Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 154


You don’t know where he is, and you fall into the illusion unconsciously?”

Uchiha Yuan’s face was solemn.

“I was asleep at the time, and I was suddenly drawn to the illusion. In the end, I only heard a word and the illusion was over.”

Uchiha Ensho was still at a loss, to somehow pull him into the illusion, and then he was gone with a word.

There is no beginning and no end.

“What did he say?”

“Tomorrow’s comics will show Uchiha-related plots.”

Uchiha Ensho replied.

“As for the specific plot, the illusion disappeared before I had time to ask the other party.”

“I understand.”

After hearing this, Uchiha Yuan understood instantly, and while nodding slightly, he quickly thought about what to do next.

“Patriarch, we…”

“The Clan continues to suffer from the chaos, that’s why we can’t stop at this point.”

Uchiha Yuan knew what Ensho wanted to say, so he interrupted him before he could finish.

The chaos within the family is over now!


Uchiha Ensho bowed his head.

The comics are just conjectures, but he has to say that it is probably the future of their family.

To survive, they must change.

of course……

Choosing to integrate requires the willingness of Konoha’s senior management.

At present, the Third Hokage has not taken any action, which is enough to show that such a result has acquiesced, and those people who are not in the clan will be slightly bolder.

Basically, foolproof.

Uchiha Yuan thought about it again and again, and his heart gradually settled down.

Uchiha Ensho didn’t go back immediately, but looked a little confused and thoughtful, sitting in the patriarch’s yard for a long time, until it was almost time to fall asleep before leaving.

A storm is coming…

He sighed softly, feeling extremely heavy.

At night.

A team of Ninja hurried back to Konoha.

“Master Danzo, let’s go to the hospital for follow-up treatment, otherwise your body…”

“No, let’s go back to the Anbu first, and the medical problems will be in the Anbu.

They took advantage of the night to detour and headed to the Anbu, and no one found them at all.

Early the next day.

Akabane didn’t get up until late, and when he got to the shop, he was going to keep making updated posters of “One Piece”.


When he reached the shop, he noticed a mark on the edge of the door.

This is the mark of the dark part.

If he hadn’t been in the Anbu for the past few days, it would be impossible for him to recognize the source of this mark with the files inside the Anbu.

“Danzo is back?”

Anbu left this mark, obviously to let him know.

“I’ll just come back and now they want me to come again!”

I’m too busy to rest!

Akabane sighed secretly, separated the shadow clone to deal with the matter here, and he had to go to Anbu to report.

Although he was also curious about Danzo’s injuries, he didn’t think his life was in danger, otherwise, there was no reason to go to Anbu instead of the hospital.

By the time he arrives at the base, Yume Otone is already waiting.

So all the way to Danzo’s lounge, Akabane led the way unimpeded.

“You go in, the lord is waiting inside.”

After she finished speaking, she left instantly.

Without the temporary authority, now, all of them are disrespecting me…

Akabane complained in his heart but still had to open the door by himself.

Danzo’s residence has a rare window on the mountain wall, so it has a small amount of sunlight from the base.

Entering, he saw Danzo laying on a chair, quietly facing the ray of sunlight, but overall, it looked even stranger and darker.

“Teacher, I am relieved to see that you are safe and sound.”

Akabane respectfully.

“Put away your compliments.”

Danzo’s voice was cold, he turned his chair and faced Akabane.

From the expression, Akabane couldn’t tell whether he was happy or angry.

After returning from the Sand Village, he became more difficult to predict, making it impossible to see through.

More than that, when he looked up, he saw some bandages on Danzo’s face, dressed up like his anime self after putting on the Sharingan, but he was still very young at the moment.

“How is your body?”

“With the medical team you sent in advance, only one eye was blind, but the second kazekage condition was worse than mine.”

Danzo put it lightly as if it was not himself who was injured.

“Did he died?”

Akabane was very curious.

“It’s unlikely that he will die, but he probably won’t even be transformed into a half-puppet. So It is impossible to become a ninja in the future.”

Danzo said while covering his eyes, and smiled coldly, “Isn’t it worth exchanging my one eye for their leader?”

Akabane wanted to open his mouth but finally fell silent again.

From the current battle situation, it is very cost-effective to cripple the sand temporarily.

Otherwise, Konoha will not be able to effectively assist the Uzumaki country if it is flanked back and forth.

But in the long run, the Land of Wind will inevitably take revenge.

Of course, even if there is no such thing as revenge, the eyes of the country of wind will still focus on the two countries.

After thinking for a while, Akabane still replied: “The sand hidden village will not be a threat in five years. We can concentrate on dealing with the Uzumaki country.”

“Hmph, after talking about the situation on the sand village side, would you explain to me what happened to Uchiha?”

Danzo’s face was gloomy, and he put the comic and Uchiha’s information on the bed.

“I guess Uchiha Yuan wants to clean up the interior and merge it into Konoha.”

Akabane said.

Danzo is indifferent and noncommittal.

He followed the Second Hokage and never had a good impression of the Uchiha clan.

Because of this, he was very dissatisfied when he saw Akabane doing this, not to mention that it was not just Uchiha that made him care.

Danzo went on to say: “I got the news again that Hiruzen is going to open a research institute. Is this your idea?”

“This is the idea of the Third Hokage.”

Akabane immediately shook the pot.

It’s not good for him, so why should he carry it himself?

“Aside from other things, all of your moves are good for Konoha, so you can barely pass the test.”

Danzo remarked.

Based on his understanding of the Third Hokage, that guy knew that Orochimaru had hooked up with him, and for the very first time, he opened a laboratory so that his beloved disciples could walk out of the shadow and seek the sun.

But from the overall picture, this kind of research is of great significance to Konoha-even the Sand has studied magnetic jutsu. What is the reason for Konoha to not study ninjutsu?

The other is Uchiha, if it really solves the internal problems, they will be completely integrated into Konoha as a whole.

So what’s wrong with acceptance?

After thinking this all night, Danzo knew very well his answer.

But what made him dissatisfied was that Akabane did all these tasks and it had nothing to do with him.

Akabane didn’t quite understand Danzo’s implication, he secretly speculated in his heart, and did not immediately answer.

The two were silent for a while, and then Danzo said: “The war is imminent, I will lead you flawlessly. Besides, you and Sakumo are already Chunin. Murasaki who has not been promoted, I will arrange for him to enter the Anbu to let him experience the war. After that our team will announce in the future that we will be Disbanded.”

“Ah, so fast?”

Akabane was a little surprised.

The dissolution means that he will go out independently in the future, and the task arrangement is difficult to say.

“Sakumo lacks more actual combat, and you…”

Danzo glanced at him, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

The words were not spoken, but the meaning was obvious.

Too lazy!

“what do you mean?”

Akabane didn’t understand, Danzo meant to let him enter the Anbu, or something else.

“I want to give you the root.”

Danzo said lightly.


Akabane’s eyes widened, very surprised.

What is the root?

Its full name is Anbu Training Department, which is the capital of Danzo’s troubles in the future!

And now, as a result, he somehow became the leader of that root.

What’s going on!

Akabane was a little flustered, but with such development, he couldn’t say he would take the throne of Danzo.

“Your technique is more suitable for root training. As long as you are not lazy, the root will remotely develop better.”

Danzo calmly said, “In addition, the Land of Uzumaki has a War which is presided over by Anbu, and most of the Anbu will be transferred. So you have to manage the safety of the village.”

“It seems troublesome…”

Akabane couldn’t help complaining in pain, but he swallowed the second half of the sentence sensing Danzo’s gaze.

It seems that there is no discussion!

“You know the base of the roots. As for the manpower issue, I will inform all personnel and let them send people over in the near future.”

“Are you bringing a bunch of new students?”

Akabane immediately understood that it was even more pain.

What is the most difficult to manage?

It’s the Newborn!

And my comics…

“So complicated.”

Akabane sighed softly and if he was given a choice from one of the two jobs. He would rather draw comics.

So he can let the clone take care of the roots in the future.

“If there is no problem, you can go.”

Danzo said lightly.


Leaving Anbu, he was a little dazed.

This development was a bit unexpected, not quite the same as he had imagined.

On the way back to the Comic Shop, Akabane was absent-minded.

He was thinking about the root problem.

The current Danzo character has not been corrupted to the point of being untrustworthy.

Since the root is handed over to him, it is indeed true.

In addition, listening to Danzo’s meaning, the old generation from Roots is very likely to go to the front lines, leaving only a few, plus a bunch of new students.

Thinking about it this way, the roots are at best a new training base, and the probability of him taking over it is not high.

In the days to come, I will be busier at best.

Akabane comforted himself.

He left Anbu, just walked to Konoha, and saw that Orochimaru was waiting at the intersection.

“Orochimaru, you are…”

“Akaba-kun, thank you!”

As soon as they met, Orochimaru bowed at 90°, appearing full of sincerity.

There was an unconcealable smile on his face, and he looked very happy and content.

“What good has happened?”

Akabane guessed something vaguely, but just after a wave of confrontation with Danzo, he didn’t bother to think about it.

“The teacher wants to create a research institute. I don’t need to study secretly in the future.”

Orochimaru was extremely grateful, “Although the teacher didn’t mention it, I know you must be credited for this.”


Akabane was puzzled, he was so good that he couldn’t hide it?

“This kind of whimsical and profitable plan can only be done by you.”

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