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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 153


Hiruzen fell into contemplation.
Based on his understanding of Akabane, what this kid said must be good for him, otherwise, he would not be too lazy to mention it.
Yes, too lazy to mention it!
After thinking about it carefully, his mind suddenly shook as he thought of something–
In the newly created ninjutsu this year, Chidori, Mirage of the Mist, Virtual Games, etc., are all related to Akabane!
And although Orochimaru also has many accomplishments.
But because Orochimaru studied in Anbu, and although he lacked a certain understanding, but according to his guess the ideas must be from Akabane!
Thinking about this, he figured it out.
“Ah, Hokage-sama, you didn’t have to…”
“You made a lot of money in comics, so you are not in the ranks of applicants?”
Hiruzen said with a dry cough.
“What do you mean by that, do I seem to be interested in using this method?”
Akabane remained silent.
He really doesn’t like money, but he originally wanted to get the opportunity to borrow some secret information in the name of research.
But just now when he thought about it, he might not have time to study these.
If he has time to do this, isn’t it good to update more comics?
At least there are points for comics!
of course……
This doesn’t mean that he has given up. If he can’t, he can let Orochimaru and Jiraiya do it.
When the time comes, funding and data sharing will make money as well.
“Well, this kind of laboratory is useful for Konoha. I will go back to discuss with the others and try to get it out as soon as possible.”
Hiruzen said as he got up and walked out.
After discussing the safety of Danzo and the situation in the laboratory, it became clear that he naturally did not need to stay.
After the Third Hokage left, Akabane pushed the bell and called an Anbu over.
And the Anbu who came over was someone he remembered.
At the beginning of the show, Uzumaki Mito called him Otone.
Yume Otone is a Shinobu Jonin, but Akabane is now in charge of Anbu, so she walks to the office and immediately half kneels: “Sir.”
“Tomorrow at the latest, Master Danzo will definitely return to the village, so you don’t need to call me here.”
Akabane said as he arranged the thing on the table then stood up.
“Yes, but the Anbu…”
“During this period, you keep the secret part running on your own. You know these things better than me, so I won’t intervene.”
He’s not really the head of the secret department, why should he stay here after the matter is finished?
“Then I’m going.”
Akabane waved and opened the door to leave.
And the girl named Otone called someone to lead Akabane.
When Akabane finally left the room, Otone looked in a trance.
Although he didn’t seem to be doing anything these few days, Akabane gave orders and solved key issues very accurately.
For example this time.
Because of Akabane’s order, many medical personnel were sent to the border to wait. 
If he didn’t order it, maybe Danzo would not be able to get treatment immediately.
“Can’t understand him, what a weird kid.”
Yume Otone said to herself, and finally shook her head slightly and sat down at the desk.
She thought for a moment, picked up a pen and began to write a report during this period.
As the second in command of Anbu, when Danzo was away, she should have been in charge of Anbu, but it was pure Danzo’s utmost request to let Akabane come over.
Simply put, it is equivalent to a test.
Perhaps only Danzo himself knows the significance of the specific test.
Walking out of the Anbu Base, Akabane took a deep breath in an instant.
Anbu is either a cave or a prison, and the air quality is so bad. If he has to live in such a place, he feels his psychologically become abnormal sooner or later!
“Huh, clone…”
Akabane walked out the door and suddenly sensed that one of the clones disappeared.
With his chakra volume, the shadow clones can support themselves for a whole day without any problems without consuming the chakra.
Now that it disappears, it must meet a situation.
After a period of fatigue, the memory gradually melted into the brain.
“Hoh~ as expected of me, he finished it fast.”
From Chapter 51 to Chapter 55, the most important content is how Orochimaru imprinted Sasuke’s curse, and then the three Genin from Sound Village vs Sakura, but in Chapter 55, Sasuke’s genocide memories are truly revealed.
The next volume can be said to lay the groundwork for the next plot.
However, the reason why the clone was lifted was to ask Akabane’s opinion about whether to send the comic overnight.
The specific situation must start from the beginning…
“You are finally back. Tell me the address.”
“Are you going now?”
Akabane rushed to the comic shop and saw that Jiraiya was also fully armed, with a thick Comic album in his hand.
How much time did he offer to draw this!
“Of course, I can’t wait to show them my masterpiece.”
When he thought that his comics would be exported to other countries, he was so excited that he couldn’t sleep.
Akabane was silent for a second.
He was thinking about how to introduce the route. After all, he didn’t have a map, and there was no navigation in the world.
Furthermore, even if there is a map, Jiraiya will probably not understand it.
As for the introduction using illusion…
Too much trouble.
Akabane glanced at Kurama Yunlang.
“Master, our manpower is not enough today, and apart from a few, none of us knows where the factory is.”
Kurama Yunlang was very embarrassed.
If he knew someone to run the errand, he didn’t have to let Akabane come back.
Akabane simply lifted the shadow clone and took the one in the room.
Then, he re-divided the shadow clone.
Let the clone take a trip to the factory, and prepare for the publicity tomorrow.
He would rather draw with his own hands than walking.
Moreover, the preparation is not difficult, the main question is what gimmicks are to be used.
The Destruction cannot be written.
Although he can use such a title, but if he hung it up on the street, Uchiha might have to explode today.
If Uchiha Yuan really wants to come to reform Uchiha, then everything has to be planned slowly.
“Well, let’s use Sakura as the title of the promotion.”
He thought about it for a long time, and there was too much content in this volume.
That being the case, it’s better to let the plot burst out on its own, with a casual title.
According to Yamano Izumi’s usual printing speed, they should be able to deliver the comics at the latest tomorrow afternoon.
So he has to find a way to contact Uchiha Yuan first…
Akabane pondered for a while, his best contact method was his summon beast.
But if he has to do it, he has to summon the Dream Weaver to discuss.
Thinking about it, Akabane hastily first worked on the Naruto promotional banners and posters, then closed the door of the lounge and summoned the Dream Weaver with Summoning Jutsu.
“Huh, I was called again?”
The little dream tapir appeared from the summoning, and under its claws, he was still pressing a comic.
After it appeared, it was still a little confused, but then its small eyes looked around in horror, for fear of Tsunade beating him up.
“Don’t look around, she is not here.”
Akabane patted its head angrily.
This guy is even lazier than him, and it seems that in the future, if he would fight stronger enemies, relying on this guy is not a choice.
“Oh, that’s good.”
The little dream tapir squatted on his hind legs and sat down to continue reading.
“I call you because I want to ask something, what are your requirements for using your Dreamland?”
Akabane’s first thought was the dream.
If Uchiha Yuan can be pulled into the dream, there is no need for them to meet in the real world and the risk can be greatly reduced.
Little Tapir looked up as if he was thinking.
It thought for a long time before it said, “It seems there is.”
“Simply sentence, will it?”
It seems to be this word, “maybe.”
A trace of sweat oozes from the forehead of Dream Weaver. It also knows that its answer is very unreliable, so it immediately said, “This can’t be blamed on me. I didn’t have the opportunity to use my abilities before.”
“Then you can try it, but remember not to set your dreams too far.”
Akabane repeatedly asked.
It seems, maybe this kind of wording, there is really no way for him to give too much trust, if the dream is sent to the wrong person, it would be too embarrassing.
“But who am I using it?”
Weaving dreams is very confused. His ability to enter dreams is not used much, especially for remote dreaming, which is almost never used since childhood.
“I will tell you.”
After Akabane finished speaking, he took out the pen and paper and started drawing.
Before long, the drawing was successful!
In the drawing, it is the situation of Uchiha’s family and the appearance of Uchiha Yuan.
As long as the little dream tapir can be separated by a certain distance, it can let the other party enter the dream state.
of course……
Akabane has to follow.
In the evening, he left a clone at home.
Then a person and a beast lurked along the road all the way to the outer street where the Uchiha clan was.
Before long, Dream Weaver began to search for induction.
It has good perception ability, even if it is so far away, it can still sense the situation inside the Uchiha clan.
Before long, the dream succeeded.
In the dream, Akabane looked from a distance, wasn’t this Uchiha Ryo father?
“It’s the limit.”
Dream Weaver said weakly.
Akabane was silent for a moment, but after another thought, Uchiha Ensho was probably on the same side as Uchiha Yuan, otherwise, his son wouldn’t have become the next successor when he was so young, right?
Uchiha Ensho was very alert, he felt that the dream was not right.
After he thought something was wrong, he opened his Sharingan. Although he could not crack it for the first time, he saw that there was a chakra in his body that was making trouble.
“In the comics that will be updated tomorrow, Uchiha-related plots will appear.”
After speaking, the dream disappeared.
Outside the Uchiha clan, Akabane looked at his summoned beast dumbfounded.
“I…I’m at the limit, can’t blame me!”
It is indeed the first time it is used, so having it successfully locked on a target, was already a success.
“You have to practice when you go back.”
Akabane lamented how weak his summoned beast mental power is.
“By the way, I remember it!”
Dream Weaver said with surprise, “There is a technique in our clan that allows us to use our contract master spiritual energy!”
“So you know it?”
In fact, there is no need to ask, he also knows the answer.
Sure enough, the little dream tapir shook his nose, as if he was innocent.
Akabane patted it on the head and said, “Go back and remember to learn more secret techniques. If you can’t do it, I won’t call you out anymore.”
“Don’t don’t, I’m very useful, there aren’t many dream tapirs like me in the family!”
Dream Weaver quickly explained to prove his great existence.
But it is also the truth…
Like Danzo, his summoned beast can’t even speak, let alone use illusion-oriented ability.
For now, Akabane is quite satisfied with it, but in actual application, it is simply unreliable to the extreme.
“You are too lazy to look at it this way. Go back and write down the secret skills of your clan. I will choose a few for you to practice first.”
His Shadow clone inherits part of his own character, and now even his Summoned beasts are like this
How can he relax like this?
“Does it have to be like this?”
“You don’t want to train? Then I won’t give you the updates of the comic!”
Akabane threatened simply.
“Train, I will train!”

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