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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 152


“Akabane! Akabane!, the teacher agreed, he agreed to let me publish my comics!” Jiraiya who receive his teacher approval shouted excitedly.
His teacher is the Third Hokage. As Konoha’s most authoritative existence, it must be a successful comic to get his approval.
Of course, this is his opinion.
To this result, Akabane’s shadow clone was not surprised and even felt a little late.
It’s probably Hiruzen have better endurance…
On the surface, he is as stable as an old dog, but in fact, he is the one who was excited about Jiraiya’s work…
The Clone thought to himself.
“Hey, I finally got approval, shouldn’t you praise me for it?”
Jiraiya said triumphantly.
“Jiraiya, he is…”
“Well, it’s okay, let him continue, it won’t affect my work anyway.”
The shadow clone said lightly.
Jiraiya who was smiling smugly was taken aback for a moment, and finally reacted at this moment as he took a closer look at Akabane, and then at the drawing board.
“Are you a clone?”
If it’s the real body, how could there be such a diligent one.
Looking at this kid’s reluctance, he knew it was a clone.
“The Original went to the Hokage Building, and logically should be able to meet you. It looks like you missed him.”
The shadow clone possesses the memory of the original, but the memory of this period of time after separation does not communicate instantly.
Therefore, he can only guess at the situation through analysis.
Jiraiya got dumbfounded when he heard the clone.
He racked his brains to remember, and finally remembered the suspicious potted plant.
Jiraiya clenched his fist and went out to the Hokage Building.
“Look, he will leave, otherwise it will be troublesome to explain.”
The Shadow Clone shrugged.
Kurama Yunlang twitched his mouth, not knowing how to say it.
So be it, just be happy for yourself.
He turned around silently and went back to settle his account.
Halfway through, the two met.
Akabane looked up and saw Jiraiya, thinking of the other party’s possible whereabouts after leaving the Hokage Building, and immediately understood almost everything.
That clone!
He can only say that I am worthy of myself, the ability to dump the pot is very similar.
“Yo, good morning, I have not seen you for a long time, how are you doing?”
Akabane greeted awkwardly.
“It’s not good at all. Why should you pretend to be a potted plant when I ran into you under the Hokage Building?”
Jiraiya said angrily.
“As you know, I usually stay at home, so I will get embarrassed when I meet acquaintances on the road. That’s why I usually pretend not to see them.”
Akabane said insincerely.
Jiraiya was speechless, he then touched the book on his arm and was about to show it to Akabane and explain, but Akabane was faster as he said.
“No need to take it, I already know from the Third Hokage himself.”
Since how can he let Jiraiya In broad daylight, take out that kind of comic and read it in front of so many people on the street!
“Yes, also I need someone to send the manuscript to the factory in the future. And it’s the best job for you so you can enter the factory in the name of sending the manuscript and meet the director, but after that, it is your own business how you can convince the director to allow him to publish your book.”
Akabane walked forward and communicated with Jiraiya in a low voice.
Jiraiyaya couldn’t help nodding after hearing it. It was enough to have such a chance.
Who would refuse such excellent work?
He thought to himself.
“Well, if it’s okay, you can go back and draw more, and adding more content in one breath will bring you a lot of benefits.”
Akabane exhorted “kindly”.
“I know.”
It is indeed a very useful suggestion, um, write it down…
Jiraiya nodded.
“In addition, you can talk to them about the revenue of comics.”
“There is still income?”
Jiraiya eyes lit up, and it was obvious that he hadn’t thought of this at all when he painted before.
“Of course, you don’t have much money, you can’t generate electricity for love.”
Akabane shrugged.
It is not shameful to make money in comics, especially for people who are struggling to live like this.
“Great, with this I can go many times I’m a bathhouse without worry!”
Jiraiya’s eyes were bright, but then he looked around carefully, and he was relieved when he was sure that Tsunade was not there.
Akabane shook his head slightly.
At this time, Jiraiya did not experience a war yet, and his thoughts and actions were very straightforward and immature.
Sure enough, wars and difficulties urge people to grow.
“I have to go now, so I’ll go one step ahead.”
Jiraiya also left excitedly, constantly calculating what price would be good.
“If he could publish it, where should I sell it?”
Akabane had a headache,
According to his thoughts, the best place for this kind of comics is to harm foreigners, making them addicted to it.
But the Third Hokage didn’t want that to happen…
In this way, the problem came to him.
To put it out directly, it doesn’t seem like a good idea, but if he hides it, he feels sorry for Jiraiya. 
Unconsciously, he returned to the comic shop.
“Young Master, have you met Jiraiya?”
Akabane nodded, glanced at Kurama Yunlang, and then his eyes lit up.
Why am I having a hard time when it can easily solve?
This kind of problem will be handled by Yunlang not him!
Anyway, it was Kurama Yunlang who was watching the store, not him so no need to worry about it.
Thinking of this, he relaxed.
After solving the ninjutsu essay, Akabane temporarily relaxed, with the two books being updated at the same time. This pressure is indeed not small.
So after dinner in the afternoon, he helped draw the content behind One Piece at home.
Until the evening, the update of the One Piece part was completed.
After going to the manga shop to hand over the update, he ran into an unexpected guest at the door.
An Anbu.
“I see, wait a while.”
Akabane’s face was solemn, it was almost a week since Danzo left Konoha, and it was almost time to have a result.
He gave the comic to Kurama Yunlang, and then followed the Anbu Ninja.
Walking out of the village, before reaching the Anbu base, Akabane asked first: “What’s the situation?”
“Annin comes to report, Master Danzi is back.”
“Are there any injuries?”
Akabane’s complexion was solemn.
Although the Hidden Sand Village is the poorest of the five major villages, its strength is also not trivial.
Danzo sneaking in alone, obviously, the risk was too great.
“Unfortunately not. His One eye was seriously injured and poisoned. But fortunately, we prepared medical personnel in advance, so there is no life-threatening, but his eye maybe can’t be used anymore.”
Annin told Akabane the information in one breath.
This information has just been obtained, but it will take half a day to get from the border to here at the earliest, so this is the morning information.
“Is there a chase from the Sand Village?”
Akabane asked solemnly.
“We arranged for manpower to confuse, and Danzo-sama quickly informed the base after entering the country of River, so Sand Village did not continue to pursue them.”
Annin explained.
Akabane hurriedly speeded up and went to the Anbu base with Annin lead.
At this moment, the Anbu is already busy, even if he comes in, no one pays attention, as all of them are busy processing information.
Walking to the office, Akabane immediately checked them one by one.
The above information is similar to what was said before, but in the information that came out of the Wind Country, he noticed an important point
The Second Kazekage did not participate in the pursuit.
Could it be that Danzo killed the second Kazekage?
Akabane was shocked. If Danzo really killed the second Kazekage, the Sand Village would definitely stab him in the back to avenge their Kazekage. 
“Give me all the information that came from the Land of Wind, and the ones that have just arrived!”
“Akabane, what’s the situation!”
The Third Hokage also arrived, with a solemn expression.
He got some news from Anbu, but the details are not clear.
“Teacher is safe now, but the problem is that the teacher fell into a coma when he came back, and we have no idea what happened in the Sand Village.”
Akabane had a headache.
Even if there is an entire secret department processing intelligence, when most people are sent to the border, there are not enough people left in the headquarters.
Although the information was just sent from the Land of Wind and have yet to be decoded, but Hiruzen immediately issued an order: “Look at the information that has been decoded, and I will solve the coded information.”
The two quickly dealt with the classification.
After a while, Akabane integrated all the processed information.
“Teacher broke into the Hokage Building and forcibly took the Second Kazekage research record.”
“The second kazekage may be injured as the result.”
Hiruzen said solemnly.
“If the damage is severe enough, the Sand Village will lose the ability to attack.”
Akabane thought for a moment.
The second kazekage of Sand Village did not die in the first Ninja World War, but the third kazekage took the lead in the war.
Looking at it this way, the second Kazekage should be seriously injured.
“If that’s the case, then it’s good news.”
Hiruzen let out a long sigh of relief.
In the First World War, the Sand Village itself consumed a lot of high-end combat power.
And now the Second Kazekage has been hit hard again. If he cannot recover, the Sand Village will lose the ability to attack.
He sat in a chair and carefully sorted out the information that Akabane was in charge of.
Subsequently, the three generations were completely relieved: “Fortunately there are medical personnel, otherwise such injuries, even if the injuries continue to delay, Danzo will lose combat effectiveness.”
And if that really happened, then they would not be able to help the Land of Uzumaki.
“Looking at it this way, I can go back and rest.”
“Wait, I want you to tell me about Orochimaru.”
Hiruzen waved his hands to let him continue to sit down.
Akabane was stunned for a moment. Could it be possible that the Hokage knew his relationship with Orochimaru?
He thought for a while and could only sit down.
“During this period of time, you are in charge of Anbu, have you discovered anything about Orochimaru’s activity?”
“I don’t quite understand what you mean, but I can’t move around freely in Anbu.”
Akabane “tells the truth.”
These are pieces of information that Hiruzen already know, so there is no need to hide anything.
Hiruzen nodded, and then said, “Orochimaru cooperates with Anbu, and there is a small laboratory.”
“This… he wants to study ninjutsu, I don’t think it’s a big deal.”
Akabane was stunned for a moment, before expressing his opinion.
“The rules allow it to study ninjutsu within, so I decided to set up a laboratory for Orochimaru.”
Hiruzen said lightly and then continue, “That’s why I want to hear your opinion on this.”
“In the case of the laboratory, you don’t have to do it just because of Orochimaru.  The laboratory can be used by all ninjas who want to develop ninjutsu and promulgate a reward system for developing ninjutsu.”
Having said this, Akabane thought of another problem, so he immediately added, “If the ninja has mature ideas but no funds, they can write a proposal first, and the village can provide financial support to a certain extent.”
Hiruzen was stunned.
Since Akabane’s ideas are too complete and there is almost nothing to add.

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