three of them turned around and raised their heads to ask, only to see Akabane standing at the door.
“Huh, your training is over?”
Shimi Nara who was holding a small jar was about to open it.
However, seeing Akabane intact, he was ready to plug it back.
“Eh wait! What’s in your hand?”
Akabane asked as he stopped Shimi immediately.
“Our family and the Nara clan’s specialise in food pills and was originally intended to be given to you, but it seems you don’t need it anymore.”
Akamichi said heavily and put a handful of dried meat into his mouth.
“Since you’re already here, there is no need to take it back right?”
Akabane grabbed it unceremoniously.
The Kurama clan also have food pills, but the taste and effect are completely unequalled with the special version jointly developed by Akimichi and Nara.
Shimi Nara became speechless witnessing how thick Akabane skin was.
After all, their food pills are not cheap!
“What are you doing these days? I have not found you several times.”
Akamichi Kazue asked curiously.
“Trying a ninjutsu and practice it in the woods all night.”
As soon as Akabane said it, he suddenly remembered that the Third Hokage asked him to write a report and wrote down the names and principles of ninjutsu.
“So it’s your fault why the deer in the forest were very restless.”
Shimi couldn’t help but complain.
Yamanaka took a look outside and warned, “We should go now. The time to gather is coming.”
“Oh, is there a mission today?”
Akabane took out the bottle of soldier food pills again and looked at their outfits. Obviously, this time the mission was not simply weeding and catching cats in the village, but going out of the village to experience battle.
“C-level mission.”
Akimichi didn’t say anything specifically, because it was confidential.
“You take this bottle back yourself, maybe you can use it.”
Akabane thought for a while and took out the sealed scroll from his pocket.
Then he knotted his hands and took out some poisonous needles.
Poison is not exclusive to the Sand Village, but he has to admit that those people use it the best.
Akabane thought for a while and handed it to Yamanaka Take.
The secret technique of the Yamanaka clan is very useful, but it does lack certain lethality in the early stage.
“I got these poisonous needles from the sand ninjas. You can use them if you encounter difficult opponents in battle.”
Yamanaka nodded gratefully.
The poison needle combined with the shadow imitation technique of the Nara clan can basically achieve 100% hits.
For them, such weapons are really useful.
“You can take the pills, we still have some here.”
Shimi said as he waved and walked towards the entrance of the village with the two.
Akabane glanced at the pill in his hand and sighed heavily.
If the Genin began to take a C level mission, it basically means that the village has begun to prepare for the war.
It also means the War in the country of Uzumaki is about to come!
He sighed for a while, and then said to Kurama Yunlang: “I will write a report in it for the time being, and remember to knock on the door to say hello when you come in.”
With a request, Akabane entered the lounge, spread a piece of paper on the table, and started to write a report after thinking for a while.
And a One person, one clone, working hard in the room.
Since the content of ninjutsu is not much, and there are ideas in the middle, it was quickly completed.
In the end, what troubled Akabane was getting a name.
As we all know, the most troublesome thing when playing games is the character ID.
But Ninjutsu and ID are not the same, as you can’t change it if you named it.
“A mirage? A mirage of fog? A fog mirage?”
After thinking about three names in a row, Akabane became entangled and turned to look at the clone, “Which one do you think is better?”
“Don’t ask me, I’m very busy.”
The clone rebuffed unceremoniously.
This kind of tangled question, why let him choose!
“Forget it, let the old man choose.”
Akabane put away the scroll.
The Third Hokage urged him so much yesterday morning. Now that they are finished today, he should send it over.

Arriving at the Hokage Building…
“Idiot, how can you bring this thing here again!”
A Familiar growls.
But listening to the voice of humiliation mix in anger, he already guessed who angered the Old man.
“Teacher, just tell me if this can be done or not. I just want to print a book, so you can recognize me!”
Jiraiya explained as he begged bitterly.
If this kind of work cannot pass the test, he really can’t think of what works to conquer his teacher.
“You pass, so don’t bother me anymore!”
Hiruzen angrily said.
Jiraiya was ecstatic and ran out of the office.
Akabane quickly used the transformation technique to transform into a potted plant and hide in the corner of the first floor.
If he meets Jiraiya right now, he is afraid that it will lead to another entanglement with him in the centre.
Jiraiya didn’t notice it either.
In ecstasy, he didn’t pay attention to the surroundings at all and ran down all the way to Akabane’s comic shop.
After he left the Hokage Building, Akabane dispersed the transformation jutsu.
He glanced upstairs and hesitated, the Third Hokage just finished reading that kind of comic, is it really okay to go in now?
Smart people often leave a touch of affection for their bosses, not to mention that this kind of scene is created by himself!
Aka and who thought of it hold the ninjutsu report, and ready to come another day.
But just as he turned around…
“Come on!”
The voice was cold and stern, and at the same moment, another Anbu appeared in front of him, blocking his way to leave.
Akabane without a choice went upstairs and saw the Third holding a piece of paper and wiping his nose gracefully.
“Hokage-sama, I have written the report of ninjutsu.”
“Put it here.”
Hiruzen calmly crumpled the paper into a ball, then picked up the report and looked at it.
Then, he couldn’t help asking: “What about the name of Ninjutsu?”
“Ah, I thought of three names, you can choose one for me…”
As Akabane said that, he reported the three names.
Hiruzen upon hearing it feels very painful, what a bad name this is!
He thought about it, and finally wrote the third one: “Then let’s call it the Mirage of the Mist.”
“Yes, I’ll leave if it’s okay.”
Akabane said eagerly, ready to leave the office asap.
But before he can reach the door, Hiruzen knocked on the table and said, “Akabane, if you teach someone to paint as well, take the responsibility, don’t let him mess around all day.”
“My lord, please rest assured that after his comics are printed, the main sales market will be abroad.”
Akabane promised with a vow.
“Ah, this is not necessary, but you have to pay attention to its influence.”
Hiruzen coughed slightly and explained.
Since if they started selling it only in other villages, he had to use telescopes secretly, which was inconvenient.

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